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  1. On 5/25/2021 at 10:51 PM, Cheetarah said:

    Pippy my dear!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I am so sorry for your loss.   Sending you the biggest hugs.  

    Hello darling girl xxx Hope you and our ena baby are doing well and are happy xxxxx

    Thankyou too for your kindness xx

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  2. 3 minutes ago, HeartGoesOn said:

    I'm so sorry, Pippy.  I hope you find some peace and comfort in your memories.

    Miss you!

    Thankyou my lovely darling xxx 

    I always miss you when I leave for a bit , you know that xxx 

  3. 14 minutes ago, Seraphim said:

    Love you and always support you. ❤️ You were a dear support to me always and when my dad passed. 

    It was a rotten time for you vics and I am honoured I got to go some of the journey with you xx

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  4. A little bird told me cheet was back , so I have popped in quickly to say hello darling , haven't seen you forever .xxx

    Please keep taking this seriously everyone ..covid has taken my brother , two weeks ago ,he is only 57 😪 our family have been to hell and  back  .

    Keep safe xx

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  5. I think they are not taking COVID restrictions seriously at all. The way her boyfriend was talking about it, it clearly shows a clear disregard.


    I was about to confront her, but I found this apartment the following day. I then thought to myself and realized I don't have the time to mother 27 year olds. It's not my job or my role. I've got better concerns than to school people on the basics of courtesy or respect. I think I'm not invested in this apartment anymore and therefore don't want to fight for it. It's a clear sign that I need to move on and live the adult life I need to live. I'm simply hoping that my replacement will put her in her place, but that won't be my problem anymore. It's bad, but I have just been ignoring her since that day - I don't want to have any further dealings until I move out.


    Good for you RR ....I stuck up for myself and what is right re covid and this girl threatened to beat me up in the middle of a supermarket ...not saying that would have happened ..but your approach is the right approach ....say nowt ' and just get out . A couple of my daughters friends at uni are having the same problems ..not fair at all .

  6. The last straw was when the new roommate brought her boyfriend over unannounced on Saturday (against lockdown rules)


    I agree about not dwelling on it all now ...look you have a very exciting plan to fill your thoughts now . But for the record ...it would have gone down big style had I been living there ..believe me I am so covid conscious , so you do have a right to feel none to happy . ..but just concentrate on you and your plans and keep out of their way .

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  7. Anyway. I found a nice one bedroom, brand new furniture, secure and very central for a decent price point. Along with the deposit and first month of rent, it will set me back by about 2.5k. I have about 6 months worth of rent aside. If I don't overspend, I hope to recuperate this amount. There is only 1 bill (electricity) which I know is generally quite cheap. My disposable income post-rent will still remain quite decent and I should be able to still same money.


    Shall I help you pack ^^^


    We are just about ready for the Oxford vaccine ..well I know it will take months to get us all done ..but there is light at the end of the tunnel for us all and your new place sounds wonderful and just perfect for you mentally and well ..I feel like saying ..it is time for you to do this ..

  8. Yes. California. My son is a paramedic and that pretty much takes up his shift, transporting senior covid patients back and forth between convalescent homes and emergency rooms. They are treated like the 'hot potato game ". And passed back and forth. . Or worse.


    I am sorry to hear that . So many have died alone here ...well when I say alone , the beautiful souls in the care homes have done their best and not literally left them alone ..but no family . It is what you described ..they go from the care home , to the hospital and back in March they just got sent back to the care homes with no test ... which then spread and spread .

    There have been stories that have brought me to my knees :icon_sad:


    Big respect to your boy reinvent .

  9. Cosmic ordering oracle card of the day


    If you are trying to remember a name or a word ,

    it is no use trying to force it . You will remember

    it when you no longer think of it .

    It is the same with Cosmic Ordering: Letting go

    activates the connection with the Universe .

  10. I have ran the same thought about my mum , not so much my dad because he died when I was 26 , so a long time ago .


    I have kinda ran pointless scenario's through my head of how I would of got to her and could I have brought her back to the city I live in and blah blah blah ...I couldn't of coped if my mam was frightened and I couldn't of done anything .


    So I relate .

  11. I use to be, it was connected to one of my other hobbies and it frankly really got me down so I left. I really don't regret leaving.


    However I am on Facebook, last week I set up a Facebook page to document my hiking, mental health and weight loss. Its gone down really well and currently have nearly 350 followers and a lot of support. It will be interesting to see where it goes.


    Oh fair enough .... I am glad though that you are getting support through your page , nice one .

  12. She is still waiting to be tested. And where she works wants her to come in tomorrow... knowing she's sick, knowing I tested positive, and knowing she hasn't been tested. They work with a lot of immune compromised people and when they found out about my positive test they were freaking out about it, etc. Now though, that no one wants to work on Thanksgiving they're telling her to just make sure she wears a mask and sanitizes everything. I'm amazed.


    Oh good grief , I cringed my way through that ... awful , irresponsible and not acceptable .


    Hoping you are feeling ok .

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