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  1. starklet, honestly some people would RIP you to shreds over this! There is more to a person than a number on a scale. Would you rather have a fake, wannabe pretty girl with silicon jugs or would you rather have a loving and caring women which sounds like you have now? Dating a woman with a few extra pounds isn't the end of the world. And if you want to see others in that position, look at Pirece Brosnan, freaking JAMES BOND, his wife is flat out fat, but he loves her and has been married to her many years. That is an example of a man that could probably get all the tail he wants and he chose a fat woman. First and foremost, I agree with agent. You should NOT move in with this girl right away considering this problem. Number two; I think before kicking this girl to the curb, you should work on your problems as to why you cannot tolerate her having a few extra pounds. She is trying to do things about it. You can't force her to lose weight. And maybe you need a strategy for it, to be loving and supporting of her life in other areas. Also, you have to realize, weight control is something that is HUGELY genetic. I myself, I am a guy, 25. I am a religious fitness person, I train almost everyday, I do my best to eat healthy, I am in martial arts. And I have had a stomach on me for many years. Not a hugely noticeable one, but I've never had no six pack abs. And I think it has to do with genetics, because both my parents have had pot bellies and my mothers side especially was on the heavy side. I would work on the weight problem some more. Then finally, number three. How old are you, starklet? You know, if you aren't that old and not in a rush to get married, then by all means, dump her over her weight. It wouldn't be the greatest thing in the world. But if you are young, you have plenty of time to find someone else that is skinnier. Also, I will stick up for you a bit here because I know my thread sounds like I am picking on you over the weight. Personally I don't like fat girls either. I don't mind a little bit of fat which is normal, but there is a fine line that gets crossed where it gets hugely unattractive. I also worry about how a woman will get as they age. If they can't maintain their weight when they are young, what will they look like when they are 40 and popped out a couple kids? There are also other health issues that can arise obviously. You are not in the wrong by any means to take this seriously and consider it a deal breaker. Also, you say she is a food addict, that is NOT good. That can mean in years from now she can have diabetes and heart problems. I wouldn't want to be stuck with someone with those health issues, especially with kids. You have some deciding to do. Either keep working on the fat problem (both you and her) or break up and move on. Good luck.
  2. "We live 1100Km from each other" 1100Km 1100Km 1100Km 1100Km For the love of god man. I never understand why people think long-distance relationships early on work. You are 21 years old! You are young and there are plenty of fish in the sea. For the love of god, do not, I repeat, do not date this girl when she is going to live some 600+ miles away from you! That's an entire geographical coordinate on Earth. You are going to be miserable that far apart. Besides that, she is not religious, which could cause angst with you (even though you don't realize it) and your family some day. And she doesn't plan on going to school or anything in this day and age? She's not an "academic"? Don't be blind. Let this one go and move on. Trust me.
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