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  1. Hey everyone, I just came on there to vent and hear (or should I say, read) from the voice of others. I posted about this a while ago, but will give a brief intro. My mom, back in Jul. 2016, had an emergency stomach surgery. She had a hiatal hernia that grew large and cut off the blood supply to part of her stomach. They had to cut out half of her stomach, disconnect her esophagus, and put her on a feeding tube which she remains on to this day. She almost died from the ordeal, but after months of hospital visits and almost a year in the nursing home, she was able to come home and fend for herself. She was walking and even driving again everywhere. She's struggling with nutrition being on a feeding tube and dropped to 80~ pounds. We believe she's lactose intolerant and also may have a gluten sensitivity, so it's hard to find the right food for her to take in the feeding tube. On top of all that, because the chemistry of her stomach has changed from the surgeries, she doesn't always get all her nutrients. This past month has been REALLY hard, though. She lost almost ALL of her strength due to the lack of nutrition and can no longer get up out of her chair or even off the toilet on her own. And well, this is starting to become a massive burden on me. This whole freaking ordeal has been. Before all this happened, I was looking at moving to the sunny west coast for a job. Now I'm trapped, living with her and my dad trying to take care of her. And I'm getting fed up with it. It wasn't so bad when she was able to do things on her own, but now she can't. To add more fuel to the fire, my dad is a lifetime alcoholic and he is just making the situation even worse. He's a whole other story... This stuff in the past month, it's just getting too damn much. I have a sister but she has a house and kids of her own to deal with. My mom constantly hounds me for stuff, get me this, get me that, make me coffee, help me up, help me with my medicine, pick me up this, help me adjust my seat cushion, pull my pants up, I mean, it's getting nuts, I can't walk in my living room anymore without her asking for something! She also keeps putting the thermostat up to 83 degrees and gives no F about how anyone else in the house feels. I can't sleep in my bedroom anymore because it's astronomically hot upstairs. I sleep on the couch in my office, and every other day I'm woken up to nurses talking loud super early in the morning that visit her. It's getting annoying and severely exhausting dealing with all of this. I just can't take it anymore. I try to get her better, too, making food in the blender and things, help inject her medicines. Mixed baby foods, protein powders, etc. help her exercise. Finally they got her a new feed to try today. But still. I have work, the dog to take care off, and I'm finishing my last semester at college for my bachelors which I already delayed a year when she was in the hospital in 2016. I am now faced with the dilemma that I may have to send her back into the nursing home, which I hate to do (i'm her POA and can make all those decisions for her health). It's getting too much for me, and I'm also not a nurse to be doing some of these things. She has visiting nurses and therapist, but they only come every couple days for 30~ minutes. Anyone here ever deal with this type of thing before? It's just, very burdening. I feel guilty for getting overburdened with it, but I can only do some much. A going on 28 year old man doesn't want a future where he has to take care of a senior citizen forever. I love my mom, but I can't be a round-the-clock nurse with the rest of my life going on. I also worry about her sitting around all day, getting bed sores, the progress is moving so astronomically slow to get her better. The nursing home was only 10 minutes up the street, I visited her every day, and I really think she should go back until she gets her strength back. One of her main nurses today told me to send her to the hospital if she gets worse, which I intend on doing. I miss the good old days on here you know; coming on here posting about dating, women and things. I'd rather be talking about that then my mother's health. I can't even think or imagine that part of my life happening anymore now. It definitely feels over if it hasn't already. I don't think I've even glanced at a woman in almost a year, maybe since last valentines day. All of this stuff with my mom just makes me feel like garbage and I don't feel motivated to do some things anymore oer it. I don't even talk to some of my friends anymore, I can't have people over anymore with her the way she is. I'm just tired.
  2. I skimmed over your original post and some of the replies here; all I have to say is, what THE hell... Why are you doing this? Why are you using meetup this way? I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but I'm going to give it to you straight from my point of view. This is a HORRIBLE way to use meetup! To "scout" out men like this and "observe". It makes me sick, actually. It sounds slightly predatory, especially because you set up the initial meetup. You're looking for a quality partner but at the same time don't want to date anyone; that doesn't make sense. It sounds like you are playing games by doing this. It's bad behavior. And some of us guys, we get hurt by this crap and it also wastes our time. Because this to me, sounds like a form of leading people on. And your reasoning for this is insane. You want to use this as a means to "improve your ability to recognize the wrong types". This is NOT how you get to know people! You get to know people by communicating and befriending them. Forming relationships and over time, becoming comfortable with those people, romantic interests or not. You just can't "observe" people and judge them this way. If you're going to use meetup, you be kind to people, meet and make new friends (don't just use it to scout out men). It's supposed to be a positive thing. As far as this guy goes; maybe he pushed your buttons a bit. But all of your initial behavior also sounded like leading him on. Taking his number, the job interview thing, etc. then talking about dating/exes, the texting, and so on. How did you expect him to take it? And some women, they play hard to get, maybe he thought that's what you were doing. He's not a sicko or a creep, you don't have any evidence of that actually. He invited you over, so what? I think you need to work on social protocols; maybe not take numbers of strange men you don't intend on dating. Such things can easily be taken the wrong way. Just be NORMAL with people, please. Don't use meetup like this. Use it as a means to better yourself, learn to actually talk and interact with people. Not to "vet every person you meet"...
  3. That makes me both sad and unoptimistic for my own future reading that. You been at this crap since 2005 and still haven't found anyone?
  4. What I have to say about all this; this is the risk you take when you decide to get engaged so damn young. Especially to this woman; 24 years old she is. Picture where you were at 24 and think if you honestly would have been ready for marriage yet at that age. People just don't have their lives figured out yet at 24. You pretty much said it yourself; she's confused, juggling work, jobs, and who knows what else. You know how many women I have come across (especially earlier 20's) who settled down too fast and/or with the wrong person? A lot. They get stuck in this rut; they don't really love that person, but now they're living together, made all these plans, etc. They get scared to back out of it or don't know how. And then someone potentially else comes along they're interested in, but they're too confused and scared to know what to do. If I were in your shoes, I would move on and not meet with her. You gave her everything, she blew it for whatever reason. You should never have to "beg" someone to come back to you like that. If she was the right one, she never would have left you to begin with. If she had insecurities about marriage but honestly loved you, she could have maybe said she wasn't ready for marriage but still wanted to be together. There was a lot of things she could have gone differently here instead of acting the way she did. Why would you want to go back to that? Wouldn't you be afraid of her pulling this again? How would you feel if you actually married her and she did something like this? I also get the feeling she's not telling you something as well. It seems very bizarre she would do this out of the blue; maybe someone else made a move on her. I wouldn't put it past her; the dating game is full of vultures these days. It's normal/healthy for people to date others and see who they like/dislike. She didn't get to do much of that by being tied to you for four years straight. Maybe she's not ready for marriage, nor views you are a lifelong partner. That's nothing against you; sometimes people just aren't meant to be together forever. Forever is a scary word to some. You know, engagement itself is a "phase" or stage in a relationship. You meet someone, to get know them, get serious/fall in love, engagement, then marriage. Engagement is that stage between being love and married. It's that stage you should use to evaluate if you want to spend your life with that person or not. There's thought-process/thinking involved here. It sounds like that's what this women did with you maybe. I don't know, just a lot of red flags here. A young girl who hasn't dated too much (besides you), then you put a ring on it, make this big life decisions, etc. It's a big gamble. Yeah, you loved her, seen your life with her, blah blah blah, welcome to the club, pal. "Love" isn't always what it's cracked up to be. I've had people leave me over much worse. All I can say, maintain your dignity and self-worth. You did nothing wrong here (so it sounds like); she caused this. I wouldn't play stupid games with her, waiting for her text/call, etc. She should have never left you in the first place. Good luck.
  5. I'm sorry; if it makes you feel better I struggle with the weight too. Not obese or anything, but have struggled my whole adult life with getting the perfectly flat stomach. Serious martial artists of 16+ years, know every workout routine in the book, lift weights, been on diets, never quite get 100% where I want to be. My advice. Our biggest culprit in this world is FOOD. It doesn't matter how hard you work out, how much time/hours you put in, what exercises you do. It's the DIET. Abs are made in the kitchen. My personal saying; fitness is 20% exercise and 80% diet. I've seen this phenomenon in person. My mother, who weighted 180 pounds, underwent emergency hernia surgery last year and was put on a feeding tube (and still is on it). She now currently weights only 78 pounds as her only food that goes in her stomach in nutritional supplement. The food is the key. I also have a friend who has muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair bound for life. He lost 100~ pounds simply by dieting when he was becoming too overweight. My advice; I would actually suggest a doctor & nutritionist combo. The food is the culprit. Get a plan with your doctor and a nutritionist who can help you get on an appropriate diet. A nutritionist can make meet with you ever so weeks and have you keep a food diary. You want someone qualified and knowledgeable to help. Personal trainers; I don't trust all of them. They seem to hand out "certifications" these days, and they are also going to have you doing a lot of exercise (which isn't bad). Exercise is great, and I highly encourage it. But I think you should focus on the food. Stress eating, sodas, eating snacks at night, candy, etc. There's a lot of bad habits we develop.
  6. Well, there's your problem. You know, the whole point of dating is to find someone you are compatible with, and find someone that likes you for you. You're defeating the purpose of doing any of this if you're pretending to be someone you're not. Now, there is nothing wrong with trying new things, trying to learn to talk to people more and be more engaging. But it's also important to not pretend to be someone you're not. If you're naturally a quiet, reserved women but put on this bright, fun energetic face when dating someone, well, that's not good. You're there to show the other person what you are truly like, not demonstrate your acting skills. Some men like and want someone that is introverted. Some of us are introverts ourselves. Some of us don't want an overly energetic person that feels the need to make every ounce of life as exciting as possible because it can become annoying after a while. You're not giving those guys you maybe compatible with a chance to find someone like that, because you're putting on a fake profile. Furthermore, you're setting yourself up for disaster by doing this. Suppose one gullible guy actually falls for your act. He thinks you're this very open, energetic person. Things get a little more serious. Eventually he finds that your personality has changed, or so he thinks, when the introverted side comes out. He'll think you are either bored of him or you lied to him. He started falling for someone that's not really who you are. It's not fair. Do you want to be the person to do that to someone? Just be yourself on these dates. It's OK to talk and engage. But don't pretend to be somebody else. You're introverted? Why don't you just be open and honest about it upfront? A guy that actually cares and is patient will like this, and then he won't get the impression you're not interested. We like honesty and people that aren't fake. And maybe it's time to stop looking at it so negatively. Why don't you think of this introverted personality as something positive about yourself? It will work in your favor with some guys. Some of us guys go bananas for a quiet or mysterious women. Mystery is good; it makes people keep coming back for more. They wanna get to know more about you, and getting you to open up to them will be more rewarding to them.
  7. I agree with this; you're going to be stuck with an understanding of law in your region. If you plan on moving out of the country, you really gotta have a gameplan. What are you gonna do? Will you take any old job initially just to get your feet on the ground? Where will you live? Will you continue school? You can move, but you need a gameplan. And FYI, I don't know if you were planning on the United States. But this countries not all it's hyped up to be. We have our own problems just as much as the rest of the world.
  8. Here is my advise with this; mind you I do contractual work in web/IT but it's all the same in some ways (and if it helps I also do a little bit of my own home renovating work). To quote Star Trek; a contract is a contract is a contract. All of us have fine print to not be taken advantage of. But when a job is quoted, a contractor should do their best to abide by that, and give the client(s) an advanced notice of anything that will cost extra, or if they feel some of the work is going outside of the bounds of the job. It sounds like that was never done from their end. It is abuse of power and contract to not notify a customer if they feel things are getting outside of the bounds of a contract or there has to be additional cost to things. Now, I don't know the full backstory here, nor am I lawyer. But from everything you have posted here and in your replies, it sounds like these people are trying to take advantage over you. "Charge: Design overages due to client change order variances (per contract)." Design overages? Those two words together like that don't even make sense. You can't have an overage in design. You can have additional designs. You can have a change in design. But you can't have "overages". That would be like me charging someone "coding overages". I had to write more code than I thought, here's an updated bill! It's not right. It sounds like they are using fancy lingo to get you to shell out extra cash for no reason. An honest days work is an honest days work, but you don't take advantage of people that way. What I would suggest; make backups of everything. Prepare your ammunition; backup and make copies of all receipts, conversations, transactions, payments, phone calls etc. Next, confront the contractors. They gave you, in your words, a "detailed itemized list" of what this job would entail. I would stick it in their face; tell them you are only paying what was originally quoted, and if they expect you to pay thousands of dollars more for work you didn't sign off on, you will be calling a lawyer. They may cave in and agree (especially if they are in the wrong). But if they fight you over it, call a lawyer. I wouldn't pay them a nickel for any of that extra costs if it wasn't called for. Like I said, ammunition. If this goes to court, you wanna have documentation of everything, as well as photos/evidence of all the work that they did (or didn't) do. Based off everything you posted, it sounds like a court would rule in your favor. If they never gave you documentation and advanced notice of that updated cost at all, they can't expect you to pay that.
  9. Hello, I read your post a little earlier. I haven't come on this site in a long time but I wanted to respond to this. I'm a guy close to your age (27) and I'm in the same boat as you. Got my career figured out for the most part, have a lot of good things going on in my life, just no woman for me. But my friends seem to catch them falling out of the sky. Look; no one is "destined" to be alone, nor is no one destined to be with someone. Life just happens. Men (like me) are all out there, and we often get overlooked for the same reasons you probably are. You're a grown, educated woman. Have you heard of the butterfly affect? Every small action we take every day has enormous consequences down the road in our lives. Not just yours, but others. This is a real concept of science used even in weather prediction. You signed up on these forums, you came here and posted about your singleness problem. By doing that simple task of making that post on these forums, you have forever changed your life in some way. You've opened up a future gateway of networks in the universe that lead to infinite possibilities about the rest of your life, just by posting something on the internet. I heard a few years back when the Boston bombings happened. A man was injured, and sent to the hospital where he met his future wife that was a nurse. What if that man spent an extra five minutes at his house for some reason diddling around and was late to the race? What if he tripped on his shoelace and broke his foot the night before? What if his future wife got sick and called off that day? What if the Boston bomber changed his mind? What if the bomb didn't go off? This is what I mean about this effect; small actions, big consequences. Everything you do in your life can take you closer to that person you are hoping to be with some day. Maybe you forget to fill the car up one day and stop at a weird gas station you've never been to, you meet someone there. Maybe you run out of milk at 2AM and go to Wal Mart, you can meet someone there. It's just stupid things that happen in life. And unless you have it in your mind that you willingly want to be single, chances are you will run into SOMEONE interesting. And if not that, then maybe you will have to be proactive. Maybe your failures lead you to make other decisions in your life that will cause you to find someone. I wouldn't say give up. I would just say, keep living your life. You never know what's gonna happen tomorrow. And don't measure your value or success off something you don't have. You know, a lot of people married your age may be jealous or envy you of what you've accomplished so far. You're independent, you have a house. Some people suffer for those things. This may sound like an extremely stupid analogy, but I'm a bit of a gamer. I love the "Grand Theft Auto" games. I just beat the newest one for the third time. And after I beat it, I got bored with it, and I always do. And I thought about it for a bit. You know, the fun part of the game isn't the ending; it's the journey. You drive around, you rob banks, fly helicopters, you make friends, you go on this adventure in this game. I kind of compared real life to it for a moment. In reality, I don't do what I do in the game like rob banks and fly helicopters. But it's the little things; I play guitar, I like to work on my cars on the side, do little home remodeling projects, rewiring, I like to cook stuff, play games, practice martial arts, etc. Would I have time to be doing any of that anymore if I was tied down to a wife every day for the rest of my life? Could I just get up at 3AM and go to the gas station for a snack without a wife nagging where I go? It's not always about where you wanna go in life. It's the journey within.
  10. BrokenGator, I just wanted to say I am in the same boat as you and you are not alone in the way you feel. Everything you wrote reflects on my life as a single guy myself as well as your responses to everyone. I personally hate when people say to have patience, to "don't give up" and "someone will come along". I absolutely despise hearing that, because very sadly life sometimes doesn't work that way. Do some google searches on people who have remained single, it's heartbreaking to read some of it. There are sadly men in the 60's, 70's, and up who have never dated, never been married, never even had a girlfriend. It's really sad and tragic; a whole life of emptiness in the romance department. I don't think anyone deserves that but it happens. I fret because those men out there, they may have been told the same things, "don't give up" and "someone will come along" but no one ever came. And maybe they still have time left, but who the hell wants to wait until their 70+ years old to fall in love with someone? Certainly not me... The reality is, sometimes things don't happen to people in life. Sometimes the circumstances are never right to meet someone. Sure, maybe everything else in life works out for you in one way or another. But, the human relationship is a big part of it, a big piece of the pie. And to me, you haven't really lived a full life if you haven't gotten that. But, it just doesn't work out for some us. My reality; I work from home, alone on my own, I do things and go places and am in situations where I will never meet anyone naturally. Much like you, I tried for a while. Got out of the house, put myself extremely out of my comfort zone joining a sports league. Accomplished absolutely nothing, only degraded my feelings more. I also tried the online dating. What a toxic waste dump the online dating world is. 50+ men each competing for one girls attention, I don't even feel like playing the game with those odds. It's sick. It's absolutely sickening, and That Tinder crap, I've never gone on there, but what a load of crap. It makes me sick that these stupid dating apps/websites are becoming the norm for finding someone. Days/months of waiting, ignored messages, really enjoyed going on those services! I much like you have accepted defeat at this point in my life. Many days now I do really well, but sometimes these feelings creep back up on me. I would do anything to not feel this way again, any desires to be with a woman. I was a perfectly happy/healthy man until I tried dating/got involved with women some 7~ years ago. Since then, my life has been somewhat hell. I feel like a failure in many ways for having failed so miserably at dating. Even embarrassed. Some days, honestly, the pain is so intense and the fear of my future being alone makes me want to commit suicide. If it wasn't for my mother and dog, I don't think I'd want to go on anymore honestly. 50+ more years of the same old same old. Watching everyone in life be happy except for you. You know what sucks? We live in a world designed for "two". People say go out, have fun with your life, "enjoy being single". But everywhere you go, you're f'ing reminded of being single. Some jungle swinging park thing I wanted to go to; best designated for two people. Amusement parks, designed for two people. What kind of weirdo goes to an amusement park alone and sits on rides alone? My job; the company I work for is in the business of cruises. Guess what? Cruises are designed for two people. In fact, you get penalized with a fee if you book a room by yourself! If I were to quit this job and find a physical job in the IT industry, once again I am the butt of the joke. People with kids/families are more likely to get jobs and get more perks/vacations and other things than the single guy. I'm the kind of guy that gets sent to do overtime, to work stupid hours, and do other things because I have nothing tying me down to work. Being single is a goddamn joke. Maybe some people handle it better than others, but I don't. No life, isn't miserable in itself. But being constantly reminded of your singleness in trying to enjoy life and having old age and death breathing down your neck makes things a bit less enjoyable. Anyway, that's my spin on it. I don't know what to tell you man. Other than to keep living your life. I just try to do everything I can do to not think about women, dating, and marriage anymore. Trying to reprogram my brain. To focus on the little things I guess. That's all I can do.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this. I have an alcoholic father who I tried to have involuntarily committed to either a mental health or rehab facility after things started getting severely out of hand. Honestly, I've learned the hard way that there's basically nothing you can do about this (assuming you live in the states). My dad got severely intoxicated one day last year (he's 80 years old by the way...), dropped prescription medication on the floor that the dog almost picked up, slipped and fell, and also got in a fight with the neighbors and threatened to shoot them in one day. He went to the hospital because of his injuries from falling and to have routine test done to make sure he wasn't injured or anything. While over there, I rushed to the hospitals psyc division to see if I can one and for all do something to make him stop drinking. He's been drinking for decades and the past year it severely escalated when my mother had to temporarily be put in a nursing home to recover from stomach surgery. I talked to a specialist who had me fill out several forms for over an hour to attempt to "302" my dad, which is the code they use for involuntarily rehab/psyc commitment. I told them everything above; the pills, the death threats, his bad habits, and irresponsibility. I get a call within THREE minutes later from the county office who could have authorized the 302 saying my request was denied, and I was smoking out the ears (and would like to find and punch in the face who denied it). They said my dad didn't fit the criteria for a 302 or something, and that he wasn't mentally imcomptant (which he is when he drinks). Upon arguing with his PCP and other people, I made several calls to state/county offices for rehab services. The bottom line; it is just f'ing impossible to have someone involuntarily committed. I know you're talking about psychiatric, but my dad was someone in the same department with his age and the drinking. I tried so desperately hard to do something with him. He refuses to do rehab and refuses to change, and is surrounded by people that enable his bad behavior. The whole system SUCKS. The only time they want to help people is after they hurt or kill someone, in which case it is too late. The laws for this nonsense has to change. I understand personal freedoms, but the requirements shouldn't even exist for how insanely strict they are. I was told this by one of my dad's PCP nurses. If you have power of attorney (POA) for someone, you have much greater merit to involuntarily commit someone. The problem is, getting them to sign it, and doing so while they are competent (otherwise, it can be thrown out in court). A POA gives huge power over an individual and gives someone else the ability to make all the decisions they can. I have PA over my mother, but unfortunately not my dad. The nurse said if I had this and he refused to go to rehab next time, I could act on his behalf to accept the rehab. There would be hearing to follow where a judge/court official could authorize a 302 request. But, without the POA, I'm screwed, and you would be too. You can research this yourself, and I'm only speaking again for the laws in the states (if you live CA, UK, or somewhere else I would hugely urge you to read elsewhere because the rules could be totally different). But here, no way. No one wants to help people here, there are hardly enough facilities to help people, and the laws/system is designed to make you lose.
  12. The smoke detector in the attic's battery has been going dead for the past three days and keeps quietly beeping. It is a nightmare to access; a crawlspace in the ceiling only accessible by ladder. Every time it beeps I feel my blood pressure slightly rise more and more.
  13. Hi Fisyr, I'm 26 and in a similar boat. Although I have been in relationships in the past, the older I get the more difficult it gets to date. I'm sorry to hear you haven't even had a proper first kiss yet, that must really be tough. I am in a very similar predicament to you. I spent many of my earlier years building a career, going to schooling (which I'm still doing). Like you, I've never get put in many situations/places to meet and talk to women either. Like you, I've also done the online dating game and have had exactly the same similar experiences. If it's no an empty inbox everyday, you go on dates with girls that end up never contacting you back after the first date. It really sucks and I agree, it's also depressing. My first advice to you; avoid the online dating. I know, it feels like the right choice to go that route because you have no other means of meeting women. But I can almost guarantee you, it's a colossal waste of time. The problem is the men vastly outnumber the women. And most women I've come to find (not all of them), but many of them our age are very shallow/narrow-minded with dating. If you're not rich, an inch to short for their liking, or have some kind of physical thing they don't like about you whatsoever, they have an entire smorgasbord of men to pick from on dating sites. Women overlook good men so often it's ridiculous, and it's always because of something extremely stupid. I agree with medschoolthug, maybe try to start doing some clubs/activities. Although I haven't been successful on that front, I wouldn't NOT recommend it. I went far outside of my comfort zone and joined a sports league last year to maybe find a nice girl that way. There were plenty of single and cute women, but it was also a sports league. Most of them went there to play volleyball and leave. I joined a team but I got stuck with a bunch of old religious people. -_- BUT... it was a positive experience in some ways because it made me realize that, not just with women, but people in general I was very not-talkative and anti-social. Although I've had a serious girlfriend and things in the past, I am not good at talking to strangers, which is not a good attribute to have when you want to find a woman, and it sounds like you may be in the same shoes! I would recommend hobbies/activities. Try anything you are remotely interested in. Go on that website meetup.com. Go to as many social gatherings as possible if you ever get invited to anything, even picnics/parties/birthdays even if you don't like the person or people there you never know who else might show up. Don't focus on just finding a girlfriend, but making friends/associates as well. The older I get, I am getting more and more convinced that, the best way to find someone is to have connections. My last serious girlfriend was my best friends sister. Past relationships I've had were just from people I knew or met somehow indirectly. I think only one time I found someone completely out of the wild (or they found me). I think you are most likely to get dates making friends with people and knowing people who can introduce you to someone somehow. I even made a good friend from these very forums. Unfortunately we live 5,000 miles apart, but if I were close to this person, she is constantly finding single/compatible girls for me. It only takes one person to set you up. Try to make female friend(s)... girls go to girly things. Aerobics classes, yoga, places where it might be weird for you to go, but they go there and meet and make friends with possible other single women. A girl that is just your friend may find you people as well. Not all women out there have to be dating material but they can be a great asset. Make friends, don't be afraid to tell people "I'm single and looking". They may know someone or help you. I think this is my new strategy, anyway. I would recommend it. Friends and people you know grow to like you and trust you, and can take the difficult/awkwardness out of meeting someone in the wild, and I think may introduce you to more quality people.
  14. Well OP. I'm 26, so nowhere near as old as any of you. I'm NOT suffering from muscle loss, but I do have problems with the aches and pains!!! I spent 16 years in martial arts and I think it's taken a toll on my body. I think 26 is like 36 in karate years. I have a herniated disc in my lower back. My back hurts in two other new locations as well.I think I have tennis elbow in both arms from punching all those years. My right knee hurts bending it certain ways anymore and now recently I've started having serious foot-pain issues. I'm not a doctor but I would bet any money I have plantar fasciitis. My heels absolutely kill me, I also have no arches left on my feet from all the barefoot karate training. Regardless of all the injuries, I just keep on moving. OP, the worst thing you can ever do it stop! I know guys in their 70's still doing karate! There's always going to be something; muscle loss like you have, aches and pains, etc. The most you can do is just keep moving. It will save your life, trust me. My mother is currently in SICU after a very dangerous stomach operation. They said she's very lucky she survived the surgery. I think it's because I made her stay active, even with her condition/age (she had a very bad hiatal hernia but that wasn't an excuse to stop moving I told her). I told her don't stop moving. Go to the grocery store if you want a walk, do something simple. I even had her lifting 2lb weights at one time. I think it saved her life. If she was a couch potato she would probably be dead. You can't let that stuff get to you. Exercise has been show 100% to slow down aging. Just keep moving!
  15. i'm obsessed with overwatch. I have an unhealthy addiction to widowmaker. Someone please help.
  16. I think what you are asking really depends on the choice of words and context. People actually in love or in a relationship, they might say "hey hun", "hey sweetheart", or "your my love", and in that case it would be personal. You are saying it just to them to show your feelings/affection for that person. Some may also say that to their children, or even their pet. Again, showing affection towards that person or creature on a personal level. On the other hand, you might go somewhere to buy groceries and the cashier might call you "sweety" or something. In that case, I wouldn't call it personal; they might say that to every other person in the checkout. It just depends on where and how it's being said. I think "sweety" and "sweetheart" are fairly generalized words; a lot of women say them without any actual romantic interest or personal affection towards them. I think saying "babe", "baby", and especially "my love" is crossing the line if you weren't attached to that person somehow. I hope that helps.
  17. Just watched "The Finest Hours" on IMAX the other night. Decent movie, I would recommend it. Not great but not terrible. Sappy love story otherwise it's good.
  18. I am grateful that I made $1.40 in profit today selling a gun skin on Counter Strike: GO. Praise lord Gaben Newell.
  19. Tomorrow is chest day 1) alternating push ups (wide, normal, and military grip), varying speeds 4x each for a total of 24 2) Incline chest press 3) Closed grip chest press 4) Declined chest flies 5) Rotating chest press 6) Standard push ups 7) Burn out move(s) of my choice going from heaviest to lightest dumbbells 8) decline sit ups and side crunches at end 15, 12, 8 reps each then reverse to 8, 12, 15. Lot's of reps and huge weights.
  20. Wrecking scrubs on Counter Strike and "the pump".
  21. I beat Fallout 4 but I'm still playing constantly while on break! God, the storyline, what a nightmare of decisions to make! I'm now on the hunt to collect all the bobbleheads. I've definitely found several new/interesting places while searching. This game is so incredibly deep. I also found Vault 81 today which was a big surprise.... if you haven't been there, do it now, you get a cool companion in the end.
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