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  1. Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here! I have been with my girlfriend over 9 months now. We are in a very loving relationship and things are really well right now for the most part. Well, one of the areas we struggle with together is the dieting. I just wanted to ask how others maybe deal with this. My girlfriend and I are both overweight. Not disgustingly huge or anything, but just overweight like most people are these days. We wanted to drop weight not only to be healthier but for the beach this summer. I feel like, the dieting and weight loss is starting to really become a pro
  2. My girlfriend and I are both on wellbutrin (bupropion), it has honestly saved my life from anxiety and OCD. I would recommend looking into or asking about it. It is also NOT an SSRI, but a NDRI. People tolerate it better and it also doesn't give sexual side effects like other drugs.
  3. Sounds we like we got same interests in guitar and programming! Yes I'm a full-stack programmer for a small company I've been with going on two years now. Everyone else here already told you it, but I will also reiterate to keep the current job while doing your studies and then looking for a new job. This is a competitive field and can be very hard to find a new job, especially during this pandemic. You should be happy to even have a job right now, cause millions don't. I'd suck it up and stick it out, try to find ways to enjoy this current job. My smaller company is actually hiring
  4. Hi ENA, It's been a while. I wanted to post some good/happy news for a change, as I've been on here for 9~ years complaining about dating problems and wanted to let others know things don't always stay the way they are. I started dating a lady in early July that messaged me on eharmony. I actually had a cancelled account and didn't have any intention of dating at all during COVID, was really focusing on myself. In fact I only went on there to grab some pictures I had on the site, but it made me appear as active on the site again, and that is how she found me. I read her message and she peake
  5. Hi JCDallas, I hope you get to read this response. Someone else referred me to your post on here from a thread I started. I just wanted to offer my words of support on how to overcome this. I'm a 30 year old man and late last year, I suffered from the vicious monster that is "sexual orientation OCD". I 1000% understand everything you are going through, and some of the responses here, these people don't quite understand the severity of this mental illness and how to deal with it. I'll give you a very brief backstory. I had a negative sexual experience with a woman last year. She wanted it ,
  6. I read both of your replies here. You know, for the past X amount of years I've had friends on countless occasions tell me they're going to set me up with someone, and they *NEVER* do. Especially the one that I made this post about. I've heard so many times, his girlfriends roommate, another friend of his girlfriends, or he gets people to gatherings at his place that are already taken and play games. Just empty hopes or promises that are never seen through. He knows how bad I've had it with people I'm not compatible with online, too. That never changed anything. And you know what else? At
  7. Hi Goddess, thank you for your time in writing that message, and it helps hearing from others who have dealt with this throughout life! I TOTALLY agree with you on that! People put so much weight and value into their relationships. Even if you're married, it's just not right IMHO. The sad reality is, and you've been through it having gone through a divorce, love doesn't always last. People split for a myriad of reasons. Life is unpredictable and people change, even romantic partners. And for that reason alone, it is a very good idea to never shut off the other people who have been ther
  8. Hey everyone. I normally come on here to vent about dating/romantic relationships. But today, it's about friendships. I turned 30 this year. Progressively throughout my life, I've lost one friend after the next. And, it's always to women. They find someone, they get serious dating, eventually get engaged or married. You feel like you're slowly pushed out of their life over time. I guess this is to be expected and happens to a lot of people I've been told throughout life. This week, or day in particular, this is kind of a painful day. I pretty much had one close friend left, who I considered
  9. It sounds to me like, there just wasn't that physical chemistry. I learned that the very hard way last year. Much like you, I dated a woman. We had that "emotional" connection big time. On that level, I was crazy about her. We even cuddled going to the movies one day. I mean, everything felt *perfect* about it. Finally, the day came where we kissed (and made out as well...). And, I felt nothing. I can't explain it. I just felt this wave of nothingness when I kissed her. She wanted to do more than make out, and I just wasn't feeling it at all. I was completely turned off by this woman. It kind
  10. I came on here cause I was wondering how you were all doing with this coronavirus, and if anyone was going to be playing the dating game during this crisis. And well, here's this thread, lol. I personally am hanging up the hat on dating for a while. I just don't know how anyone could possibly be thinking about dating during a time like this. I think there are a few factors to consider. If it's someone you've been seeing for a while (several dates), or someone you're maybe close to and know personally (not a stranger from the internet), maybe you can trust meeting them or something. But in gen
  11. I read your other posts here because this was missing some details to better understand the situation. I see you made a post all the way back in December about this. In that post, you mentioned she was "flirting with other guys". It caused conflict and you told her to stop, which she did (at least face to face). To me, it sounds like there's trust issues. The whole cousin situation aside, it's not appropriate for her to be flirting with other guys. Especially if you guys are supposed to be in a serious relationship. And, people have their own past sex lives. I don't know if it's the fact t
  12. Hey, thanks for the replies. I wanted to let you guys know I am doing really well. I'm barely upset about it at all. I think part of me has been questioning things with her since the beginning, and her lack of experience in dating. I did keep my guard up a bit, so that's good. As far as the burning bridges thing... I understand what you guys mean. Yeah, I did give her an earful, lol. Like I said, I had a bit of class about it, though. I didn't cuss or call her names, nor was I overly vicious about it. But, there are some (obviously) hurt feelings about it at first. I feel like I wasted my ti
  13. Well honeycomb, your reply was on the money. Wanted to update you guys and gals quick. We ended things today. The things you said are correct. Her behavior isn't normal, she's indeed a very strange woman. To make a very long story short, she keeps putting me off for other, less important priorities in her life. She got plans set out for every weekend (including going out of town next weekend with her sister or something) that would result in us not seeing each other for FOUR WEEKS! That was the straw the broke this camels back! I told her, how are we supposed to get to know each other and
  14. People have ended relationships for things a lot dumber (and meaner) than this, eg. guys going bad, being too short, having a small package, etc. If you were to say one of these things were an issue, then, that'd be different (to me). But smoking pot, that is a VERY valid reason to end things with this guy. I actually applaud you for thinking about the future with this guy, and how such a habit would affect you if you stuck with him long-term. I personally would never date a woman that smokes pot. Weed and drugs are just out of the question for me, instant deal breakers. Getting high isn't
  15. Hey bluecastle, I think this is a great thing you wrote. :) I often feel this way about life lately, just having turned 30. Back in December, I bought a brand new, turbo charged Civic coupe (I grew up on the fast and the furious movies). You know what happened after I bought it, though? It didn't feel as special as my first car (that I had to junk a few weeks before I got it). I felt, almost depressed about it, about a brand new car!!! My first car was a POS Saturn. But, it was my key to the world. I was so excited to have a car of my own when I first bought that. My new car, it will never amo
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