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  1. Update: I decided the best thing to do is to be honest with “C”... not about my internal feelings of the interaction, because those feelings are mine and I’m still processing that but I was honest about the interaction. I told him it also made me reevaluate my relationship with him (“C”) and that I am thankful for him and appreciate him. “C” took it really well! Told me he appreciated my honesty and asked me what I intended on doing so after careful debate, I decided to let X know that continuing communication would be inappropriate and block him. I haven’t done it yet. I want to word
  2. Right?? Well this certainly made it easy to block the guy and move on!
  3. I actually didn’t read my original posts before posting this thread today. I’m at a loss for words. I feel so incredibly silly to have forgotten how dark the actual breakup was and how mean he was during it. The woman I am now, hard working, career driven, and most importantly, sober, would never allow something so awful to overwhelm my entire process of living. I wish I could go back and shake the naive girl who wrote that!
  4. Harsh... and needed. Thank you. I didn’t look at it as emotional cheating but I suppose that’s exactly what it is. I feel really gross now for allowing that.
  5. Wow... this is by far the most eye opening, enlightening and REALEST response I could have ever hoped for. Thank you so much. That just put so many of my jumbled thoughts into actual words... If you ever get into the business of becoming a therapist keep me in mind. Seriously though, thank you.
  6. Several years ago I first came to this site because of a devastating break up. Here is the very first post I’ve made on here: https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=397817 Now, almost 10 years later, this ex has come back into my life after years of growth, self reflection and self positivity. I’ve moved on. I’m in what is probably the most healthy relationship I’ve ever been in... but, well, I guess I’ll just copy/ paste what I had posted on a different advice site... of course for a complete history of my complete heart break when X and I first broke up you can view my first
  7. A girl at work has made multiple racist remarks and has been complained on multiple times for it and no action has been taken. Today I asked a question to coworkers in Florida involving the hurricane (due to the fact that my boyfriend's phone is broken and his family in Florida have no way of getting ahold of him) in a group chat. I simply said I was asking the people who were actually there... come to find out tomorrow I will be getting called into HR for that comment... why is her blatant racism ok and defended but my slightly off comment is being punished?
  8. I've been seeing a pretty cool guy for a year now. He's responsible, he makes me laugh, he treats me well, and he's a busy guy from having side jobs to make extra money. Yet I'm unexpectedly jealous all the time! Even if a girl checks him out and he's oblivious I get crazy jealous! I've never been like this before! What is wrong with me??
  9. I told new guy how I was feeling today.... question: how do you handle the ups and downs (the missing and not missing... Being completely over and than not being over) of a LTR ex?
  10. So, it's been one and a half months since we broke up... I'm already seeing someone new... New guy and I have been friends for a year and a half... In fact, he was there the night "J" and I broke up the first time. I didn't intend on moving on so quickly but I guess things just happen. I've texted "J" twice... Both times have been in the past week. The first one was just a picture of his daughter and my dog I found in my phone so I texted that and nothing else. He responded with "thank you" and I didn't reply. The second times as about 4 days ago, a memory from last year popped up on Fa
  11. I miss you....I love it when I hear from you...but bitter after each conversation....I'm not sending your stuff....I'm going to throw it away. You don't deserve my kindness.
  12. Hmmm....Me and the ex I'm mourning right now don't really fit into that....He was my rebound and I was his gigs...but he wasn't a rebound from which I was the dumper...I was actually the dumpee (due to an abusive boyfriend with GIGS)...but I jumped into my relationship with this current ex right away....so he was my rebound.... unbeknownst to me, this current ex was married...had been married for 16 years....and I was his first case of GIGS.....
  13. Things I want to thank you for: Thank you for my guitar. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your gentleness. Thank you for the sensitivity you had at the beginning of our relationship. Thank you for making me realize I deserve to be treated well. Thank you for showing me what I want in a man….the things you possess and the things you don’t. Thank you for your charm. Thank you for your good looks. Thank you for smiling when you wake up with me next to you. Thank you for opening the car door. Making me feel beautiful. No thank you for: The lies. The lack of communicati
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