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  1. Lonely ... Thank you for asking. My journey came to an end on Saturday, and as such, I am a bit of a mess. I wish I could tell everyone here that things went well, and that I had a happy ending. A lot has happened since I was active on here, and I'm crushed that it did not turn out better. If you have time, and you're interested, shoot me a PM and I'll fill you in on me, and the others. I hope you are doing well my dear I've missed this place, and need to become more active again. I could use the therapy that helping others brings me. ~dig
  2. Once again Cindy Lou Who, another interesting chapter in your journey. You are doing just fabulous, and I couldn't be more proud ~dig
  3. I agree ... You are doing wonderfully Cindy Lou Who ... ~dig
  4. lol ... you make me laugh. I have that effect on Heron as well.
  5. Good morning!!! Love watching birds ... don't know a thing about them, but I do enjoy them. I purchased a 55 gallon fish tank for my boys the other day. It's all set up and ready to go. Today, after school, we are going to buy some fish. They are so excited. lol Have a good day everyone. ~dig
  6. No!! I'm good ... I actually love it over there. I didn't really need any advice. Just filled people in on what my weekend was like. It's fine. You are missed tho.
  7. Good idea Lou .... I posted a bunch of stuff on the other place and no responses hardly ... lol
  8. I did nothing for myself yesterday. It was work work work ... then pick the ex up at the airport. Can that be construed as "something for me"? lol I am making turkey bacon, have coffee, and will be making some eggs and hash browns. It smells great! Then I will be cleaning my entire house, packing, and running errands for my trip. I leave tomorrow morning at 3:00 My Mom and Stepdad are coming here while I am gone to watch the boys. My Mom is a clean freak and I don't want her to see how a bachelor lives. Have to find a place to hide all of these women's bras and panties, lmao ... kidding! Have a good day everyone! D
  9. This place is depressing .... where did everyone go?? We need to pick it up again!!
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