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  1. Thank you all for your replies. To answer a common theme: finances are not a coverup for a larger issue. I am 100% certain we’re right for each other and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I told her last month I want to live with her first to see if the compatibility still exists and she agreed. So we’re looking for places to move in together but she still sends these not-so-subtle hints about wanting to be engaged by end of 2021 and a child by 2024. Every time she does I remind her I’d like to be roommates first, then “have the talk” with her dad then I’ll do it and she
  2. …I don’t feel enough career or financially stability to get married. My (30F) partner wants to marry me (33M) so much so just tonight she asked if I’d feel emasculated if she proposed to me! I know weddings can be inexpensive and she’s already sent me the (modestly-priced) ring she wants, it’s just that she also wants kids right away which are super expensive. After two years of dating I have no doubts she’s the one for me and clearly it’s mutual, I’m just concerned about our financial outlook. I grew up lower-middle class and I know what a strain finances can be on a marriage. Although
  3. Grazie! I’m very pleased with how this has all turned out. Thanks eNA!
  4. Updates: • We had an open and honest dialogue Saturday night then went on a dinner and a move date. When we returned she initiated sex and I took someone’s advice and stood at corner of bed and just went to town on her. From behind and missionary—it was incredible! She claimed she had never been that close to a penetrative orgasm before and kept saying it felt like she had to pee. I swear I was a couple thrusts away from it but I just couldn’t help myself and had to go, y’know? • Sunday afternoon she told me about the bachelorette banter and how most girls agreed they don’t care to fella
  5. Thanks! To be honest, if she had orgasmed with others before me I’d be a lot less cool with it. The fact that she’s never had one takes pressure off myself BUT I now want to be the first to give her that experience. As an update, we hung out this weekend and it only came up in passing and she laughed about how drunk she was. When we had sex it didn’t happen but she was cool with it because I gave her four orgasms through eating her out and neither of us made a big deal about the lack of p in v orgasm.
  6. Whoa this thread is popping off! If only she knew haha. Someone asked so I’ll remind that we’ve been together since October 2017 and have never had a true argument or discussion about this topic. The hens were clucking at the bachelorette and it got her thinking is all. Since she’s been back she hasn’t mentioned it, but we also haven’t seen each other as we don’t live together…yet. I was curious about how normal it is to NEVER have experienced a penetrative sex orgasm and that’s been confirmed…and then some!
  7. This is a text she sent me shortly after the bachelorette conversation: It’s weird... why does that have to be a noteworthy thing? I feel so excited and content when you make me cum other ways... why does it have to be that way? And I reassured her I love getting her off regardless of how.
  8. This bluecastle post sums it up perfectly. Maybe we need some tweaks, but overall I’m satisfied. If she brings up the non-orgasm thing I’ll offer support (like that ABC article) and suggestions for workarounds. Thank you all.
  9. I don’t make a big deal of it, this thread started as a conversation on penetrative sex orgasms.
  10. I barely enjoy those so she hardly does it but has definitely done that more than twice. I also find handies boring haha.
  11. Haha it’s definitely gone off the rails a bit, but I do appreciate the insight. What I’ve gathered from this thread is that she’s not alone in the not being able to orgasm from penetrative sex department. That’s a relief and what I was hoping to find. The selfishness angle is one that I was aware of but this thread has made it out to be more of a red flag than I cared to admit. I just spoke with her now that she’s back from the bachelorette and she didn’t bring up the orgasm thing and I don’t want to make it a thing so I didn’t either. Maybe when we’re in person next she’ll bring it up
  12. Ha! Great analogy! katrina1980: I’ve never forced the issue because I’m not that into blowies so that may explain why she doesn’t offer. If I’m not asking and she’s not into it, why go down there? As for attraction, I never doubted hers in me. In fact, the two time’s she went downtown I was looking worse as I’ve recommitted to a healthier lifestyle these past six months or so. Is she bedroom selfish? Yes. Is she losing attraction? Nope!
  13. Started this thread curious about p in v orgasms but THAT is an eye-opening question. Also, pillow queen? Ha! Never heard that one before.
  14. WithLove: thanks for sharing that she’s not alone and putting a positive spin on it. She doesn’t gag or anything, just finds it boring and the smell aversive. That wasThen: forgive me if this is TMI but… she doesn’t just lay there, she gets into it but I def do most of the work. It took some coaxing to get her to sit on my face (now she loves that!) or even ride on top. She does like it from behind and is open to toys I introduce. She’s not a bore, but needs some arm-twisting to experiment. She may think she doesn’t need to work too hard because I cum every time from sex as she has a gorge
  15. This thread has shined a light on the lack of reciprocation being a selfish red flag. I thought it was just a quirk of hers but now I see it otherwise. She’s been supportive in other non-bedroom ways like supporting my career change and being understanding of my mom’s condition and general family dysfunction.
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