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  1. I just read this post now. Hmm... I tried contacting even though i am the one who broke up. It's one of the hardest things to do EVER! So, so sad. I agree with Echo - that I am scared my ex will forget me or find someone new. I hope time apart is good for thinking. Super Dave. Your story is sad. Do you still love your ex girlfriend? Do you want to get back with her? Why do you not say anything to her? I'm worried you're hurting yourself in the long run by watching her with other men?
  2. Hmmm.. We both come from loving family backgrounds (though my family is supertight by comparison to his). He's not a believer in marriage saying it's a waste and if people want to be together then they should just be together. We're both mid 30's so we're no spring chickens. I'm not that bothered to have children TBH. They could come or not but I want at least THE OPTION to have them one day and he isn't even giving me that (I am not pressurizing him to have them soon, just to have them 'one day'). When he went through his 'yes, let's have kids' stage he put a bunch of requirements on it eg: He stay at home and me be a career woman. I'm not averse to that idea but my job doesn't pay as much as his and what about breastfeeding?! Anyway, deep down, I'm still feeling that I am right to put my foot down and it's right of him to put his foot down (if he doesn't want them) coz at least then we both know where we stand, it's the bloody indecisiveness that drives me crazy. I wish I could just fastforward 5 years forwards or backwards
  3. Please tell me your experience and advice. I've been with my partner for 3 years. We live together and love each other very much. We've been arguing about this point forever though: His indecision to want children. It's the one major stumbling point to our relationship and I am at least grateful that he is a very honest and has been straight with me about this. He has been saying yes, then no, then yes, then no again. I gave him 6 months to think about it whilst I promised not to bring the subject up again. At the end of the 6 months he still hadn't made up his mind so I moved out and have been seeing him for the past 2 months as a live-out girlfriend. After 1 month apart he said that even though he didn't want children, he'd be willing to have them to keep me and keep me happy. I took this as relatively good news so was hoping to move back in with him but recently he again said that he was unsure and that maybe he doesn't want them again! I was so sad as I'd built up my hopes again! I've finally decided to break up with him about this as the ambivalence is driving me insane but he continues to say that he wants to be with me but doesn't want children. I'm 70% sure by leaving him I am doing the right thing but I wonder if i'll ever meet anyone as kind, sweet and caring as him. Have you been in a similar situation in the past? What did you decide to do? Am i doing the right thing leaving him? Help please!
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