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  1. Thanks. Anyone else have suggestions please? I agree with the above and am looking into it
  2. Help! I am successful, intelligent and have my whole life ahead of me. I have a caring family and husband. My problem is I push everyone away whenever I feel like they're getting too close and feel genuine feelings of hate towards them. There are times when I don't want to give my love and feel like punishing people even when they did nothing wrong. I get angry with my partner and family when they are being kind. I don't know why but I get upset so easily. It's really upsetting for everyone. I was treated badly in a previous relationship and my parents were very protective of me growing
  3. I don't like that metaphor. I thought you wanted to run a marathon!! If you want a girlfriend you need to stop being so desperate. Improve yourself, read 'The Game' or actually train for a marathon! Everyone has their someone out there
  4. Delete it! Who cares about bloody face book. Read this and realise you are not alone. FB is intentionally and masterfully devouring our lives. link removed
  5. Don't be so defeatist! Go to a specialist running shoe shop and get looked at. Buy the proper orthotics in your shoes. Every person you see running will have had problems when they first started out. How bad do you want it? Anyone can run a marathon, even with one leg shorter than the other.
  6. Hey, yes i do want things for the house - things which he also wants to buy too! He has wanted wallpaper on the walls since we moved in (almost 2 years ago) - me, I'm happy to have anything as long as it covers the cracks. So yes, if you think I want wallpaper because I 100% want to make our living space nicer then I am guilty of that, but items such as for drinking cups and cutlery (which we didn't have and i have had to buy cheap ones to get us through with my own money) are essential items. The point is, he wants these things too, but as he is away most of the time so he isn't at home m
  7. Maybe I am being silly and this is what I tell myself all the time but tell me your opinion. My partner is successful and hardworking. He puts in many hours and travels a lot on business. I get to see him less and less but I don't mind him working these hours - it makes him happy to be good at what he does so I'm happy for him and very proud. I don't make lots of money, in fact my job in the public sector is notoriously underpaid and I do my best to make ends meet and to save for the future. The problem is that I feel a little annoyed by the fact that my partner doesn't seem to spend muc
  8. Poetic Deci. Beautifully said and your truthful words probably touch so many of us. Lolrend, you do deserve to be happy in a relationship and have undivided attention from your other half. This man is not giving these things to you but offering you heartache. It is not his fault, I don't think he's doing it maliciously, but it's still hurting you and causing the 'green eyed monster' be very ferocious and self destructing. You have the power to decide whether you wish to have that pain or not.
  9. Go on the trip. Your mother is trying to exert control over your life. By doing what she wants you will let her have her way. I'm sure your mum loves you BUT the way she shows it is not a healthy one. There's a really good book which explains exactly what you've mentioned. It's called 'Toxic Parents' by Susan Forward. Also, tell your boyfriend what you suspect you you forewarn him. You must absolutely get away from this suffocating behaviour or mum & sister or it will be be like this forever. Good luck
  10. I only read half of your post and then I got bored. Sorry. It sounds like you are not OK with the relationship being open, even though you said you you were OK it is clear you want something more. This man is not emotionally invested in you like you believe, otherwise he'd do his hardest to keep you happy. He sees the relationship as a bit of sexy time when he wants, but clearly you see it as more and are now starting to burden him with your emotional requirements. You said you were insecure for getting emotional and teary. This is not an insecurity but your heart telling you that you a
  11. DO send an email. I disagree with Fun Boater about doing it orally. Spoken conversations don't hold but writing does get things into action You need to start getting things in writing now. Personally, I'd write it in a more formal context. Imagine you were writing for court. Leave out all personal opinions and just write FACTS, and group same ideas together into paragraphs as at the moment it's all a little confusing. If you are writing a complaint then you'll also have to give your boss a solution or ask for further action. If someone is breaking rules, especially someone responsible fo
  12. erm.... what's the problem? She's not responding to your text because you friend said you were butt f8king? You apologised and now she doesn't want to know? Can't you just get her to one side and talk to her? (no, not texts) Tell her what happened so she can see your honesty? Then leave it up to her to think about it. If she likes you she'll let you know. If she doesn't like you then she'll carry on ignoring you then you can move on. P.S. Your friend sounds like an douche. Why would he send that text? Unless he likes that girl too and feels insecure and tried to ruin your chances as he f
  13. Oh for goodness sake! You and 90% of Europe have this problem. Deal with it by bi-monthly waxing, monthly home bleaching and daily plucking. Don't focus on it. You're not the beardy weirdy woman from the East unless you do the above and make the effort to keep it under control. Every woman has something that would get out of control unless she dealt with it. Even supermodels.
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