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  1. @purplepaisley: thanks, good point, I know the others probably thought it was a lot of drama and at the end of the day they thought it was between 2 people and didnt want to have anything to do with it so why intervene... but never saying anything for 5 years when you know 1 friend hurt the other, is not a neutral choice imo... Which parts for you seem messy? I would like to clarify better then because it's actually refreshing to hear these neutral opinions from outsiders ;-) Btw to answer your question: i m atheist and so are most of the group so no problems with religion interfering here
  2. @Jibralta: thanks for your reply and compassionate words. Yes to choose her side to keep her secret for years, I consider a form of emotional betrayal.
  3. @Rose Mosse: thanks for your reply, you make some good points. I do realize expecting people to keep secrets like these at some point becomes unrealistic, but I do think I could have expected a better job than having your lifetime friends gossip after weeks about something they knew had been a personal struggle for 10+ years. I did shy away from the reality of my sexuality but being pushed into saying goodbye to my straight identity and the disadvantages that come alon with that rather than having been given the choice, wasn't a solution either. (Not in response to your reply but in general
  4. Hi guys, I would love to hear some unbiased opinions on what you would do in my situation and why. I'm a 33 year old man and from the age of 15 I've had a group of 20 friends that have until now been the most important people in my life. We partied, had drinks, went out together almost every weekend together until our early 20ies and almost monthly until our late twenties. We went on holidays with all 20 of us, we still go on a yearly weekend together, I went to people's marriages, graduation ceremonies, I visited some of them in the hospital when they had children, went to funerals w
  5. Hi guys, thanks for your input! Pretty valid points! @Awanderer: I have been to a bi conference, have joined 2 anonymous talking groups for bisexuals but those were mostly 1) complete weirdos or 2) married couples with children where the man discovered after years that he liked men too. I haven't found a group of young and out, normal, educated, single bisexual men. Understandably, this is the group that is most often in the closet. The group that I would get most support from is largely invisible. Scared bisexual men who are afraid to risk their relationships with their wives, girlfriends,
  6. Hi, I am a 33 year old bisexual male. Since the age of 14-15 I've had a great group of about 15-20 very close highschool friends. Since the age of 21-22, I began questioning my sexuality. I secretly began to experiment with guys, and for years only one close (gay) friend knew about me not being straight. I found (and find) myself still attracted to women emotionally and sexually, which has been the biggest reason for me to only come out to partners and not publicly. From my early twenties, rumours arose if I might be gay, and also in my group of friends. I never confirmed them (mos
  7. Yes. She is very pretty, and extremely sensual, seductive and a dream in bed. All men lust after her. Although I don't fantasize about sex with her anymore, I think the chemistry will always last (alas).
  8. Lol, bizarre question! I only remember her fearful face, while together with her group of friends, skiing, looking at some approaching disaster, probably an avalanche or something. I didn't dream about the actual moment she was killed, nor did I see a dead body after that. The next image was her facebook page, turned colorless, gray, freezed, like it was blocked or something. There was a birth and death date on her page. There was an invititation of her family to her funeral. It felt extremely real. I was very aware of her death in my dream, I could feel my own surprise, amazement, shock
  9. Hi guys, My ex gf broke up with me 1,5 years ago after a relationship of nearly 1,5 years. It was my first long-term relationship, and it was extremely intense (we met in Spain, lovedrunk, studying abroad, the perfect love story). I had never felt like this before, for the first time in my life I felt I finally met someone who fully understood, appreciated, loved and adored me, and I felt I could start a family and have children with someone. I don't even know, still, at this point, if I'll ever get something as intense as that with someone. But as in most passionate relationships, we ha
  10. Gosh, how I love you. I will always love you. I don't care how many men you've been with and allowed to make love to you. I know and feel deep inside you're not happy and still searching for your luck. You may have met some you like. Some that made your heart skip a beat, make you feel all warm inside. But you keep searching, searching, searching. How I know that it's so dangerous to presume it might be me. It will most likely be another guy. He'll be good, and honest, and handsome, and charming, and smart, and sweet, I'm sure. But if you choose him over me I'll still love you. How I lo
  11. Why did you ruin my life so much? Why did you take all my social network away? Why did you steal my friends? Why can't I defend myself against this? Why does everyone choose your side? Why don't you just leave me alone? Why don't people ever feel sorry for me for losing my friends but instead feel annoyed with me for not wanting to be friends with you, while it is in fact YOU who is creating these socially awkward situations and not me? Why are you so twisted, full of games, dishonest, manipulative, controling and without any consideration for my feelings? I have had enough... Why am I so alon
  12. I wish I would have expressed my anger towards you. How you make me feel like no one wants me now. How you make me feel as if bisexual boys are no good for anyone. How you make me feel like there's no future for people like me. How you said I'm too complex for a girl. Which girl will ever accept me for who I am? I know a big part of that is in my own power. I need to make choices. I'm a good guy. I'm smart. I'm creative. I'm sweet. I'm social. I'm handsome. I just need to believe it. I need to build my self-esteem for the next girl. I know that secretly, I was one of your biggest, if not your
  13. I hate that you are trying to rob my friends from me. You know I hate it and that's exactly why you do it. You're so social and you can have any friends you want. Sometimes I wonder why you tried to convince me to have sex with me. Why you didn' t listen when I told you you are way more conservative than me. All in the beginning. You didn't want to hear it. It's so weird to realize afterwards that I was right, that you couldn't handle experimental me. Go and grab your chances of having the life you want. You have many more chances than I do. You are a pretty, sassy, fun, smart girl. You ca
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