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  1. "I'm a good looking, very fit, college educated 28 year old male making six figures but I've bad absolutely horrible success with meeting women. The ones who have shown interest in me have been too old, too young, have kids, or are overweight, etc... I can't seem to get someone interested in me who is like the female version of me. It's incredibly frustrating" That part here sounds very familiar.... hummmm.....
  2. The bold part is the heart of the matter. This is why most people here are not understanding what the big deal is. OP you have trust issues that are well documented here. I think your wife reaction was a kneejerk reaction and not a lie. She is responding to another of your accusation. I am not saying her response was appropriate or that in this particular case she was in the right. What I see is a small issue and probably misunderstanding and because of your issues you tend to interpret this things by default as an attempt of your wife to deceive you. She is now tired of this and when in th
  3. Wow, what a lot of resentment I am reading here ! Is there anything going on in her life right now maybe? What about just asking what her expectatons are ? Moving in together is a big adjustment. Whereas before when you were not living together she was probably putting her mind in a mindset that there would be sexual activity and was responsive . Now, probably now that you live together she cannot be on that mindset 24/7. Lastly what is exactly according to you a ''real NO'' ??? A real no imo is the first one you receive. After that making her repeat and justify her refusal is just going to
  4. By the way, it is really rude to confirm attendance to a wedding and not show up. Often there is a cost to the newlyweds that comes with no shows. Hopefully your friend of 17 years knows about your issues and can be understanding.
  5. I think you were looking for an excuse not to go. It is really unfortunate you are not attending for your friend. Plenty of people attend weddings alone, meet people and have fun doing so. Are you doing anything to treat your social anxiety?
  6. From what you understand, your parents bought you a house and you have not been working for 9 years. Was your fiancé paying for everything including things related to the house maintenance and utilities? Is this why you were afraid he had a claim on your house when legally it most likely is considered premarital property? I think he is feeling a little bit used and why his sudden concern for financial security and space.
  7. You seem to be really focused on what him having a job can do for you, like buying you gits etc. The real big flaw is the he does not seem to be ready do gain his financial independence. Based on this, if you still want to date him for a little while, go for it, but stop overextending yourself over this guy you barely know. This means no trips for you and you do not fund any trips for him. Stop buying him gifts and ''things he may need'' seriously a card or something small for special occasions or restaurant outing will do. I would if I were you keep it really casual and not invest more ti
  8. This is incredibly long... I would not send it. You said you did nothing wrong, so why are you referring to a mistake you have made in your letter?
  9. Well again, it's their preference they are not actually preventing you from doing it. They do not have to agree and it is ok. Not sure what is bothering you since it is the second thread about the exact same topic and you have clearly realized by now that they cannot stop you. Are you looking for ways to be more assertive in general with your parents?
  10. What is the real issue OP? is it that you yearn for your parents approval? You posted on another thread that you had coffee with a guy you met online, so you know that you can do what you want. Just be smart about it.
  11. When you had your last convo what was her reasoning for not working? Does she have the expectation that she does not have to and told you so? In addition I think she is implying that the burden of the debt is all on you so she should not be responsible for it. Could it be partly the case? I am not condoning her actions. She seems incredibly selfish but is it possible that she had no much say and is being resentful? My advice as a CPA, please seek the help of a financial advisor. Cut all non essential expenses starting by cable, maid, her cell phone etc. Get yourself a debt repayment plan
  12. it does not go beyond kssing because you do not want to be intimate with him? are you the one stopping the natural progression. Why not tell him and show him how you would like to be kissed so he can improve.
  13. Just got my answer. You understand that what you want is mutually exclusive - no wanting to divorce, wanting kids but not willing to be secual with your husband...
  14. Thats is a key question and I have asked the same. OP to me you do not want to divorce and you do not want to be sexual with him either. He knows you do not find him attractive so he must feel partly rejected ans as he is a good man he respects your decision.
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