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  1. It's more that I think they would be aware through FB/mutual friends and have not said anything at all, not even through FB as a bare minimum : /
  2. I recently bought a unit. I did a post on Facebook to announce my news as I'm not the kind of person to ring up people going "Guess what?" One of what I thought was my "close friends" did not comment or congratulate me. A part of me thinks that maybe they missed it. Him and especially his girlfriend are on Facebook alot. I can't even go out with them, she sits on her phone, on Facebook the whole time. We also have mutual friends which is another reason why I find it hard to believe that they don't know. I've also made updates about shopping for whitegoods/furniture which would also sugg
  3. Where do I start: - unemployed - lived like a slob - on a mental health disability pension - tried to turn his drinking problem around on me..."Oh I get it, YOU just have a problem with people who drink" - I told him to be careful with my new camera..."Well you've got money for a new one" - I asked him if he could go easy on the drinks one night "I'll do whatever I damn please" - I found a piece of paper crumbled into his couch about his car being impounded - His ex's would always find their way into conversation - Found a police report had been filed by him the weekend I was overseas
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