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  1. Thanks for the replies! I think I’m on red alert with this girl as a while back I organised a camping trip with the date and place and as there was a chance of rain, the night before we were due to go she messaged the group and said her and another girl weren’t gonna go and we should all go to theirs for food instead. I think I’m looking out for any little thing now lol
  2. Hi, I’d just like some advice about whether I’m just being sensitive about this or whether I’m justified to feel a bit put out. Anyway, recently I asked a group of friends whether they would like to get together for a ladies only night for food and a few drinks. Then when they all said they would I picked a date and asked what they’d like to do with the intention of arranging it. A few suggestions were put out there and I didn’t log on for a few hours. Now one of them has picked a place and rang if they can accommodate us (which they can). She has said she can book it and is willing to pay
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