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  1. i considered this of course. but i'm just going into this without getting too emotionally invested, its just dating for fun without getting too serious. then towards the end, if we both decide to make a clean break or pursue it further we'll take it from there, i'm leaving all options on the table.
  2. well right now with the craziness of the rioting going on in LA, its kind of on hold for now haha. we were originally going to go to a shooting range then go to my place for dinner and drinks but right now who knows.
  3. Here's an update; I ended up seeing her at work today and talked about it with her. I explained the situation and how i got irritated that she suddenly stopped responding with no explanation when we were in the middle of planning something and that was why i decided i didn't want to spend anymore time on a date as it gave a really bad impression to me like she didn't care. I was explaining it in a calm, matter of fact kind of way, not being accusatory, emotional or angry. She was apologetic and told me that she was talking with her mom who's in S. Korea and then after she said she was just tired and went to bed. But had she just told me that right from the start at 7am we would've been good. Anyway she did seem really apologetic about it and the talk actually was very good, there was no awkwardness at all. it only even lasted about a min, then afterwards the conversation turned light hearted and we got along very well. She told me she still wanted to hang out with me during off work hours and that we could start again. I was good with that, so there you go, turned out ok in the end. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and reply.
  4. I'm like this with people in general, not just women and i consider it a good thing. In my 20s i would get involved with people i shouldn't have gotten involved with and just generally led to things that were not good or just complete time wasters where i should've just walked away a long time ago. I would overlook alot of things that i shouldn't have overlooked just because it was fun. I would like to think i learned a thing or two and grew a bit wiser from those times about making sure i actually invest time and effort with people who are worth the effort to. As i mentioned, these days i've very little patience with people who i consider is wasting my time. Once i'm good with you, i can be very patient and understanding though.
  5. You're right i was being overt because we were at work, I hinted without being too forward that we were going out not strictly as friends. I told her i wanted to get to know her more outside of work(she said the same thing) and during the times we talked in person i consciously brought it up as a date in a light hearted manner as to not make it awkward but to also make sure she understood. Unless she was completely dense im pretty sure she got the hint.
  6. Thanks, i ended up telling her that i gave it some thought and its best we remain just coworkers, she asked me why but i didnt wanna get into some long conversation over text. She told me she does not have a US number, as she's an intern from South Korea so i told her we can discuss it when we see each other at work during a break or lunch. so we'll see how it goes. if she does offer an explanation i'll update it here if anyone is interested in knowing.
  7. I'm completely content with being single, in fact im not actively trying to date, the opportunity with her just came out of nowhere so i went for it. I dont have an itch to get into a relationship just for its sake. the reason i even brought up her looks is because someone else said they dont think i really lost interest and that i wanted to go on the date to see if she'll prove herself to me. So i brought up her looks to make a point that when its physical attraction you really cannot have any control on whether you can decide to drop it on the spot or not. For me it was a conscious decision to pursue her because her personality. So i could just as easily decide not to pursue her and there would be no lingering feelings of attraction. Physical attraction is way harder to turn off. So thats why i brought up her looks, it wasnt to tear her down. her possibly being less into me than i was into her was not a factor in deciding to cancel the date, it was that texting incident. i agree, however she told me she does not have a US number, as i mentioned she is an intern from overseas so the app is the only way we can talk to each other. otherwise i would've spoken to her over the phone directly.
  8. you mentioned yourself you didn't read the full story so i get why you would think that, you dont have the full information for why i felt the way i did.
  9. Looks wise she's ok, i never gave her a second thought at work until a chance meeting made us click with one another. i was fine with her communications until this incident for reasons i mentioned previously. as far as dating coworkers i fully agree, but she is only an intern and is temporary so i thought i'd give it a shot.
  10. totally with you on that, however the circumstances of the her not reading or responding to my messages made those reasons irrelevant in this case, i dont know if you read them but i made those points in previous posts if you want to go back and read it. she didn't explain in the response, as to whether she will explain when i see her in person remains to be seen, she would have to bring it up, as i'm not gonna mention a word about it.
  11. she didn't give reasons, i'll come up with them myself. and this early in the process, i dont have the patience to put up with it. you're completely off but you're entitled to your opinion. Isnt that what i said? Physically she's ok, but i wasn't drawn to her looks, i was drawn to her personality and it took a bad turn so the interest left with it. you're arguing a point i never made.
  12. yes, it was 5pm to 7am, lets assume 8 hours of that she was alseep, completely understandable in fact, i would've been completely fine with the entire thing if it were for the circumstances, i already wrote tons about it, you can go back and read them if you want.
  13. yes, the conversation was in setting up the plans and to confirm it when suddenly it just abruptly ended on her part.
  14. Exactly, she had no time at all to even send me a quick response saying "hey something came up talk later"? too many women out there for me to be making excuses for her as to why she left me hanging like that.
  15. i dont, im just going by my assumption of what happened since no explanation was given. but that was a bad first impression to leave me hanging in the middle of a conversation without an explanation. i'll leave this quote that i wrote down in the previous responses, maybe it'll help you guys understand where i'm comming from if you didn't read it already. Too many women out there who wouldn't pull this type of stunt before a first date. i'll go with my intinct and wont waste my time as well as hers.
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