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  1. My ex and i were together for 8yrs. We are in our early 40s. We were also engaged. Our relationship had hit really bad/stressful time. So he broke up w/me about 7months ago,and i moved back home. He now has a new woman,she is now pregnant! Anyway i just discovered via facebook that now they are engaged, and she announced it on my birthday! Did he just seriously propose to my replacement on my birthday? SMH!
  2. Thank you for your reply, my fiance and i have benn enganged for about 1 year now. Our r.ship is very solid. My fiance and childs mom were never married. They both left ohio together cause she told him her brother has a job for him in iowa, when they got there it was a lie, no job opprtunities at all. Middle of rural nowhere. His childs mom dumped him while she was pregnant. He had no one in iowa to help him, so he was stuck in a state with nowhere to stay, no money,etc.. so he came back home to ohio. He tried fighting to be therecwhen baby was born but she refused,she also refused to put his name on birth certificate. He asked lawyers about his options, i even asked the lawyers i knew for advice, they say he needed lawyer to fight for visitation, but couldnt afford it. Ohio doesnt give fathers automatic rights if child was born out of wedlock. Even if child support is in place! I have here an open window, a legal website explaining these rights in ohio. I can post the link here once i fugured out how to attach the file
  3. I cant recall the specifics of the case but i remember the lawyer saying my fiance needs to file for visition. She left his name off birth certificate as well. Couldnt even afford the lawyer. I have alot friends/family here in ohio that have complained about the laws regarding fathers rights here in ohio
  4. Thank you for your reply. Yes its complicated situation, i wasnt aware of this child early in r.ship.,just his other kid from another state where his kids mom is playing games. He does love his boy more then anything. His mom likes to play games as well, and dragging him away to Iowa, (we live in Ohio btw) would be terrible idea for the childs well being and security, it is believed by all those involved that her reasons for wanting this is solely for selfish reasons. All the boys family and support system are here. My fiance tries to communicate with her about issues regarding child but she acts elusive, just says "he just needs his meds" while fiance pushing for child to have counseling as well. She never calls, boy always asking to call mom. She sees him every other weekend, im doing ALL the mom stuff. My fiance believes that him moving to wherever she goes will give her upper hand and ability to control,esp if its results in him losing me and having to move somewhere he knows will be detrimental to his profession/happiness. He is ticked by all this. Hopefully we can find legal help
  5. Im 40 yrs old, been with my fiance for about 8yrs now. He has 9yr boy that his mom has only allowed him to meet and visit with in this past year. She never did give reason from keeping him from his dad. He always paid child support. And stayed in touch with her. The boy was allowed to stay with us this past summer. (Mom and child out of state.) He had bad behavior issues and ADHD. When it was time for him to go home it only lasted 1 week and his mom called saying for us to come get him, cause she cant handle behavior anymore. So he now in school here and living with us. She gave my fiance temporary emergency custody so we can enroll him in school, go to docors,etc.. my fiance finally convinced his mom to move back here where we all live. (Our state is also her original birthplace where everyone lives.) But his boy was born in the other state. But now the mom is saying she wants the child back and wants to move back "home" she practically just got here. Now my fiance is planning to get legal advice to see his options if there any. Now with the legalaties aside, in the event she continues ahead with this move and he cant stop it, he is contomplaining moving there as well cause he wants to be near his boy. So my question is this; What should i do about this r.ship? The thought of him devastates me, been together 8yrs, built a life together. Im not in position to move out of state, and im very close to my mom who is gonna need me more as times go on. He doesnt even want to move there,but feels stuck. The reason this woman wants to move is that the boys grandmother(which is her mom) says she wants to go after her for grandparent visitation. I guess she says her mom is manipulative,etcc. She told us that the boy is NOT allowed to see her so we have to respect that
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