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  1. So the other day I was checking messages from her on Facebook and I see she was checking them too(when the camera icon pulses it means both users are in the chat screen). She didnt message me and neither did I. I found it interesting I caught her snooping around my Facebook again, I didnt think she would, now I see she does. It makes me feel good. I have a shared Pandora account and she made a playlist dubbed "In my feelings" with 2 sappy songs of regret. Also shes posting depressed memes as well. Im guessing shes realizing her mistakes. I hope she fixes herself for our son, but I still have hope for the future which sucks after all ive been through.
  2. Yeah i'm sure. Just getting into a habit of ignoring someone and not breaking is the tough part for me. I respond to everyone even people i'm not so fond of. You know treat others how you want to be treated type of deal. But I hope soon she disappears from my thoughts all together so it'll be a lot easier.
  3. Oh believe me, I keep everything like a horder lol. It ain't happening :)
  4. I just watched this video about bipolar and this guy's experience with his ex and 90% of his story is basically mine. It's scary how I relate to this. I've gotten arrested and abused. Games played and was called boring. Always flip flopping on every decision. She was bad with money and flirted with guys often during the end of our relationship.
  5. My anger only lasts from a few hours to a couple days. I'm not an angry person lol Yeah she is not right and doesn't want help most days and does others. I keep finding out new information about her, like after a month plus of dating she's going to moving in with her boyfriend. And she wants custody of our son, I will not allow that to happen. She's head over heals for this dude and he's not even her type and she is in a rebound relationship and is trying to subject our child to random guys. That ticked me off a lot. And yeah she messaged me late last night to tell me good news but I ignored her and going to keep it up. Only positive people and drama free people in my life. :)
  6. It's a learning experience. Trying to get all I can get out of a bad situation, so to lessen the chance of it happening again. And even though i'm saying i'm done with her yada yada yada, i'm still grieving and taking everything in. Every bit of drama i'm thinking why is she doing this? Trying to destroy me? Jealousy? etc... But every one of these situations is helping me resent her to the point of indifference. I'm a super positive person, optimistic and gives a million chances, but it seems every other day there is more drama and it gets old fast. Like today there was more drama with her mom and our son. I was really angry once again because our son shouldn't be in these situations. I'm nearing the point of being that ex who treats their ex like garbage because the other parent can't grow up and be a parent and are making endless bad decisions.
  7. That's a shame. over-privileged people need to catch a beat down if they disrespect a woman like that. I'm glad you're done with that! Well it makes things complicated and confusing when the dumper plays games and gets jealous. I get obsessive and need to know why people do the things they do. I research and watch videos and post on forums for answers that I won't get cause only the person knows. It's truly hell obsession over another persons actions. lol
  8. Wow even if that were true, why would a man you're dating say that! Yeah that would of been grounds too dump him. lol I didn't realize jealousy and emotions ran that deep in a dumper especially one that is told me we are never getting back together and still doesn't. I guess even when someone moves on they still want you if only slightly and that rears that ugly head we see when jealousy is involved.
  9. People are butt hurt by the most irrelevant things. My favorite is "If your man can't drive manual you're dating a woman" haha. I never thought my ex would be stalking my page since we aren't friends. And also the meme was true in his case, dude looks like a hobbit!
  10. Too late Blank!! He messaged me again today. My ex saw my facebook and I posted a random cause I thought it was funny. So my ex told her boyfriend it was about him. The meme said "Happiness is... Seeing your ex with someone uglier than you" I wasn't thinking anything of it when I posted it. I just thought It was funny. I also didn't think my ex would stalk my profile either. So he messages me saying i'm ugly and my ex said i'm horrible in bed and just bad mouthing me. I finally break and fight back and telling him i'm going to fight him and all that fun jazz. I don't normally give into this behavior but i'm sick of this drama. So I call my ex and ask her whats going on and she says she knows he messaged me and I shouldn't have been saying things about him. I told her I wasn't directing it towards anyone and I told her i'm done with her and all the drama and blocked her on FB. She made it clear she was done with me plenty of times and I need to give up on her. Having her look at it my profile then report to her boyfriend and then defend him against me really made me loose all respect and admiration i had left for her.
  11. Right after we ended the call I messaged her friend and double checked she wasnt spreading any rumors and she said she just talked to my ex. Im guessing she rushed to talk to her friend to cover her ass once again. Her friend said she said nothing and my ex changed her tune and told her it was just her mom. As I was talking to her friend she my ex messaged me saying she made a mistake and her friend wasnt telling her anything only her mom was. Then i told her dont worry im not pursuing you i remember you told me "we are never being in a relationship again" She messaged me saying "ok good lol. Im glad we agree" (I read the message and didnt reply) 3 hours later she messaged me again saying "just message me about our son and the girls(my kids) and thats it. (I read it and didnt respond) So I caught her playing games with both me and her boyfriend basically.
  12. So I caved and asked her to call me when she has a chance and she called right away. I asked her why her bf messaged me and she said he was nice about it and that she's been hearing a lot about me trying get back together with her from her mother and her friend that she lives with. She said she wanted to end those rumors about us getting back together, but that doesn't make any since. She didn't message me about the topic. She avoided the question that I asked her about why her boyfriend messaged me. She also said she didn't reply to my message that I sent her because she was busy and forgot. (that's a lie that she forgot) I told her mom 1 time that I want to pursue her again since she unblocked me and her mom told me she didn't tell anyone anything about it. Also I haven't even spoken to her friend about the subject ever. I told her I don't want anymore drama and that i'm not trying to get back with her. I said I haven't even been talking to you so how can I be doing that? She agreed that i'm not pursuing her and it makes no sense. Then she says she has to go, she seemed like she was rushing to get off the phone with me, like she was caught.
  13. That's too funny bro! So did you continue talking to her after that? Did they break up soon after or did you end up getting back with her?
  14. Haha Capttrae! That is nuts how that can happen. Most guys get insecure at some point until you learn its a toxic thing and to get over it. What did she invite you over for? How did the rest of the story go?
  15. Knight in shining armor ha! I was like that when we were in the relationship and she didn't ever want me to get involved with such situations. I might have left the bipolar part out I don't remember. But it's a big reason why we split up in the first place. She wasn't diagnosed and her mom has it. She wouldn't get checked out when she knew she had it. Now she's finally on meds but i read they can take 3 years to get the dose right. We've been split for over 2 months and at times it feels like we are still together with the drama that comes my way. This is about the 4th situation where I have gotten yoked into involving her and drama since the split. It truly is crazy!
  16. I honestly feel sorry for everyone involved especially my son. Even though she is getting help for her Bipolar and everything else she goes through it seems like shes always destructive and drama filled in someway. Why would someone do this? Does she want attention from multiple suitors but only on her terms?
  17. Oh I told the girl i'm seeing the truth. I don't lead people on, i'm too honest lol.
  18. Yeah, I feel that I know answers to my own questions but I also think i'm just coming up with paranoid conclusions at the same time lol. Well i'm sorta seeing someone but nothing official but my feelings for her are still too strong to commit to someone.
  19. Yeah i'm not trying to play games. That's why I told her to block me, I can contact my son through her mother like I always have. Even though I like the attention she was giving me, i'm not a fiddle.
  20. See I wish I had this natural ability to see when someones being manipulative. For the most part I see the best in someone and I know when somethings fishy but I just can't wrap my head around the reasons people do it. Thanks for the reply SweetGirl :)
  21. So I recently posted about my ex girlfriend unblocking me on Facebook a week ago and that I felt she was asking to video chat with me and using my son as an excuse to do so. She did this 3 times this past week. So last night around 1am I get a friend request from her new boyfriend of a little over a month. He Said stuff like "please don't contact her again unless it's about your son" and "you guys aren't getting back together" "she is happy in our relationship". I was weirded out because I don't contact her she's been contacting me. I kept it civil and told him I don't contact her and i'm not a home wrecker. So this morning I screenshot-ed the conversation and told my ex I don't want drama and if she needs to block me go for it. I obviously still want her back but i'm not pursuing her. Is she telling him about our encounters and he's getting intimidated? Any incite or previous experiences/stories about this topic would be appreciated.
  22. Yeah I havent been contacting her. Been talking to her mother regarding seeing him and video chatting him the everything. Thats why I was weirded out by her reaching out like this. Its out of the norm.
  23. Yes it is a mess, even messier than what the story tells. She was good while we were together she was with drugs. I was her support and helped distract her when cravings came. She was a good mother and showed it when she found out she was pregnant. She stopped for 2 years until now and she just snapped. So as long as she keeps with her program I don't see any issue with her seeing our son. She doesn't see my kids except the one time i mentioned and that was at her mothers house that I did that. Yes she is absolutely all of those things you mentioned but when shes straight, she is a good person. I'm not one to put my kids in danger nor do I give up on people I care for even when they are as messed up like shes been. Thanks for your reply, I thought I was going crazy thinking that. Cause even though I'm stable with this breakup, I still get weak when she talks to me. It's really involuntary. Feelings aren't very controllable lol.
  24. So I surprisingly didn't get any contact from her today regarding video chatting my son. I'm guessing she didn't see him today so she had no excuse to do so. I know I made a mistake in sending her a message last night and should just allow her to contact me first. Does any agree with my assessment that she unblocked me and is using my son to get attention from me? Also I don't know if she's stringing me along just for her own sake or maybe she misses me?
  25. I've been focusing on myself i lost 40lbs and feel great!! I finally found a new job, i applied to over 300 and nothing was sticking. I'm catching up on my bills and seeing my kids regularly. Yes i have 3 kids 1 with my current ex and 2 with my ex wife. I was keeping to myself and trying my best to not initiate contact. I've started seeing someone as well but not dating them just hanging out and sleeping together. I can't get over her which sucks. I'm emotionally stable for a while now except for the face this current situation where it seems like she is using my son to keep in contact with me. Yes I know her issues and everyone has told me to walk away, but the heart wants what it wants and i'm going to hold out hope still. I also will not get back with her while she isn't correcting her issues and I really don't want to keep in contact like she has been while she has this new boyfriend. I shouldn't have messaged her yesterday but the recent attention she's giving me has got me excited again. Also it's not supervised supervision but her mother doesn't want her taking our son to her apartment cause she let her friend and friends boyfriend move into the apartment and its a mess with all their stuff and isn't kid safe and her mother isn't going to allow her to take him to her new boyfriends house(he lives with his parents and is 24). It's always hard to deal with a loved one with a drug addiction and since i'm not one it's hard to think know what's going on in their mind.
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