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  1. I just want an opinion on what the next step is once you already have loving friendship. BTW it's with a guy. For something to then be "more solid" what does that mean?
  2. That's what I want defining. What does "more solid" mean.
  3. When you have a loving friendship with someone already, for it to then become something more solid what does that mean?
  4. I offered face to face in that moment, as I was speaking to him about something else and dropped it into conversation. I said "would you like a cup of coffee?" He's my neighbour so it was an invite into my place as well. But was declined. He is single and he's moving out in December, as was only renting next to me for 6 months.
  5. My theory is if you like someone, regardless of doing a 12 hour shift or even if it's inconvenient you would accept. Because your desire would be strong enough. We had only spoken a few times by then and I don't know maybe now he is interested and that's why he asked what I was doing the other day. But really after me making an open honest offer its his turn. I just came out and asked so he should be able to.
  6. I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee a few months back. He declined, he has just finished a 12 hour shift but to me that made me think okay don't bother. If I've missed out I've missed out. I'm okay with being single I've been okay for the past 6 years. Thanks for all your opinions and advice.
  7. He just asked me what I was doing that day he didn't say he wanted to hang out. It was just "what are you doing today."
  8. Last Sunday he asked me what I was doing that day. I was sorting things out for my mum's birthday the next day so said that. He then left the conversation as I had to head off. But it kind of seems like he wants to head in the direction of asking me out maybe? I don't ask guys out as prefer men to lead in that department.
  9. Because of the circumstances of how we would meet and his name. This guy is exactly that.
  10. Hi everyone I know everyone has differing opinions on psychics but I had a psychic reading that has been incredibly accurate. I don't want to go back to the psychic for clarification on this as it's not a major issue. There was something she said that confused me. She said there is a new love interest but it is up to me where I take it. Does this mean I need to ask the guy out (as I know who it is) or does it mean he will ask me out and then it's up to me if I agree to go out or see him etc... How would you read that yourself?
  11. Day 29 - can't believe I have got to this point !!
  12. Okay so I have decided to come on here less, but I still need to vent. I keep dreaming about you and have every night this last week and I wake up so tired. What the hell is that all about? I wonder what you think of before you sleep at night. I wonder what you are thinking now. Even though I know I need to take this road and I am as rocky as it is, but I will always think of you, because I have everyday for 6 years, I can't just switch it off, it's automatic!
  13. Day 17: Up down up down up down this is one scary rollercoaster!!
  14. I am so **** I spent any time on you. **** you right now!! ***er!
  15. Day 15: Still feels fresh in the mind, have done many things but nothing seems to override my thoughts of him. I wonder (as this is now a record for me which I am so pleased about!!!) does he think of me or wonder where the hell I am???
  16. Today I have had such an urge to contact you, more than any other time before. Right now though i know in my heart it's the wrong thing to do. If you cared if you loved me if you wanted me then you know where I am. You dumped me you made that choice so I don't have to do anything now
  17. I guess the realisation is kicking in, why did you do this to me why!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop crying now as I type this - why god why did you let this happen to me!!! I need your help more than ever now.
  18. 7 days since your last text and 14 since contact from me, I keep thinking maybe you will send me something else because you haven't got a response from me, but now I really don't think you will. I actually feel you are over me already and that makes me feel sick, the fact that I meant nothing. 6 years no matter what happened is a long time, can you just forget me like that just like someone you just met? Are you waiting for me now? is that why you don't send anything else? do you think I am playing a game this time? I still hope that when realisation sets in that I have gone this time that it would at least mean something to you. I want you to realise you made a mistake and that you were wrong and that you do love me, do want me but just got angry and couldn't deal with things the way they were, and you just needed space to breathe and to realise yourself - that will stay in the back of my mind for months no doubt, I don't think hope ever dies. But for now I move on . . .
  19. Day 14: Wake up you are the first thing on my mind, check the phone have you called/text, no, start thinking about the fact you are finding this easy and I really mean nothing, get an urge to contact him, stop myself, get depressed, get up, make tea think about what to do today, get anxious, get real, come on here. You never leave my head and it is tiring.
  20. NC for me: She will be expecting a text from you on her birthday, don't send one, trust me on this that is the one day she will expect to hear and when she doesn't it will make her think and she will send you something a few days later. I know because that has happened in the past in my experience.
  21. Back to you - so she dumped you, said she didn't love you, didn't want you, dated other guys but wanted to be friends with you which you did for a time, then when you went NC she came back to reconcile. Is that recent?
  22. I really feel in my heart that you don't think of me for one second, 6 years and I know that you are probably glad I have gone, finally. It's been 2 weeks and I guess you are settling into your relationship with her and loving it. I was so good to you and you even knew that but it wasn't enough. NC won't bring you back because you don't want to come back, if you did you would have sent another text since the one 6 days ago, you would be making an effort, you would be here with me instead of her. I don't know all the facts they are just assumptions right now. But I don't know this time it just feels different. Maybe it's me that's changed and not you. Maybe I am accepting this even though I still want you to contact me. I feel so vulnerable right now, I feel safe in my house or if I am with other people, but alone outside I can't do that yet, I will try tomorrow though. I think the biggest thing I feel is disappointment, that after all this time I meant nothing to you.
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