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  1. You are old enough to do what you want. What if he just doesn't believe in marriage, and he never really wants to get married? One caution, you haven't found these same qualities in a man your age because you are 25, and you could date some more. Would you be happier if he were 25?
  2. I will check out Dualingo. My best friend here where I live was born in Italy, and there is a club that meets and speaks Italian to keep their language skills. I subscribed to Rosetta Stone, also. I like the mobile apps.
  3. I took three years of French in college, and I was the secretary of our French language club. My grandparents from Italy never learned English very well, and they and my father spoke Italian in the home. Until I was 16, I could somewhat understand it, barely speak it. I don't know if a formal continuing education class would be the fastest way. I visited Italy once, and they wanted to practice their English.
  4. Rosetta Stone? Any other ideas besides actually going to Italy to learn the language fluently. I have a group here locally that speaks it fluently, and I want to learn. My grandparents were born in Italy and spoke the language.
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