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  1. Day 8 NC You know what I feel? For a while, I thought I was the victim of this break-up. After a second thought I realized that eventually you are going to be the big loser. And soon you will realize the big mistake of your lifetime. Maybe someone else will teach your the lession, surely you will get there. But eitherway, if you do not come back on your knees crying, begging and pleading to make-up, I am not even going to consider your request. (unless someone on this post convince me otherwise . "the opportunity of lifetime should be taken in the lifetime of the opportunity"
  2. Day 7 NC, 15 days after break-up Sometimes feeling hot, Sometimes feeling cold... What's the point of pretending to go on normally in life if not sharing the moments with the one that you loved most? What is the meaning of success if you are alone at the top? Why forget the nice moments that we perfectly shared? Why kill our live emotions to save a lifeless life? She was the perfect for the imperfect... Ok NC is the best way to go... I know it is not about getting them back...but why give up easily? Why can't we think outside the NC box?
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