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  1. EACH and EVERY one of these comments are EXCEPTIONALLY helpful and EXACTLY what I needed to hear... Sometimes you just gotta say it out loud.
  2. Ok so it's been almost 9 years since I came on here, it just popped in my head.. enotalone! SO I've been with my bf for a year now, and we are still getting to know eachother's quirks and feeling each other out since we were doing long distance for most of our relationship. The issue I'm having is that, he is a great, warm, loving boyfriend, sweet and sings to me and is silly. He is such a genuinely good person, and I feel like the lucky one. But he is also a super laid back football player type that will kiss me in public but I have to initiate it usually. I always seem to interpret his l
  3. Girl you need a vacation! When I let my thoughts get so dark like that it's almost like a downhill spiral.. Every day you have to put one foot in front of the other! Try, and see the beauty all around you. Be patient, some days will be hard but always know there is tomorrow. And find your inner spirit and be grounded so nobody can affect u like this person is affecting u. Confide in somebody around u they may be more help than u know.
  4. update: Yes I literally was SO overreacting!!! It;s so funny to think I was so Naive... Hahah
  5. so a few years later i would like to update everyone involved n the convo ( very appreciated)... We broke up after 4 years................. The separatism was our demise ultimately. He started a business from home, we bought a puppy, I worked full time, payed my half, but then also was STILL driving around in a POS while he bought YET AOTHER truck, I would come home from work pick up all the dog poop.pee all over the house (he was home all day ), cook dinner (THAT I BOUGHT) then do it all over again.... It took me a few years but to be honest I realized how lucky HE WAS. I have an amazing guy
  6. ok... Maybe i am overreacting.. thats what he said too... k thanks
  7. I dont wanna find out 10 years down the road that im with a sick perverted guy...
  8. So Iv been with my bf for almost 2 years and we love eachother very much and have a great sex life (i think) and im 22 and hes 25 and I always thought he wasnt a porn watching type of guy. He goes to the strippers with friends, and iv gone with him a bunch of times and its no big deal. But I found a porno in the drawer while doing laundry and I freaked out and was crying and shaking thinking the worst. It wasnt just a porno but it was an anal porn and it was really raunchy like disgusting and i was so scared... i called him at work and i was like WHAT THE F&^(& is this!?!?! and he was
  9. Thank you for the first remote helpful thing anyone has said so far haha.. Ya I agree that it's not my problem but * * * *
  10. Well I guess it's just tricky not knowing the entire back round and all.... but the thing is she's talking to me as though I have an answer or something.... Saying she broke up with him now because she "Can't date someone who want's to %$#@ my friend.".... I have told her to give the guy a break, he didn't think it was a big deal saying it... and that she's blowing it out of proportion.. but at the same time feeling for her because insecurity and having those types of feelings are the worst and they just eat at you even though you tell yourself your being silly.... I guess I would just like so
  11. I didn't come on a website and ask this question only to be asked the same question IM ASKING YOU GUYS
  12. I have a predicament that is completely out of my control. This may sound like im into myself or something but my best friend has a bf whom she is awaiting his arrival. He is in another country travelling and they plan on being together here when he gets back in a bit... The problem is I guess he said to her that he thought I am hot, and has said comments to her about my "hot body" which she feels reaaaaly insecure about, and she cant get over that he said it. She keeps bringing it up to him getting mad all over again for it... And now she's saying to me: "I don't want to resent you but i do".
  13. I am saving what I can, and it is for a house, it comes automatically from my account into a savings account. These things i have expressed were merely nano-thoughts... I do appreciate the advice (from the polite ppl i mean)
  14. Yes it is helping me out, i'm definitely not attesting to that. I originally moved in to help him because he lost his licence and needed me to drive him to work and back every day (115 kms, or 70 miles) for 3 months I worked until 3am, by the time I got home and to bed it was 4:30am and up at 6 to drive for an hour and a half then quickly have a nap go pick him up and drop him off and go straight to work again... So because I moved in for that reason I never paid rent nor did he expect me to.. shortly after that I started school and he doesn't expect me to... I buy all the groceries for the mo
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