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  1. Hi. I need an advice about what should I do in my relationship. I have been seeing my guy since the beginning of June this year. He was intelligent, romantic and in to me and I we fall for each other easily (by the 2nd week I already told him that I love him and he replied it back). Problem is the more we spend time together the more I realize that he has an anger issue. He can snap easily and when he is angry he can say really hurtful things. He apologizes later and he did say that he has a problem with that and he might go to a Buddha center to get the hang of his anger issue but he haven
  2. Technically, you broke up, so you are your own man now, go for it. Download any gay hookup app (they are called gay dating apps but who we are kidding) Grindr, Growler, Scruff, Hornet, Planetromeo, you name it. There are at least 20 descent apps out there for grabs. Just make sure to have an active email account for registration. Upload 1 sexy photo or 2 and mention that you are looking for NSA. Play and stay safe.
  3. You are in conflict between having the comfort of the familiar or grabbing the exciting known there. I feel for you, leaving the one you love the most is heartbreaking, actually this word is an understatement to the feeling you could have, I feel even already you are breaking with here bit-by-bit without truly announcing it; "and it's putting me into a kind of depression I can't get myself out of" , "I cry myself to sleep most nights" As someone who had experience being overshadowed by the personality of a loved one, I tell you that getting out there and experiencing the world is not a ba
  4. Then he has to choose between you or his family. I don't see other compromise, unless his family accept him and you with him.
  5. You have to communicate with him about his own feelings, because what he is saying is contradictory; him not inviting you to meet his parents but at the same time wanting you to has dad as an agent. If he has difficulty communicating what he wants to you or people relative to him, it is not a deal breaker but you have to be clear about what you want from him. Obviously, you have to address him introducing you to his parents and this talk should had been done earlier or while you are talking about the engagement. Basically, talk to each other.
  6. I am an adventurous person, so my advice to you is to go and try to get in touch with some lesbians around you, even via chat if they are far (I don't think this is a betrayal to your relationship) and if it comes to it, you might even try to sleep with a women who finds you attractive and vise versa. This can be considered gray area (for me), if your bf is an open minded person and not the jealous type, you can discuss with him, prior, the importance of having this experience with a lady. If he is not, you might try it 1st without telling him and if the sex there is way better than doing it w
  7. Actually, I am planning to do that soon. Maybe in a week or 2. I just want to have the right moment for it. I know that he is gonna be very happy and that will make me happy and strong for him but only time will tell if we are meant to be. I feel we are meant to be. Definitely, a good advice to occupy myself. Although, I am lazy in general, I won't mind gym with a buddy. I like indoors more but I am a person who can entertain himself easily. Thanks
  8. You might be true, we might not be compatible somehow but nobody said that relationships are easy. I respect and love being in a relationship and I don't mind taking some of the heartbreak that comes with it. I also tried monogamy before him and it suited me. I am also with the idea that if you find someone nice, good and honest, you should exhaust your options with him first before you decide to quit or search for better. I still have great hope to be with him and for that I am staying. The thing is, my heart wants to trust him enough so I feel that no matter what I have, he is always gonna
  9. It's hard to open an honest and easy going dialog with your ex about there feeling towards you, otherwise they wouldn't had been an ex in the 1st place if that was possible. However, I'm with romantic and pro-happy endings. I hope that the kiss meant something more and not just a moment of weakness or sexual frustration. I guess, only time will tell. Maybe you can check with her about it after a week or so, or let a mutual friend between you too ask about the kiss and what it meant. Best of luck
  10. One of the simple rules you can follow in life is: "If you don't understand.. ask". Why you don't try to have a meaningful discussion with him about this. Before you set down with him, try to have an open mind and agree on any explanation or decision he might reach with you. Ask him honestly and openly, without judgement, the change of his behavior form liking or wanting to be intimate with you physically to not feeling that way. Is he feeling peer pressure from some straight friends that might not accept what he is doing with you? Is he feeling ashamed about sexual acts for religious reasons?
  11. Hi there. 31 now and been in 4 relationships since I started dating men on the age of 23. My current one is a year and 4 months and the one before that lasted 4 years. The gap between the two relationships was 2 months. I can describe my current boyfriend as a wonderful man (27 and I am his 1st love and 1st relationship). He loves me a lot and his dedication to me from the start, got me attached to him quickly. We moved in together 5 months into the relationship and I adore him a lot until the point that I can't imagine living without him. However, there is a problem that keep popping its
  12. That is awful victoria. I can't imagine the day where my laptop is deleting my files and shutting itself up for good, but good for u, u got a new one. I strongly recommend u to install a total security program (antivirus + internet security) first thing when u starting using ur PC/laptop. Mine is Bitdefender Windows Security, I've been using it for 3 years now (of course with new installation each year) link removed Enjoy ur new PC
  13. Sounds like he is going through a deep depression that might need medical help. U have to check if he is routine and work life changed drastically as his relationship with u. Do u have both mutual friends? Did u try make them check on him? Did he even continuing having the same circle of friends or changed it or does he contact anyone at all? From ur part, u done normal any loving gf would do towards him and it seems that u still care for him deeply but I think if u think that the relationship or the person is worthy u can ask professional advice from a consultant or a therapist and might e
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