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  1. suspended my facebook account, told my mates on their they can contact me by phone! feels good. i havnt got much to do at the moment, so keeping busy is hard, but it allows me to think alot! and i gotta say, the love i have for you amazes me! i have never been this tormented, and when things have settled down how ever they turn out, i will have some great memories and feelings for you that i wont ever forget


    Good for you brother...I for one am proud of you.

  2. im starting to get angry with my self now! im making my self worse, iv got some work to do on the computer and i KEEP going on her fb and twitter, even though i cant see what shes putting and its annoying me, i see that her friend count has gone up, and for some silly reason that annoys me, i cant see her tweets but i can see ones replied to them, and they make me angry, there from what i can tell about hot men shes spotted! GRRRRRRRRR! im off out find something else to occupy my time. so pathetic, i need to show some self control


    Dude you HAVE to delete facebook if necessary.

    Trust me...do it.

  3. I went on a date with another girl today too. I didn't really feel it with her, probably because its too soon, but it feels good to be at least out meeting people. My social network really shrank when I was in a relationship.


    Been there and done that.

    You probably won't "feel" it for awhile......but someday you will.

  4. I have gone through the same - Though I am not the strongest person to advice on NC but I managed to be on NC for more than 1.5 months - Best way is to accept the present situation and not to think of the future because nobody knows what is there in the future - Pain is because you dont accept the present situation and try to derive your future out of it - And dont think about it much and try to get yourself involved in some activities - I hope it helps - Best of luck


    I am so proud of you harsh284.

  5. It may be day 1...it may be day 50......sometimes I can't tell......but it feels like day 10,000


    We both know we have to do this, and we know the promises we have made


    but at the end of this day.......


    I miss my best friend



    "with an old suitcase I swear I'll leave this place,

    I'll get you back in time

    can't drink you off my mind

    so I'll see you when I'm sober "

  6. Day 11 NC


    Never thought I'd make it this far. Pictures of him in Florida on Spring Break are starting to show up on Facebook. Can't avoid them even though I defriended him. At first I was upset... But that didn't last. My roommate and I actually had a good laugh about them because he looks so childish and unattractive in all of them. Progress? I think so. I did contact the guy my ex took with him to Florida and told him to make his Spring Break photo album unavailable to me or I would have to delete him. Doing everything I can to look out for myself...


    Protect yourself at all times!

  7. Wow you seem very mature for someone your age. I am impressed.

    You know there are about a thousand "things" it could be.

    And really at the end of the day it truly does not matter.

    The bottom line is take care of yourself no matter what.

    You have to do what is best for you. Best meaning healthiest for your mental and emotional well being.

    But as I said previously, I sense that you will be okay.

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