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  1. Good for you brother...I for one am proud of you.
  2. Dude you HAVE to delete facebook if necessary. Trust me...do it.
  3. Contrary to most advice.....I would continue to do what you are doing. Light contact, with doses of NC. Respond in kind ....but just enough....meanwhile continue to better yourself, for yourself. And continue on with your life.
  4. Been there and done that. You probably won't "feel" it for awhile......but someday you will.
  5. I agree with sgt pepper...... And from my own personal experience, I cannot stress this enough. While the time is important...it is what you do with that time that make all the difference in the world.
  6. It may be day 1...it may be day 50......sometimes I can't tell......but it feels like day 10,000 We both know we have to do this, and we know the promises we have made but at the end of this day....... I miss my best friend "with an old suitcase I swear I'll leave this place, I'll get you back in time can't drink you off my mind so I'll see you when I'm sober "
  7. Wow you seem very mature for someone your age. I am impressed. You know there are about a thousand "things" it could be. And really at the end of the day it truly does not matter. The bottom line is take care of yourself no matter what. You have to do what is best for you. Best meaning healthiest for your mental and emotional well being. But as I said previously, I sense that you will be okay.
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