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  1. So more of a backstory... It was him that wanted more than friendship initially, I did like him a lot but I bottled it. A couple days before I left I admitted that I had feelings too. It was a month long vacation and we don't live too terribly far from one another but there is an international border and there's no telling when it will be possible to get together. We have been talking and texting every day. So now I guess we should just continue as friends, it was only a kiss after all... 😞
  2. I spent a month getting to know someone, friendship grew into romance but it wasn't until the last days that we even kissed. I left, went home and now I won't have a chance to see him again for months. What do I do?? Go on with my life? Do we keep in touch? Should I expect that we have already started a relationship? Am I going to ruin this before it starts???!!!! HELP!!
  3. This is what the narcissist does and you are right to talk about it and you know what needs to be done but the narcissist still has a hold on you. That's what they do. You have to make a clean break and be clear of all the control and manipulation, stop second guessing yourself, listen to your gut and get away from that person. Work with your therapist on your insecurities and just trust your intuition in your next relationship, don't give the narcissist what they want...control. Best of luck
  4. I have found all of the advice here incredibly helpful...even the stuff that was hard to admit. One last question. Since I left things on a good note with him, I never said one word in anger and he asked me not to disappear from his life. He actually sent a message saying that he hoped time would bring us together again. I still feel disgusted and I want to delete him from all social media. I think any further communication with him will be toxic for me. Is that childish?
  5. Certainly is a blessing in disguise. I'm not wasting time any more time on this idiot man-child.
  6. I have been to 3 different cities in 2 weeks and not had to quarantine
  7. Damn right. And thoughtless ...unless he just subconsciously wanted to remind me that he did as he pleases and answers to no one.
  8. I saw that answer in your signature ... "Ignoring red flags because you want to see the good in people ..." ... And I'm not perfect either. I also didn't say anything about dating him, I asked if leaving was the right thing to do. I could have finished off the week and then choose to never see him again.
  9. We did not meet online, just to clarify. I never said we did. I appreciate the advice I get here but please at least read the post ... We met the old fashioned way and there we sparks.
  10. I'm a grown woman, I pay my own way. We met a few months ago, 3 to be exact. We spent 2 days together when we met, then 5 days at another time and then this time. He was always so sweet, kind and generous. That's why I don't get why he could be so thoughtless and disrespectful this time. Is it normal to let someone get the bad behavior out of their system until they realize they have a keeper and they get their act together?? I'm not perfect I've made mistakes.
  11. Thanks for your advice, you are all right that he was honest and up front and I ignored the warnings. H Here's what I think: He invited me, I paid my flight and all expenses, he could AT LEAST take the time to clean up his goddamn condom wrappers. I spent good money getting there I don't think that's too much to ask. Rookie mistake and a HUGE slap in the face. I'm angry but I left with my dignity intact. As for speaking to him again...I haven't decided. He's been in touch to find out if I'm alright but I can't even talk I'm too mad. I not even able to return home yet and I have to couch surf for a week. Not a situation I like being in. And after all that I still want to spare him the guilt trip, I left things on a good note but inside I'm raging and humiliated.
  12. Yes, I was very calm and I said he did nothing wrong, I just couldn't stay.
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