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  1. Hey, whats up. I just came accross one of our pics. We were both smiling. I don't remember taking this pic, but it looks as if we were having a good time. But anyways, Remember i tickets to go see your favorite singer? actually two weeks before we broke up. Well they just came in the mail! I'm debating if i should give them away? or just take some one else or maybe mail them to you???? huuuhh!!! I'm not too sure about that yet. but I'm going to sleep on it. But I miss you, have a good night.
  2. I was doing good all week, now I feel like I am hitting rock bottom. But I will stay strong. Not going to contact you. I just wish I could let you know how much I miss and love you.
  3. Today is day 9 NC. I have not been tempted to call yet. I took my FB down so you wouldn't keep tabs on me but I can't lie I just peeped at your fb profile through a mutual friend. your status said "confused" I wonder why? I am just as confused babe. I want you but we have so many unresolved issues, this is our second major break up!!!! something musty be wrong. Though i can call it a mutual break up, I suggested we part ways because you were getting distant and you agreed. So maybe for now it was the best thing to do. But I am open for a discussing see where we can take things. I miss you.
  4. Today is Day 4 NC for me and I accept this challenge to help stick it out. I haven't been tempted to contact her yet.I went through this already and knows how much of a pain that causes. But I do miss her a lot. I keep busy with work and flirt around ( not sure if that's a good thing but it's keeping me up) 26 more days to go!!! stay strong all
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