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  1. What? I didn't get married til I was 32. Still married a mean person. Married for 20 years. Now I'm 66. Try dating in your 60's....and you will realize that 30's was a breeze!
  2. OK.....right when things get interesting.....ND40 disappears. I always think it's when he's in a relationship and it's going good!!!! lol
  3. Good for you! ALL the boxes don't have to tick. You enjoy her company....she enjoys yours! Can't get any better than that!!!
  4. CRAP! calland make an actual DATE...that way she'll have to say yes or no. Sometimes I get busy...think I'll answer later...and then later never happens. Especially when it's a new thing.....
  5. This has really nothing to do with the OP....but i read the whole thread and was wondering why a 'doll' was worse than watching porn....fantasizing you are with the porn star and jacking off.....or with a doll and fantasizing who knows what. Either one is a fantasy in his head. I don't find a doll any worse than a real live person on screen. I'm thinking he's locking 'her' up so the kids don't accidently find her. You have lots of issues....but I don't find a life size doll to be the biggest. Have you ever known him to 'use' her yet??? Maybe she's just a 'crush' and he'll get tired of her. Also like was said, could use her in some role playing. Maybe he wants to be 'dominate'....and the doll is submissive. Who knows...I just don't find it that big of a deal.....
  6. awwww....I haven't had that for so long! Does feel good tho….
  7. After the fiancé dumped me for another woman....back in 2010....what brought me here, I was a HOT MESS too! And before. After a mental health nurse (friend) mention Borderline Personality Disorder, I read up on it. Had never heard of it. Spectrum illness. Emotions go from really up.....and crash at the drop of a hat. I went to a Dr. cuz I didn't want to say I had BPD, if I didn't. He told me he 'didn't have time for "somebody like me", and shoo'd me out of his office". I was crying. Said i'd been messed up since 7th grade. Don't know how he pulled that number out of his head. The whole time I talked to him, he sat with his feet up on the desk. It took me 4 months to get into him. A psychiatrist. I was going to try another doctor, but I was fighting depression at the same time. So.... So....not all Dr.s have the answer. And not all counselors are good at what they do. Just throwing that out there....Read up on it and see if anything sinks in. Russia had been thinking of changing the name Borderline Personality disorder, to deregulation of emotions. Emotions all over the place.
  8. I'm sorry about your mental health and ongoing issues with hubby. I can't help you with any of that....but has anyone talked to you about Restless Leg Syndrome. I remember my mom laying in bed bouncing her legs up and down. Then my twin brother had it....so it doesn't just affect old people. I have it when I do a lot of sitting. Unless you have it, you can't describe it. I always said it feels like your legs need exercise. I sometime just stomp them on the floor, move them up and down, rub. But I think it help to get up and WALK. It's more irritating than anything. But look it up. I think there is medication for it, but mine has never been so bad I needed to take a pill. But that might help with one issue. And walking...even if it's just around the house, will make you feel a tad better. (going off anti-depressants is never a good thing. I heard people just have a BAD REACTION to it.) Hold off on baby.
  9. My sis met her husband on eHarmony 10 years ago. Her time was just running out....he was just getting on. I tried during a free week or something. NOTHING. My sis is 6.5 years younger than me. Her hubs is my age. My twin bro met a woman on Match. He was almost 60, she was 33 with young children. When I got on eHarmony I didn't WANT a man 10 years older than me. You couldn't pick an age group. Plus, there was no one around me. I think eHarmony is about dead....
  10. Hi Cynders!!! I was looking at the forum, and noticing all the people i use to read, not on anymore. (I only comment) and i saw your name. I thought....surely NOT! But it was. Will look at your painting....but because I"M NOSEY....what's going on in your life? Romantically??? Anything???
  11. I was always told....the min. you stop looking, is the day someone will walk into your life! Hasn't happened to me...yet. But you are in such a good place, and once you move into your house, and fixing it up, you won't have time to dwell on your love life. Then after this pandemic is over, you are settled, you can head on out!!!!! Good Luck.....So happy for you!
  12. lol....exactly what Seraphim said. If i like someone....they can text the crap out of me. If im not that into them....why are they bothering me??? This 'woman' sounds as if she's 13!!!
  13. LOL...i didn't know that you weren't suppose to text again, if the person hadn't answered. I'm a long winded person, in writing, and verbage! lol. Sometimes I'll text a bunch....send....then remember something else I wanted to say. Or....when I had an actually bf, Anytime during the day, if I thought of something I wanted to tell him...I just told him. By text. I didn't expect a reply right away. That's why I like text, they can respond anytime they want. Even if I've sent 3 texts...not of course saying...hey, what's up....why aren't you responding!??? I have a feeling your new friend was excited about your virtual chat, and probably doesn't get a lot of opportunities to meet people. She's not busy online gaming...just sitting home with dear old dad. So....if her texting style drives you nuts now, it will really drive you nuts as time goes on. I would just tell her, I'm not on my phone all the time, and I prefer only short texts. And see what she does. She's asking all these questions, because that is what you are 'told' to do....ask questions to let them know you are interested. I would say, ya know, I really liked our chat, but I like things to evolve a little slower. Good luck......oh. I was on a pof site...(see??? another text) and I wrote a bunch to a guy who wrote to me first. He then responded...I think you talk to much for me! ugh.
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