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  1. GET OUT NOW! This little boy does not value you or your relationship. He is using you! Too busy playing video games 18 hours a day!??! WTH! Sounds like a lazy person who needs to be put up on the ex-boyfriend shelf and forgotten about except when using this relationship to show yourself what you DON'T want. No one should EVER lay a hand on you! PERIOD! No real man would ever push or manhandle his woman unless she wants that in bed! lol only kidding! GET OUT NOW! He sounds dangerous and selfish!
  2. Talk about disrespect! She not only cheated on you she did it in your apartment in your bed! I would RUN and don't look BACK!! Dump her butt on the curb like the rest of the trash!
  3. I have two words of advice for you: Get OUT and leave him now!
  4. SAD so damn SAD! I don't know what else to say. My condolences go out to his family and friends. What a terrible tragedy this is.
  5. Well that answers my question. Thank you! I recommend you see your lawyer before you confront him about this habit of his.
  6. One quick question for you. How do you know all these numbers are for escorts? I mean you called each and everyone and discussed numbers for sex sessions or did you call them and ask them for their line of work? How do you know for sure these phone numbers are escorts?
  7. Thanks Scout! I figured I would give a man's point of view here. Whether or not she takes it is her decision. Shau_nee tell him you don't want to do this with him. Tell him how you feel about the jealousy and all. If he cannot take that NO as the answer then you know he is not with you for the right reasons and you need to leave him quickly.
  8. I have never said that. I said that if you say no then she should respect that decision. If he keeps going on and on about it then he is not with you for the same reasons your with him.
  9. If you are not comfortable with doing a three way fling then DON'T DO IT! It is that easy and if you tell you bf that you are NOT comfortable doing it that should be the end of the discussion. If he keeps going on and on about doing it then he is not there to be with you he is trying to fulfill a fantasy. If that is true then you need to show him the curb and leave his butt! If he loved you and asked you to do this. Then you said no that should be the end of that talk. PERIOD!
  10. WOW I know how I would react but, not every guy is like me. I would be totally turned on and you would have gotten my attention. I would be asking all kinds of questions as to try and put a mental picture in my head as to what that would look like if I were there. Sorry guys are visual creatures and we cannot help it.
  11. Well see this is where I am confused myself. I mean I have like everyone else here had some bad relationships. This test would not cause me to leave a good one just because it said she might cheat because of this MHC gene says she would be inclined to. People have minds that are able to discern right from wrong. Yet cheating happens everyday and I don't know if I would take the test. I have NEVER cheated on anyone in my life but, what if this test said I would??? I guess this is why I posted this article because it MADE me think!
  12. I agree with Puppeteer on this one too. You have to right to know what she is doing behind your back. Plus what if she brought home a STD from her promiscuous behavior? I would be mad to have to stoop so low but, relieved that I know the truth.
  13. Hey everyone. I wanted to post this article up here for everyone to read then maybe have a discussion about it. I read this and was blown away by the possibilities of what a test like this could do. What is your opinions? Would you take a test like this if it were a proven method? link removed
  14. Hmmm I think Lunatic is asking if there is a way to let her down but, retain the friendship.
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