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  1. David Gaider - Dragon Age: Asunder. My present icon is in relation to the novel. Tears to come.
  2. Was a fan of the Walking Dead before the TV show and have my books autographed by Kirkman... I hate the show so much.
  3. 5th Wave is freakin awesome. Divergent gets better in the second... But the third crashes hard.
  4. I thought you might be interested... Timothy Zahn is doing an "online panel" off on Reddit ("Ask Me Anything" sub forum) on July 9 at 6 pm est. You post a question and he answers. Here's a link: link removed Malala's book was really, really insightful, powerful, and incredible. I have a new perception about Islam culture, Pakistan, and the Middle Eastern world that is not so negative thanks to her breaking some cultural barriers by sharing her perspectives. I highly, highly everyone reads her memoir. This should be a required reading in schools. image removed I just started this. It is about a boy with severe autism who communicates through scripting Disney movie lines. I recommend this by a colleague and plan to share it among my classmates/professors.
  5. image removed This was just from the prologue and it gave me chills. The first page really sucked me in. Everyone needs to read this book. There's a reason this young lady was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
  6. Finished two books last week: The Fault in Our Stars and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I was bored with The Fault in Our Stars from the beginning and the middle, but the ending made it better. Augustus seemed too superficial. I know this is suppose to be a novel targeted for a teen audience... But the writing style just did not appeal to my reading level at all. I may see this novel in theaters next weekend.. I may not. I will wait until what fan reviews say. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children had a better writing style compared to Fault, and the creepy photos made it appealing. The storytelling however... It was good in the beginning, but the ending was a major letdown. The protagonist doesn't appear to have an awesome peculiar ability like the others did and I still can't get over how the love interest is after the grandson of her former boyfriend (there is time traveling involved between present time and 1940s Britain during WWII, but it's still creepy). Plus there wasn't enough action. However, it's only the first book of the series and I decided to give the author another shot based on GoodRead Reviews of his second sequel: image removed I am already more than halfway finished and enjoy this more. The writer must of re-evaluated his previous work and found a better direction to go with the story. It took him two years into work it all out and I'm glad he did because his writing improved. He's a new author and has a good potential direction to go with this series. Much more action from all the peculiar children and it is so much better than the first book. Highly recommend. I getting "book depression" over it bending soon and having to wait a couple more years for the third book to come. Fun Fact About Peculiar Children: it will be coming out to theaters July 2015 and Tim Burton is said to direct the project. They could not have picked a better director to do this type of story than him and I am super excited he agreed to do it. It's going to be an amazing movie under his supervison.
  7. I strongly prefer science fiction and fantasy. Being heavily involved in these communities where I got to meet authors and the fans made me realize that people belonging in them are one of the most creative and intelligent people I have met. Many of which who are not afraid to stand to their future and do something about it. They make the world a less dull place just by providing their insight. These communities have people who are both dreamers and realists who seek innovation. They are able to simply reflect the future strategically, our current progress in society and even demonstrate human capabilities. The science fiction and fantasy communities have helped me gain a in-depth perspective on humanity as well as a sense of enjoyment to learn about ourselves than what a non-fiction or fiction text can ever provide. I also favor young adult series and do not believe they are kids novels. Harry Potter wasn't just marketed for children, and neither was Lord of the Rings or Enders Game. To quote Cassandra Clare: The only time I will read a non-fiction or fiction novel is of they provide me a window to a different culture. One of the books I plan to read over the summer is a recent book published by Malala, a girl who comes from a nation where women are treated worse than second-class citizens and bravely stood up against the Taliban for the sake of receiving an education to empower her future. I have high respect for authors who are able to get and move forward while emphasizing the importance to readers that the future should always be a consideration and your own actions and capabilities determine its outcomes.
  8. image removed Ransom Rigg, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Awesome book so far! I like to think of it as the chick version of The X-Men, though it's not. I was convinced to read it after following an artist online who has released a graphic novel version (she's also done artwork for Mortal Instruments). DUDE! I met him in person and his work is amazing!
  9. How very christian of them to make these accusations. /sarcasm My dad (Catholic) married my mother (Protestant). There was no opposition from my dad's side, but there was from my mother's side. The resentment grew stronger when my mother converted to Catholicism. It's interesting how my parents stayed together while all of my mom's siblings are divorced. Going back to your situation... if this man truly loved you, he wouldn't have broken up with you because of what his mother told him. I think you need to move forward and find a man who will accept your values and back you when his parents are adversarial toward your relationship.
  10. I'm so happy you asked! If you like reading about social issues, then this novel is right up your alley. Without spoiling it... It's about a 16 year old girl who is a cancer patient and her parents place her in a support group. While attending the group, she meets and falls in love with a young man (17) who is an ex basketball with an amputation. It is kind of "chick flicky" but the writing is extraordinary! A couple high school students I've taught this year have got me into reading the book (just like they have with Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices and The Hunger Games). I am very surprised how far I am into it since I am not a fan of romance genres. There is a movie coming out based on the book this year and it looks very promising: ]
  11. One word: WOW. I prefer sci-FI/fantasy genres, but this book is worth everyone's chance.
  12. I'm on the fence with this one. Some of the behavior is about the dog "being a dog" like the begging... but there is lack of training that it is becoming a domestic problem. This is why it is important to train your dog an enter/exit procedure. You and your boyfriend have to be in control of your dog at all times and your dog must acknowledge that he is NOT in charge. If you don't want your dog to bolt out the door, you teach him a "wait" command with a leash. The leash signifies the dog that it's time for him to go outside. It took me 30 mins to practice this procedure with my dog. My dog rarely bolts out because he will know he will be corrected if he doesn't obey my "Wait" signal. I don't accept jumping behavior from my dog and this is also a training issue. This is a problem because if I have guests, some DO NOT want a dog jumping up to sit with them on the furniture OR on them with his tiny sharp puppy claws. You can try to enforce this boundary, but your boyfriend has to follow through it. Dogs are excellent judges when it comes to picking up voice tone, but you have to OBSERVE the dog's energy level. "Babyish" talk is an excitement tone- if the dog is already rowdy, you are encouraging the dog to be excited and entices him to be jumpy. The dog can still be trained at any age, but it is a lot of work. Dog training must be consistent with both you and your boyfriend, otherwise it's a waste. I don't think you can make this consistent because your boyfriend is sneaking around and encouraging bad behavior.
  13. Finished link removed by Veronica Roth. Second book of the Divergent trilogy... FUN story, never a dull moment. I could not put this book down and actually got agitated whenever I had to. Highly recommend this and the first book even though it is young adult. Roth is an amazing suspense writer that keeps readers on their toes. Her last book, Allegiant, releases in 2 months. The Graveyard Book is awesome. Highly recommend. Neil Gaiman is boss. I've read 4 parts of the Magnus Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare... it's starting to pick up. My book club is starting link removed
  14. Ok, wow. This speaks major volumes of how he feels about his relationship with you. He feels ZERO commitment for you. If you want a committed relationship, this isn't a good guy to stick with. My vote on dumping him for sure since he is unwilling to establish boundaries with his family or even arrange to meet with your family and vice versa.
  15. As much as I LOVE Hunger Games, it is nothing compared to the Divergent series. It has a LOT of action, twists, and suspense. I won a free book at a school book fair and had one of my favorite students pick the book out for me because I had no idea what to read next after finishing Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. She picked a GOOD one! The whole entire time I was reading Divergent, I was like "OMG... NO WAY!" Very hard to put down. I finished it in two weeks (would of been a couple days if work wasn't so busy). Onto the second book of Divergent... image removed While waiting for the last book to come out in October, I'm going to finish out on Percy Jackson series after this.
  16. image removed Divergent was a thrill ride. Amazing in every aspect. A MUST read. I cannot wait for the movie to come out on this next year in March. Hunger Games has a run for it's money with this one.
  17. Finished ALL Mortal Instruments Series (waiting for the last book next year) and Infernal Devices. My take? Mortal Instruments was much better than Infernal Devices. However, both books could of been better written. Where to start for Infernal Devices: Character Development was lacking. Tessa's ability to shapeshift could of been much more. She doesn't do enough of it. In the last book (SPOILER) she does transform into an Angel... which was cool... but seriously? Instead she shifts into old women or girls who have been murdered... nothing powerful or could be used as a weapon (and so why Charlotte makes the decision to place her in Shadowhunter training is BEYOND my cognitive understanding... like Tessa is really going to use it). Why not other things like an animal or something? And Will (main love interest) was whiny. There was NOTHING attractive about him other than he was booknerd (least he wasn't abusive or sparkles like Edward Cullen, but his personality SUCKED). I literally could NOT stand his ass, his whining, his angst, etc. He just was not crafty or humourously snarky as Jace was in MI. Repetive writing. WTH was up with Cassandra Clare's OBSESSION with the color of Will's eyes? I felt like I stumbled upon a private dirty fangirl's diary, with pages full of her obsession for a character's physical aspect. I could almost FEEL her drooling accross the pages within her writing over this particular character that it made me skip parts in the book. NOT GOOD AT ALL. Anytime Will was present in the book, almost every singing Freakin page was about his pretty blue eyes. I could give less of a damn about it... work on more character development. THAT is what makes your books sell. The Epilogue was half-assed. I felt like Cassandra was trying to cater to all fangirl groups of Will and Jem. Tessa hardly had ANY romantic feelings for Jem, so their hook up didn't logically flow with the characters and their feelings. It felt "off." I did enjoy reading both series... the romances were intense at times... but there is room for improvement on character AND story development. I really hope she does a better job for the 6th book of Mortal Instruments and I am PRAYING the City of Bones movie doesn't suck (based on what I've seen n the trailer... it's not going to follow the story ). Her fifth book was just plastered with characters getting into relationships than the focus on the actual story development or action. I am wary about her third series coming out in two years... Dark Artifices. Right now... onto Divergent. Movie of the book will be released next year in March. I'm on the ninth chapter and I don't know what to make of it yet. If you like Hunger Games, you may like this series.
  18. Just finished Clockwork Prince last night. It tore at my heart strings.
  19. Finished Clockwork Angel.. really good read! Halfway done with Clockwork Prince.
  20. The fourth and 5th books were the BEST of the series. They get pretty sexual that I honestly can't recommend it to my middle school students (older high school students at best). The 6th and last book comes out next year in March. If you love Harry Potter... get into the series. The author was also a Harry Potter Fan Fiction writer who focused on writing about Draco (hence why Jace is so much like him). Draco was always my favorite... which is why I love this series If you LOVE the Mortal Instruments series, definitely get on the prequel trilogy, Infernal Devices (Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess). A lot of people have been saying that the prequel are 10x better than Mortal Instruments.... but I can't say much about it yet. Haven't finished half of the first book, but the character development is so much better.
  21. Finished all five books of the Mortal Instrument series and really enjoyed them. Books 4 and 5 were the best. It gets really adult by the 5th book. Working on the first Prequel series of MI now... the third one was just released this Tuesday. image removed
  22. Now in three days... image removed I'm kinda mixed about this one truthfully... it's starting to turn into Twilight
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