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  1. Your boyfriend is a controlling a-hole. Leave him while you can. You do NOT need your parents home, even if you live in a dangerous neighborhood. He’s jobless and can’t take care off himself financially. He made your mom cry, fought with your brother, and embarrasses the whole family? He’s a goner. He will eventually end up abusing you.
  2. A female RN nurse tried to do the same thing with my husband (who is an ultrasound tech). It did not sit very well with me at all. We had a very serious discussion and he had to limit his contact with her. She was lonely, single and came to a city with no friends and family... she just happened to find someone (my husband) who had common interest. She came forward and sincerely apologized to me, and we’re good. They only talk like acquaintances now and go to social settings in groups of which I get invited to (I don’t always go because we have a kid). Boundaries have been crossed and it’s becoming an onset of an emotional affair. Do NOT socialize with her alone. Be with a group because like others said... she can hold a grudge and try twisting things around on you.
  3. This has nothing to do with you. Stay out of it. That is her business to sort out. No, Stay Out of family drama! And especially avoid policing people’s relationship because it always will backfire. Even if you do marry... you do not interject. Your wife is responsible for handling her family, not you. Never, ever try to manage in-laws. My sister’s husband has tried interjecting into family affairs between my sister and I... let’s just say we are enemies because he did not stay the hell out since it did not concern him. I make it clear to him that we will not -or May never be - buddies because he made my relationship with my sister EVEN WORSE. Over a year has past and I still hate him. You can worry all you want, but this is not apart of your business.
  4. It took me five months and sheer luck to find a place that would let my husband and I rent with our 30 lb Welsh Corgi. Our dog had documented advance training, nonaggressive, and received the Good Caine AKC obedience certificate. Landlords did not give a S because they have came across lousy tenants who were terrible dog owners. Our last landlord nearly refused us because his last two tenants cost him thousands of dollars of home repairs because their pit bull and Rottweiler tore up the house. We eventually bought the property from him and noticed some damages like teethmarks on wall corners. I got a colleague right now who has two Yorkies and is trying to movie out to a better place to rent, and she is stuck because landlords do not want dogs. A “dog resume” does not work. If a landlord does not like or want dogs, they will pass you up no matter what. They rent out to earn investment from tenants. Many do not want to risk having a dog tear up their property and they lose money to repair the damages from the dog. Beggars cannot be choosers when it comes to rental. What will stand out is having outstanding credit and a good reference from the last landlord.
  5. Nope, no way. Nah ah. You are wasting investment in this one I’m afraid. People who want marriage will put in the time and commitment to keep a relationship. This guy only sees you nothing more than a fling. In any relationship you walk into, you accept who they are. They have to WANT change - you can’t a force a person to do so or your partner resents you and it will lead to a break up. You need to find a person who aligns with your values. This guy has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t want to be tied down or even AGREE to the value of marriage... that a vibrant bat signal to walk away without looking back.
  6. Me! I have no time to read. No time for myself. I’m growing more anxious. And it doesn’t help that my favorite genre are dystopian science fiction stories and were practically living in one. My husband is a survivor and has come home from the hospital!! The hospital staffers f’ing rock and were answering all of my questions and keeping me updated on everything. A couple nurses even recognized me when I was pregnant and was returning three times a month with HG complications. LOL We are still quarantine each other for about a week and are taking it in stride. We are not completely out of the woods yet. My daughter is really taking this hard. Calling his name, trying to break into his room to see him, and she is beginning to throw toddler fits. And I’m trying to hold it together. I feel like the evil b** mom keeping her away. 😢 When this S ends I want a long vacation. I want to just disappear somewhere for a week or three. Disney World, back to Jamaica or the Philippines with the wild beach parties and a Coconut drink in my hand. That would be nice.
  7. Sounds like a bridezilla and she should be called out for it. I would rethink the marriage.
  8. This will backfire. I had a guy friend who had a very insecure fiancée that she was stalking my social media AND deleted my number. I was engaged and had been with my husband (fiancé at the time) for 8 years. But she still perceived me as a threat. He broke up with the fiancée because of her insecurities (she was very controlling) and managed to call up his mates to get my number back. Seriously, please dump him.
  9. Who are you talking to? I’m assuming it’s me, but I’m confused on how you are asking for advice on this field and are giving something?? I also didn’t ask for any pity and am giving you a real perspective of what teaching is like for many. Something I wished someone had told me way before I decided on a teaching degree. So VIPKID distance tutoring. I know people who are teaching through it. It’s legit, but it’s nothing more than a side hustle, not a lucrative career. You aren’t given benefits, retirement, etc though that company. Also how will this be experience for early childhood? For primary school grades, sure. You need classroom management experience which is why I strongly suggest subbing to give you a feel for the teaching field. Every education interview will have questions based on how you manage your classroom, which is a make or break into getting a job offer - and that experience cannot be gained from distance teaching.
  10. I was an educator for several years. I should warn you about walking into this field that I wish I was given: I had a dual certification, and one of them was in Special Education with a Master's degree. After grad school, I jumped ship into the mental health field because I was given a better offer. I find working for a mental health agency/advocacy program much more rewarding, better pay and benefits, less job politics, and less people to deal with (mind you, I taught a class with 150 students). I absolutely love my clients and the families I have served. The difference I make for them is 10x rewarding than I was doing as a teacher on the front lines. I do not miss lesson planning or grading working every weekend. Teaching is one of the most underrated and unappreciated job fields. It is challenging work of which not everyone is cut out for. It takes a special calling to stay in the field, which is why teachers are the real superheroes. Statistics have shown that 50% of teachers burn out of the field within the first 5 years of teaching and it is not a secured job field. Some states offer tenure that require you to work on temporary contracts that last for one school year, and then you are at the disposal of a district whether to axe you or keep you. I will be honest that I have not been recommended to continue my contract from four different school systems for multiple reasons: from economical staff cutting to not playing the job political game right. So if you are looking for a secured job or a "better paying" position, teaching is not it. The pensions are even crap now (my undergraduate program straight up lied to me about that). The only thing I made was a difference and good medical benefits. The kids made me love teaching (though I had some difficult students and parents too). Everyday was a new day with them. But that's it... the job politics, unsupportive admins, and the amount of work I had to put in even though I was off the clock was not worth the cost of my mental health. Also with a pandemic going on, I would rethink this career path. Schools have shut down until further notice and everyone is working from home with distance learning. Unless this lifts quickly, I don't see school systems hiring new teachers anytime soon. If you still feel strongly about teaching, wait for the pandemic to be over. Then apply to be a substitute teacher. Some districts will take people with only associates degrees while others require those with bachelor degrees (you have to ask their HR department). Don't volunteer because that's giving you a superficial viewpoint when you have kids who are HAPPY to be at those sporting events, plays, school dances, etc. Substitute teaching... even an Instructional Assistant for a special education classroom will give you the raw experience to see what it takes to be a teacher and how it is to live as one.
  11. Your anger is very misplaced.Your friends/sister have nothing to do with this creep. Did you SERIOUSLY tell them that your creepy boyfriend jerked off to their photos online? Unfortunately that drama created is on you. It isn’t your job to play therapist. You aren’t a licensed professional. You cannot “fix” someone with an addiction. This guy sounds really gross and mentally unstable. Please dump him.
  12. Bad news: my husband was tested positive. We have a young child too. 😞
  13. OP, you are far too young to commit yourself to anyone. At your age, social circles are constantly changing because you are learning who your real friends are. Just as you learned that “Jake is a Fake,” Anna loves drama. She also not a good girlfriend. Social actions have social consequences. Also know that distance will also affect the duration of your relationship. It is near impossible for young HS relationships to work during distance. Don’t invest in it if someone - like Anna - is not serious about it because you are wasting time. Once this quarantine is over, use that time to build a social circle locally. It’s time to move on with your life and with what is already in front of you
  14. I am so sorry you are hurting. This quarantine is making it tougher, it please know that it is only a moment in time, it will pass, and we will go back to our routine. I second everything that is said here- you did the right thing. He can create any excuse to try and justify his actions, but what’s done is done. Don’t take him back because your lonely. You want a dependable life partner who has your back.
  15. But she doesn’t confine with you, and you’re her boyfriend. Strike 1. Her spending more time with him is emotionally investing. Strike 2. Her playing therapist with a troubled, grown a$$ man when she is NOT a licensed professional. Strike 3. She’s a drama queen. She is enjoying this emotional affair with him. Either this girl is stupid, or she is intentionally disrespecting YOU. You can’t choose her friends for her, but if she wants a committed relationship, then she needs to establish boundaries with friends who cross the line. Jake has crossed the line many times and she’s a doormat for him. Let this one go and tell her that you don’t appreciate her emotionally cheating on you with Jake. She is not worth the negative vibe to keep in your life. I had a friend who was friends with an ex of mine who physically assaulted me. He acted the same way based on the description of your Jake, and she acted like Anna. We are no longer friends since she did not believe he battered me despite I had him under a restraining order. I found much better friends... you will too.
  16. Someone’s been watching a little French movie on Netflix 🦊
  17. Looks like for the moment my family and I have been spared. For now. I guess I got extremely lucky to make the early call of pulling my little girl out of daycare in time. I live in a beach town of a mid-Atlantic state. I am seeing LOTS of people with out of state license plates flocking here and treating my place like it’s a goddamn Spring Break. This place is my home. This is where I walk my dog and play with my daughter, and these self-entitled out of state ****s from places with soaring cases are coming to our location. My local government finally decided to close the boardwalk and beaches and is amping police patrol. But I still see them coming. My husband will be returning to work soon to work in nursing homes. His company has sent out numerous medical equipment. I don’t trust it. Keeping my nose to the ground and eyes open FUDGIE, I am saying a tons of prayers for you. Virtual hug! I hope when this s*t is over, Disney World gives you a free vacation trip. My father was a firefighter at the Pentagon during 9/11 and Disney reached out and gave us an offer to an all-paid for trip.
  18. The moment my in-laws treat me the way yours did at my wedding would of been the day I refused my vows. If you are American, I would contact ICE to have your in-laws deported out. Tell them everything and that they attacked you and a child. It sounds like they overstayed their visa. Start the divorce paperwork pronto. Your husband is not worth it if he can’t grow a sack and protect his own family. The Hell with him. The damage has been done There are people out there with kids who date. Just because you walk out of this marriage does not mean you are a failure or are doomed to being a single mother forever. You need to put your child’s needs first and keep him/her out of an abusive situation.
  19. I have congestion. No fever, coughing or suffocation. After speaking with an urgent nurse who interviewed me, she told me to get in touch with the health dept to get tested. All because of my husband’s job. I’m livid and terrified all at once. 72 hour lockdown at home. Am told to call 911 if I have worse symptoms. Trying my hardest not to panic. Worried about if my husband and I end up in ICU, then who looks over my daughter? She is 1 years old. Does the state take her? In-laws are overseas and my parents are high risk if they contract the MFer
  20. I’ve watched enough zombie movies to know where this is going.
  21. My family is under quarantine. My daughter has a classmate who tested positive. My husband potentially has COVID through his job. We are awaiting instructions to go to a testing center. Everyone cannot be in the same room, and somehow I am expected to telework while dealing with family matters
  22. Why are you with someone with a mass language barrier?
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