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  1. What's up Kid? Are you hitched yet? I'll probably head down that road soon. Hope all is well.
  2. What's up Kid. Glad to hear things are going well. Congrats on the future proposal. I work in a highly stressful environment as well and I will tell you that eating right and working out will do you an immense amount of good at the office. I know how the days can add up quickly when you're busy. Then you look back and haven't been in the gym in weeks. Get in a routine and you'll be fine. I should probably update my story. That's if any of us are still around to read it. Funny how life goes on and you wake up and loom back and just say wow.
  3. Glad to hear kid. Looks like we both pulled through around the same time. I look back now and just shake my head. Life is interesting.
  4. My exs went through my phone. They misread all types of situations. Like "Uh... Thad my cousin. You met her at Thanksgiving." "...oh." It should never get there.
  5. What up Kid. Gotta agree with everybody else on this one. Enjoy those 5 or so months and see where it goes. You never know what'll happen. If nothing else you're young single and in NYC. Can't complain about that, right? Glad to hear all is well. Personally I have been doing well also. Crazy busy with the new job. Keep us all posted.
  6. I know what you're going through. I call it post graduation syndrome but it happens towards the end of your college career. You have been a student for how many years? And all of a sudden you reach your goal and you aren't the one thing you've been for most of you're life. Now you wonder who you are. Well I can assure you that your ex can't help you with this. You need a few solid years in the real world to set new goals. Once you have them, this "who am I" feeling will go away. Just relax and know it's normal.
  7. This is just the beginning Thekidd. At 22 there is a whole lot more out there that you've yet to see. As you continue to progress and your confidence builds, you'll find it spilling into other aspects of life. I know you've been doing well in sports, with work, school, etc. but, as I am sure you already see, believing in your self will open a lot more doors. Now that you are starting to get comfortable in your own skin, you start to get the feeling that its all so easy and wonder why you waited this long to get here. When you mix hard work, perseverance, integrity, and confidence there really isn't much that you can't do. You've got a bright future ahead of you. Keep it up.
  8. Yeah I did the same thing too. I would go out and joke that I was going to try to end up at home by myself but would always fail. I would wake up and say "Damn it. Well, looks like Ill have to try again tonight!" to my roommates. They were the same way. Live your life Kid. And if you are going to juggle them becareful of the social networking sites. Thank god they werent that popular when I was in college. I cant imagine what kind of crap I would have had to delete off of my wall. Thats what texting is for.
  9. Where the hell is everybody? I haven't seen Gallop or Hulk in days. Where's GOIP and 22? I'm the only one left here? Damn it!
  10. It was nice to see you today ex. I loved that I * * * * ed up look in your eye.
  11. Don't find any keepers too soon kid. Enjoy some free time in the city!
  12. You'll get a text by the weekend for sure. Keep your eyes on NYC tho. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet some nice ladies there.
  13. What's the plan? I always watch American Psycho on the second date. If she makes it through that then she's a keeper.
  14. Nice. It's gotta feel good to know you're moving forward with life. That's the sound of the door closing on your ex.
  15. It's crazy how once you relax and let things happen things go so well. I try to stress as little as possible. Lifes short man. Keep it up. Good luck on the interview.
  16. Damn it Gallop. You are always right on time. I have an ex that gained some weight post break up. She still hasnt lost it and that was years ago. Nothing makes me happier.
  17. Man that sucks. Atleast you were able to recoup a lot of your stuff and know who was in your house.
  18. It's going to take a minute but you'll start to feel a whole lot better. Yeah you'd like that solid partner in life but when you get to the point where you realize you don't need a partner at all you'll feel a whole lot better. That's when you're ready.
  19. Yep. Time to hit the ol' dusty trail. This case is closed. As much as I know you want to help her, she has to want to help herself. It will probably take years before she realizes what she had. By then you will be LONG gone. You'll find more mature women. Trust me on that one.
  20. I would have acted like I had road rage and didnt realize it was her. Just because that is not characteristic of me and then flashed a smile. Not doing anything works as well though. Now you know you'll be on her mind atleast for a few days.
  21. You should have honked the second the light changed and screamed out your window " * * * * ING GO!!!" Thats what I would have done.
  22. The semester will be over before you know it and you will be either headed home or to where ever the job market takes you. I would make a couple buddies (even if that means seeking them out) and get through this last semester. Then once school is finished move on to where ever the wind takes you. This is good preperation for the future when you move to a new city and dont know anyone.
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