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  1. You should stop reading into every move she makes....ignore her completely if you want any self respect. Im sure she knows you check her FB ...get busy doing something else. SHe is cruel, and you keep coming back for more
  2. If she is cuddling another guy in her Facebook profile photo, I would ignore her.
  3. Women Who Think Too Much is not limited to Women--The theories also apply to men. And, those of us who are on this site frequently might find some of the theories interesting. They studied the major earthquakes in California, and how some people got over it, some did not. They speak of two room mates, who separated because one yelled at the other for caring too much about the earthquake. The girl being yelled at could not believe how insensitive the yelling girl was. Anyway, one was an overthinker, the other an underthinker, and they could not get along. IT SUCKS being an overthink
  4. I bought 3 books today: The Power of Now Women Who Think Too Much--excellent-cant put it down! & The Law of Attraction I will let you know how useful they are since we are all going through similar situations.
  5. Hey LNL, Im in the same boat as you, I am not better than you, just better at hiding it. All people are saying is tone it down a bit. Post all you want, just contact her WAY less. I have not heard from my guy in a week. So I send a one line text saying I was at the home show and the work displayed is crap compared to his....I didnt get my usual 30 second response, but was pre occupied so I let it go... He called me back 2 hours later saying he was on the way to the hospital for slicing his hand open. All im saying is let a week or so go by before contact. Get busy. Im going
  6. Yea get ready, have a bit of champagne before he comes over...get yourself a bit relaxed. I just read your first post...sounds like your guy just likes his alone time. I think you have a great chance of reconciliation, if that's what you want. Gage your own situation, I mean being happy and non chalant is great, but if thatis totally unlike you, I would say tone it down a knotch or two....Im sure it will be a great evening...post back of course.
  7. For me CrapAtNc, suggested the flirty comments to gage where the realtionship was going. I decided not to flirt, cause my guy was only glancing into my eyes, it wasnt until I decide to do a swivel neck, and say : "why are you looking here and here " as I pointed to either sides of my head. I think he was nervous. After I called him on it, he looked at me. I guess my non chanat effort was this: after he said our relationship was "done." I told him "ok, its only 10:30, mind dropping me off at another bar on your way home??" Boy did the reconciliation conversation go into high gear!!
  8. Bedour: You will be able to tell. I did not flirt because he had trouble making eye contact with me at the beginning. I did not do any flirtingHe brought up the break up, so that's how we got into our discussion. But, see what happened in the end? You can just tell- you know your girl. PaleSeptember: what are you worried about? Him wanting to cook you dinner is amazing...and I agree with Kevo, doing it together would be nice. Actually my guy helped me make breakfast and did the dishes on Sunday morning...this was nice, it showed he was trying. I listened to "The Secret" DVD's had a g
  9. Hi BeDour, I wish you the best of luck tomorrow...I just had dinner with my guy: I think you are better off with lunch. CrapAtNC told me to do some light flirting if my guy seemd receptive. My night (a bit of alcolol mixed in) Became a big drama, so maybe you are better off with lunch. Have some flirty comments ready- if she seems receptive-use them. Its a great indirect way of getting a status on the relationship.
  10. I once got caught looking at the phone...I di find a single flirty text. I just admitted I looked. And I backed it by saying you can look at my phone anytime 'cause I don't have anything to hide. Just admit it.
  11. Live n Learn, I have seen many of your posts on this thread. First, regarding your latest issue, I would not care at all if a guy looked at my phone. I have never had anything to hide. And, I understand the mind can run wild from time to time, so I can understand the need to check. I would actually be flattered. Second, I mean this in the nicest way, but you need to relax about everything regarding this girl. You know, last week I could not get ENA for about a day at work when the whole forum was doing some changes, and it prevented me from coming to the site for one day. I actual
  12. Thanks Crap, I will be reading from this post as I get ready...I will try the joking / drink thing--its a good idea...
  13. Hi Crap, I have a similar issue-- that is 2 people practicing non chalance. I'm meeting(I initiated this time) the ex on Saturday, day or evening to be confirmed, we committed to meet. He made a few efforts 2 weeks ago-he initiated a drinks, then follow up call, then a visit to my work. He might very well be playing his own game. I found dvd courses on how to pick up women in his childhood bedroom, I believe he made it to the instructor level! Of course this does not bother me, I find it comical. I guess 'cause I have a sales job, I have to be a "closer," in order to survive. This
  14. Very well put Kate..i totally agree with you--it is a bereavment. I also agree with you about pedestal thing.
  15. Hi Yostina, It is recommended that you are truly at the point where not acting non chalant, but actually living it before you make contact. Your break up is still fresh and I'm not sure if you have started to work on activities that will improve YOU! Maybe take a lesson, spend time with an old friend, do something that improves your life. You had mentioned your family is far away? How about write an elderly family member a letter and add a photo? This will make you feel good an realize the world does not revolve around this guy. In my opinion, you can start the road to non chalance at
  16. The protocol is that if you are going to write a soliloquy, you should at least follow the topic. I am not a moderator, but suggest if you just want to speak of yourself-start your own thread. You will get responses and not be accused (again) of hijacking. I especially enjoy the flow of threads when this is considered.
  17. Hi Yostina, You should start your own thread...this post is about the practice of non chalance
  18. Do any women out there find NC, non chalance is especially difficult at certain times of the month? There are a few days during the month that are just so tough to keep NC or low NC. So guys out there, consider yourself lucky you don't also have hormone fluctuations to deal with as well as all the mixed emotions that go with a break up!! Just my 2 cents....
  19. Ok Crap, I will do what you say...I consider you an expert, and so far your method has got me this far. I'm the type of person who need a plan in life, or I get anxious. So now I have my plan....I will keep you posted!
  20. Hi Crap, I am having a bad week...last week after about a month of NC, he called and we met for a drink for an hour- no talk of the relationship. He was very tired and yawned for most of the hour...he has been working 18 hours a day to finish a home reno (he works by himself). He called me back a few days later, to chat and to apologize for being so tired on our date. The next day he came to my work- I work at a bank branch, to pay a bill...he could have gone to many other closer branches. Anyway, nothing this week. I know he has to visit family, because he has a family reunion a few h
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