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  1. Jenberry I can totally relate to what you are going through. I dated my ex for a year and a half and I left Canada to live with him in NYC. He supported me and put me through school so I could work in the US. 5 years after the move (this time last year) he broke up with me. Like your situation, he really loved to go out and drink, despite having a very demanding job. I could not party excessively and function at work, so I preferred to stay in most nights. Like you, that’s what eventually broke us up. Socializing was very important to him and he resented me for not being the same. I en
  2. Sounds like he is with you because of your niceness and stability. He is way to volatile for a normal relationship. You basically have to look in the mirror and think of yourself as you are: a successful stable person. The longer you put up with his abuse, the more damage he will do to your confidence. Who care about what other people think, just get him out of your life and be safe.
  3. Thank you all for the responses. I'm still thinking about him constantly, but feeling a bit better today. Im going to try to meet up with the woman who was a mutual friend. I also invited a few girlfriends to come visit me. Hopefully, they will come. The holidays can be so tough for so many.
  4. Wiseman2 I have to stay in the US because of a professional designation I have here in the US. I appreciate your response and there are some days when I just want to move back home with my mom and get a basic job and live with her. I will think about this when my lease is up.
  5. ImWithCupid, I have our dog who is having separation anxiety so cannot be left alone. I take her to daycare every workday, but they close at 7:00pm, so I am homebound more the I want to be here in sunny Florida. I have just reached out to a friend (one of his friends - one of the only ones who actually reached out to me to say she was sorry to hear of the breakup). We are going to get together, but I have to careful because she is gossipy and I had to sign a non disparagement agreement when we broke up. She said my ex told her I was here. I was trying to keep a lid on my whereabouts. I
  6. Did you break up with him, or did he break up with you? RayRay, he broke up with me. I was blindsided by the breakup. I really thought he was my forever person. His car was in the garage, so I know he is still there. I am surprised at how upset I am a year later, like it happened yesterday. I have gone a year infuriated at him for the breakup which had me leave my home, friends, career, pension, family, car, etc. to start a new life with him in NYC and now in my 40s I have been stripped of everything. I’m back to not wanting to eat, work out or get out of bed. I just want to be
  7. I cannot even to begin to describe this ride. We were together for 6 and a half years of (lived together for 5) . He was the guy who saved me from my narcissist ex., put me through business school so we could be together in NYC. The break up was almost a year ago - The pain and work stress post break up were so unbearable I quit my NYC job and moved back home to Canada for a while. I was finally getting better. I ended up getting a job in Florida in November, in the town we built a vacation home. I will spare everyone the whole story for now, but I have been so upset in the last few days t
  8. She sounds depressed. Sex has become perfunctory for making babies and that’s all. It may take some time for her to get out of this funk. She needs to separate the death of your daughter from the pleasure of sex. So sorry for your loss.
  9. Maybe do some charity work to help you realize how lucky you are to be successful, have lots of friends, etc? Sounds like you just need a wake up call. Learn to be grateful, it will help minimize being critical. I knew of a guy who had everything going for him. A super good looking, cocky as hell, successful firefighter, who had a line up of women wanting to date him. He made everyone know he was very picky. He had a dont-come-near-me-unless-you-are-a-model attitude. Until....He fell from a rocky ledge at a party and basically crippled himself. He eventually healed, but cannot work du
  10. Congrats SA2000:02.47-tranquillity I remember you and it's great you came back to tell ENA of your success and happiness. All the best!
  11. Don't think his mother died. He's avoiding you and shame on him for making something like this up. Google her name or offer to send flowers and see what happens.
  12. Was about to reply to this one and see that it is from 2010....
  13. LNL, I never thought I'd say this but I am sooooo happy I broke up with my ex. He is 28 and a full loser. The guy I am dating now is 46, super successful and completely adores me. You gotta believe that you CAN and WILL meet someone who is better than your ex. You are a caring, emotions guy form what I can tell of your posts. WHo is to say you won't meet someone better than your ex? I did. I almost feel embarrassed at how upset I was over him. You have to believe there is someone out there better for you. She will come. I have never dated guys in their 40's, but I will say its
  14. Why does she have to give back her leased car if she is stripping? Why did she have to leave her place and live far away with guys? These things don't add up. I have know people who work at strip clubs....sorry to say, but many of them will have sex with guys/go home with them for $200. Ive seen many strippers at the bank I work at-- these ladies are full of cash- drive Benz's, and have no money problems. It sounds to me like you want what you can't have. BTW, Scott is her boyfriend- now they are common-law since they will be having a kid. This girl has way too many issues. Pleas
  15. Phillies, You have just hit one one of my favourite topics! As someone who recently had the double bunion surgery, I don't think you should do anything that causes you so much pain and could lead to surgery. I spent years in the Army wearing a rucksack 80 lbs plus, running marathons and ultra marathons and working in an office and nothing killed my feet more than wearing a heal more than 2 1/2 inches. Also, you know many women are popping aspirins when they go out on the town in 5 inch spikes. This was a famous trick of my sister. Stilettos look sexy, but are terrible for your feet
  16. This bit of depression is caused by you not eating. It's like a vicious circle: not eating causes depression--depression reduces your appetite. The only way to break it to eat. Just force yourself to eat some snacks. You will feel better emotionally almost immediately.
  17. SO maybe one day you will get back with her...does it make you feel better knowing she hasn't slept with anyone?
  18. Wow, this woman has major mood swings! I guess she has been getting away with it for now, so why should she try to correct herself? I am the type of person that will not put up with any swearing or name calling. Once that starts, the name calling could get uglier and could potentially turn physical. Basically once the verbal abuse starts, the relationship is over. However, I know of several couples that swear and call each other every name in the book, and that seems ot be ok with them. I'm not sure of your status with this woman at this point, and even if you think it is worth reconci
  19. Actually, I kind of like reading this thread. I have dated professional athletes who think of women less quantitatively. The good thing about this thread is that it actually turns me off men. It reminds me of a book I read called "The Game." The men in the book thought "getting" a girl meant getting her phone number, or getting her to call. Whatever. To each their own.
  20. I've been wondering what happened to you Kate.. I am so happy you are so upbeat. That is the best feeling in the world!!!
  21. Here is one: One of my girlfriends went through a brutal separation/divorce. A mutual friend set her up with a much better guy. My friend wanted to have children, the new guy did not as he already has 2 daughters. The had a few minor fights about this. At one point they were supposed to go on vacation. A big fight caused the cancellation of the vacation. My girlfriend decided instead of laying in bed for a week, she went on a cruise by herself. The cruise was boring, but, her man found out she went away by herself. Upon her return (February of this year) then got back together and ar
  22. You two should speak face-to-face. Too much gets lost in translation with texting.
  23. You need to heal ,and I am very sorry to hear what happened to you LNL, you deserve better. The dishonesty is the worst part, and that "buy me a drink" BS from last week. Im so so sorry.
  24. Good for you! The lunch will be the real test. Face to face is much more of a challenge to maintain your cool. Lunch is better-less pressure, less alcohol. Read this entire thread before you go. Good luck Bung!!!!
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