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  1. Will do olesun, I'm gonna need at least an entire month or two to get to where I want to be on one of my personal growth paths (taking dance lessons) and so I'm definitely going to stick to the No Contact rule for now. Will repost back in a couple months, if not sooner, and hopefully I have made positive progress like you have.
  2. Great quote, man. I'm definitely keeping that in my head from now on. This is by far, the best post I've read on this forum in regards to getting your ex back. Thanks for taking the time to share even though this happened quite some time ago. Best wishes.
  3. Very good words again. So what's the next step for you? I'm in the beginning stages of no contact (again) after having broken it intermittently too about every two weeks. I made the same classical mistakes you did with the culmination being on valentines day which is when I declared she's the one and I want to start fresh. I look back now and don't consider it a waste, but it definitely was too soon. I had set myself a timeline, but after reading your post, I realize you are right about knowing my ex more than anyone here on this board. Every situation is different. I'm still worki
  4. First of all, excellent post. Thank you for this. I definitely needed to read this. Second, what exactly were the reasons for you two breaking up and how long were you broken up for? Also, how long were you in No Contact for?
  5. Okay, I feel like you can def. relate with my girl. Now one question for you. You mentioned this was with your ex. Have you experienced this pain with another guy after your ex?
  6. I'm clean shaven like a porn star. Wait a minute, I also do give it to her like a porn star. Not trying to be funny here, but we do have pretty intense sex. We have great sex when she's not in pain.
  7. Well, it kind of is a bit of a problem because we both want to engage but can't. I don't mind not having sex more than once a week (although I would have it every day if possible) but I wonder if there is something that can be done to improve recovery time or possibly "heal" this. Sparkly Eyes, how do you deal with this and have you been able to heal from this?
  8. The thing is she's never had this problem before me, which made us feel like it was my problem. So after she got checked and I spoke with my doc and found out that there was no obvious problem we were back to trying to figure out what it could be. You say you have the same issue. What exactly is the issue?
  9. My girlfriend and I have been having sex for about 5 months now and it seems like we can't have sex the next day after we've already had sex. It's simply too painful for her. If we wait about a week before we have sex then she's usually pain-free on the first round. We usually go at least 2-3 rounds in one night (within 1-4 hours). On the second round she begins to feel sore and depending on the severity of her soreness we can go one more round or not. The next day, if we attempt to have sex, it hurts her from the get-go. We use Astroglide, but it still hurts her. She says it fee
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