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  1. Absolutely. I am not 100 % innocent. I will definitely apologise. It wasn't necessary to call her names to solve the issue at hand.
  2. I agree, I was right to the point that I called her names. That was not necessary. I will apologise. Thank you very much for your input.
  3. I am not making up "rules". It is an "agreement" between two people that see each other and share an apartment 80 % of the time. That's what two people in a relationship do. So your suggestion is that she goes out and meets anyone, gets infected, maybe dies. And I avoid her not to get infected? Maybe breakup all together? Is this how you suggest that I solve my relationship conflicts? Do you then go meet all kinds of people and then come home and spread the virus to your family and kids? Then it is their fault if they don't want to see you because they are trying to control you? That
  4. My girlfriend and I live in a high-risk country where the number of COVID infections is still increasing rapidly and it is not possible to get a vaccine yet. Since we spend time at each others' place quite a lot, we made this agreement that we reduce contact only to a minimum where we see only relatives and one or two very close friends, so that we don't risk getting infected and risking each other's health while doing so. Since then, she has met only with 2 close friends of hers plus her flatmate who belongs to the same household. I chose not to meet with any other friends yet because I
  5. You are dealing with a "kid" here. He is an immature and insecure little guy. Even a child would care about you after the accident and ask what is wrong and he is not doing that either.
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