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  1. Thank you so much for your replies. I’ve done counselling before, it happened 5 years ago. But sometimes I just get stuck in my own head thank you
  2. How do you look yourself in the mirror everyday knowing you killed your own baby I ask myself that every morning I had an abortion I didn’t want too but I did
  3. so ive been struggling for a couple of weeks.. convincing my self that I'm ok however my mood swings and feelings keep telling me different.. I'm recently a new mum... my bundle of joy is now 10 months old and hes my world the pregnancy wasn't easy... I was ill for a long time, and me and the dad split up as he told me at 7 months pregnant he *wasn't ready to be a dad* walking out leaving me in a rented accommodation I was stuck with £2000 worth of bills and council tax to pay for us both, on my own I moved back home with my folks... and when my baby arrived it was all worth it still to
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