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  1. That's a good thing. My doctor does the same thing: they ask you to call from your car and they will either come get you or they will call you to walk in. It's much safer. Waiting rooms are just not a good idea.
  2. Totally understandable. Honestly if I lived with family and could have a celebration, I may have waited on the vaccine too. I've been sick over the holidays too and it's MISERABLE. Enjoy yourself!
  3. I have a family friend who is sick at home with covid and she recently got a z-pack. It doesn't make sense to me and she has no risk factors for developing a bacterial infection. Many doctors here are still giving out this but I know you probably won't get it in the hospital.
  4. Yes. I got my appointment for my 2nd shot at the time I got my first one. I get my second done in early Jan. I had the Pfizer one, not the Moderna one, but the Moderna one also requires a 2nd dose. The bothersome side effects are more likely to happen after the 2nd dose, not the first one. Headache, fever, body aches, etc.
  5. I have a colleague who is immunocompromised and got the vaccine (her doctors pushed for her to get it, she's in a high risk environment AND she is immunocompromised) and she is doing that now almost daily. She's had people tell her that she's going to die now from the vaccine so she updates them with how she's doing 🙂
  6. I can't wait for you guys to get it! I'm still being very cautious (still stuck at home, still not seeing my family, still wearing masks everywhere) but I'll see them next month. The peace of mind is awesome, I feel better than I have in a long time
  7. Also, it's been days since my vaccine and I'm still alive. Arm pain is gone. I've had alcohol, I've done chores, I exercised, I've been to the grocery store, etc. My immune system appears to be working, I haven't keeled over, I can't feel a microchip in my arm, and I'm not dead (yet). I'm almost wishing I had anti Vax friends who think I'm on the verge of death so I can send them a daily text update "guess who is still alive, b__ches!"
  8. True, antibiotics are for bacteria. However, z packs have been given out to outpatients with covid for many months even if they don't show any suspicion of another bacterial illness. Some claim it's for secondary infections but I'm doubtful. This antibiotic cropped up in the early days of the pandemic, when people were not thinking and were just throwing s__t on the wall and seeing what would stick. I have little to no faith in most medical professionals' ability to have critical thinking skills. The crap I've seen PERSONALLY during this pandemic as a medical professional would make your head spin. I have no faith in the American health system.
  9. Time to break up via phone or text (preferably text so you have a record of it) and tell him that you're done. No visits, no further contact, or you'll go to the police. The end. This guy sounds bonkers. I would not end it in person.
  10. The rich get monoclonal antibodies, a nice hospital stay, and well wishes on Twitter. Everyone else gets a Z-pack and whatever Treatment Du Jour that the experts are ladling out that month. They gotta wait and I'm happy for that.
  11. I'm laughing my butt off reading about these self-serving rich people in the US who are being told "no" for the first time in their live sand not taking it well. Me, a little worthless stain in their eyes, got the vaccine for FREE while these rich fat cats pull their hair out because they can't just throw money at someone and receive it. WAIT YOUR DAMN TURN. There are millions more people ahead of them who need this vaccine more and should get it first. For the "struggling" rich who may be reading this thread: allow me to dig through to play you a song of woe on the tiniest violin. I'll shed a tear for you as I make my antibodies now.
  12. I got my first shot recently. I will let you guys know how I feel. My arm hurts a little but no big deal, I've gotten worse shots. I'm already signed up for my 2nd shot. Was I nervous getting it? Yeah, a bit, but this type of vaccine actually has been made before for other viruses so it's not like it's 100% new. At this point, I'm in "f it" mode. I have very little to lose. This pandemic has isolated me so much. I hate video chat and I live alone. I want to get things back to normal in my life. I doubt anything will happen but that's the chance I was willing to take. Bolt, I hope you're feeling a bit better today. I have a family friend who is VERY ill with covid right now. She wore masks but there were patients around her you didn't. Masks help the most if both parties wear it. If one doesn't, it puts the wearer at risk and that sucks because now you're sick and you didn't do anything wrong.
  13. I was at first but not anymore. This vaccine works by providing your body with the mRNA (genetic material) to make its own spike protein like what the coronavirus has. Then your body reacts to it, develops antibodies, etc. There's no actual virus. I did some research and found that mRNA vaccines HAVE been developed in the past for some viruses. The technology was already there. It's "new" in the sense that it's a new virus and that it's the first vaccine of its sort to receive FULL approval. But such vaccines have been developed before for other things and have been shown to be safe but other vaccines were just as effective, cheaper, easier to handle, etc. So that's why others have been used instead. I did get my shot so it's in me. I have a sore arm but I'm fine.
  14. I'm so sorry, bolt. Where you able to trace the source of the infection? Given how the pandemic is, it may not be possible. Vaccines have been made available to me, I'm getting one (first of two) within a day or so. I was pretty strategic about it. I would have been waiting a LOT longer (yes, even though I'm in the first group due to my profession and where I work) as the current system is based on a lottery within those who qualify. I didn't want to wait so I asked politely and now I'm getting it.
  15. I agree that I think Pandora has the slight edge over Spotify in terms of creating good mixes. That said, I just love the ability of picking what I want to listen to, whenever I want, and going from there. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a nice mix, other times I want to pick the song or album I want on demand.
  16. Hands down, Spotify. I've been a premium user on there for years. I love that you can make your own playlists, listen to others, pick exactly what you want to hear at any given time, or listen to "radio" or podcasts. That algorithmic, easy listening experience was great on Pandora but Spotify does that plus so much more.
  17. We are up to almost 1k cases a day in my area (city and surrounding area but mostly city). Hospitals are pulling back stuff. Things have been closed for a while now, no indoor dining (like I care, I haven't eaten inside a restaurant since March) and a lot of businesses have shuttered here again. We've had some outbreaks at my facility too but I'm doing my best to stay safe. I'll be alone this Christmas too.
  18. When my last ex moved out, I let him take the bed so I was bedless for a while (I ordered a new one but the company ships from the factory so I had to wait). Sleeping bags work great as do bean bags.
  19. Wasn't that the lesson of Dr. Seuss' The Grinch? Everything was taken away but they still had each other. Holidays are manifested through time with loved ones, not the presents, food, or decorations. I will be alone this year for Christmas but I can still call/video chat my parents and we can still be together.
  20. I imagine. The hybrid learning bit is difficult here, many students in my area, until recently, were doing the hybrid model. Then of courses, cases shot up and a lot of schools doing that closed. Would be better just to have the consistency, I think, for many students. One notable exception being, however, students from cruddy family situations with their basic needs going unmet and possible abuse going on at home. These particular students have suffered the most from schools being shut down. Our food pantries here are getting really overrun. Lines of people needing food stretching down blocks. We've always had a lot of poverty here but COVID made it worse for so many people and many who weren't impoverished before are now.
  21. I definitely get it, I've had those awkward periods where I am in-between places and essentially paying rent on 2 places while I wait for the lease to be over on one. December rent is paid. You say you don't want the rent to go "down the drown" with you not being there, but you don't want to be there, so what is the point of staying? You have to pay the rent regardless so why not just pay, give the keys to the landlord (he can give them to a new tenant if they find out), and move all of your stuff out? How would your roommates be benefited from you not being there? It doesn't seem like they give a damn either way. Just the way I'm reading it, it sounds like you are feeling a bit spiteful and that's fine (given what happened with them, I'd be too) but it makes no sense to me to keep going back to the shared apartment and making yourself miserable when you can just make a clean break for your own mental health and sanity.
  22. Honestly, I'm glad for such hints. I couldn't imagine having children and wondering if the schools will shut suddenly within the next few days. I keep a VERY close eye on local news and I am in contact with a few coworkers who have kids. They don't follow local news as closely as I do so when I see the "hints", I tell them so they can be prepared, make childhood arrangements. In March, I felt it was pretty clear from "hints" that the schools would shutter about 5 days before. It gave some coworkers time to try and line up childcare options.
  23. Yeah my doctor told me not to bother with a self exam. I have so many lumps, I would have NO idea if I got a new one.
  24. Agree, make a clean break. You're torturing yourself by doing this back and forth. You have the new place now so there's no reason not to finally move ALL of your stuff over and then give the keys to the landlord. You can pay your roommates rent/part of utility bills through your phone or give to the landlord directly. Why make it harder on yourself?
  25. I asked my doctor about doing a mammogram but she said it's not done regularly until age 40. I've only had one case of breast cancer in my family (old age, improper use of estrogen, resolved quickly with some radiation) so I'm not too worried but if told to get one now, I would. I can't do a self breast exam. I'm one of those women that have those tiny little cysts all over on the inside Benign, no increased risk of cancer but yeah, I'm full of "lumps". Give me a yearly or semi yearly mammogram anyday
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