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  1. I’m so sorry Bolt, but it does sound like you’ve made the best decision. My experience with cats is that the pain/suffering they’re in doesn’t become apparent until it’s really bad, headstrong wee things that they are. We (my family) had our last two cats ashes put into urns shaped like stones that we put in the garden in their favourite old spots. Mum will even move them in bad weather “I need to get the cats out of the rain” 😄 Glad that you’ll be with her until she sleeps.
  2. New guy, been messaging for a couple of weeks and a couple of phone calls, seemed like we could get on well. I said I was free today but he needed to check when he was free in the afternoon and would get back to me. Not a peep from him today. I’ve no other means right now to meet new people, getting ignored/ghosted is so frustrating! But maybe it’s just as well - could not get going today at all. When it was apparent he wasn’t getting in touch I just stayed in bed. Didn’t surface until 3pm 😕 Got a loooong week ahead. Think I’m in work almost every day.
  3. Had an odd reaction to a guy I’ve been seeing very casually telling me he’s met someone else. It was never expected or discussed that we were in a relationship and it was a very ‘you’ll do for now’ situation, but I definitely felt rejected when his text came through. In the meantime I had a couple of first meets in the city. One seemed more keen than I was, and he’s a lovely guy but can’t say I felt any attraction to him romantically. He was trying to get me to come back to his flat toward the end of the date but I excused myself that I’d better get the next bus home. Should have messaged that I didn’t feel anything but may have left it too long now. The other guy, a bit older than me, went for coffee. Conversation was kind of run of the mill but I think we were both nervous. He made a light hearted comment ‘we could do that on a second date’ when talking about favourite walks around the city. However, he’s not initiated any contact since. Unnerving work comment: colleague casually mentions “when I retire and you take over my department…” argh no lady! I’m trying to leave as well not take on even more work 😄
  4. My rust bucket on wheels has had its brakes fixed. My usual mechanic couldn’t see me until next week, MOT ran out this week so had to go to the next town over. Furthest I’ve driven since my break up. Was sooo close to backing out and cancelling. Peak commuter times as well with lots of traffic there and back, but more practice. Saw a couple of dodgy overtakes too, stayed well back! Went into the city while the car was worked on. Did a LOT of walking, my phone tells me it’s over 16000 steps. I’m not sure how accurate it is though. With plenty time to kill, visited Edinburgh Castle. I’ve never been inside the actual buildings. Watched the one o’clock gun fire at close range. Finally ticked off the list at age 34!
  5. I have a free house the next couple of days, thank goodness. Everyone’s at BEC level here. Messaged three guys on Bumble, no responses. Casper keeps appearing in the app again and still look insanely hot. I’m pretty sure he’s using old photos though. Tinder, guys who message are too far away to set up a quick date, and no one has planned as far as the weekend yet. Ho hum. I have finished a book! Spent the last two years promising myself I’d read more but would only manage a few pages here and there. This was a true crime nonfic and I couldn’t put it down.
  6. Hey MrMan, I’ve not much advice to give other saying I know what you’re going through! I’m female and find that guys seem happy to ghost too, so I don’t think it’s necessarily anything to do with your approach. If I liked a guy, and he wanted to set up another date, I’d be happy to hear from the next day arranging something/checking in. If I wasn’t feeling it then I would respond then that I didn’t feel the same but thanks anyway. I’ve also been thinking of taking a step back from trying to date, maybe that would quell the anxiety for a bit.
  7. Don’t have the energy for a longer post, but this week I met up with a friend from university who has become quite successful in his industry, the same one I trained for. He said the last project he worked on was a complete doozy and shared some work stories to let off steam. As frustrated as I am with work/career, it made me feel better that I’m not the only one trying to wade forward through ****. Then at the end of my shift today my boss tells me she’s giving me a pay rise next month, saying she’s noticed how hard I’ve pitched in. There’s been plenty days where I don’t feel like I deserve that, but definitely is a nice end to the week. It won’t be a huge amount by any means but it’s a bit extra into the pension and savings. My main goals for the next couple of months - Get car fixed (next week fingers crossed). ACTUALLY drive it. Decide if I’m moving out and where.
  8. Narrowboats 💕! Never been on one but they remind me of a twee children’s television show from the 90s in which the main characters lived on a narrowboat, haha
  9. I’m being too lazy to go back and look at the timeline - but how long was it before you got the next job? Battling with this myself. Got enough savings that i could walk away, but I know that would ruin my reference (and pride I suppose) that I left with nothing else lined up
  10. When I’ve encountered that before, the main reasons seem to be they’re not that tech savvy and get locked out of one account, and just quickly make a new profile instead of resetting passwords/contacting support or what have you. Another is that there’s been a keyboard war with someone, so they make a new profile and re-add friends and family still loyal to them, I guess.
  11. Had a date in the capital last night. He seemed easy to get on with, we’re in similar industries….and I’ve heard nothing today. Queen of first dates at the moment haha. I’m still obsessed with Casper. He keeps cropping up on various dating apps. I haven’t blocked him yet because I keep holding out that we might meet up again. Which of course I know is ridiculous because he knows I liked him and he hasn’t made any effort to get back in touch since July. Sad face.
  12. Is there a high turnover in this company/industry? Do you feel that getting your degrees has been worthwhile, even if it’s set you behind slightly in the ‘master plan’?
  13. Needing to vent I guess. We are a very, very small team and basically one-man departments. Can’t avoid any of them because the back office is open plan. I’m probably a source of some of the grumpiness with being late with some deadlines recently. However with things like the schedule, or how we have no budget to work with, I don’t have any influence over.
  14. Yeah, although I’m not a fast walker anyway (I blame being short but more likely being out of shape haha). At least that’s something Casper did right, he dropped back and walked at my pace. I remember being on holiday with a couple of different exes, and we would go out exploring the towns we were visiting. They would complain how slow I was too, when all I was doing was wanting to take in the architecture/scenery in a new place.
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