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  1. DEECBEE Hi ! im doing very good thank you ! I hope you are too ! 11 months now ! I still miss her..that wont die soon i guess but nothing to compare to what it was then. Life goes on and i have a few friends (women that is) and its great. Hey everyone...NC is a war ! And it needs to be won ! NC from me since the beginning and i still believe its the best way to go ! Good luck to all.
  2. Thats what i call playing the " russian roulette " ! My friend u got balls. Whatever you do, stay strong.
  3. I would think twice if i were you ! You know its only my opinion but..... What would be the point of opening an old wound ? You might think all will be fine but im not so sure about that. Emotions are hard to control sometimes Why not put your energy elsewhere and forget her totally ? Its like stretching an elastic to its limit. Its been many months...you feel better.. so why the need to contact her ? What if it sets you back a few months ? Me i believe an ex stays an ex and friendship isnt a possibility ! You suffered enough no ? Whatever you decide, tread carefully. For me its been almost 10 months now and i feel great. Time does heal all lacerations of the heart. By the way, im glad ur doing ok...long time no see. Good work ! Hi TS Dude, I hope ur well also !!!
  4. TS my friend.... still swimming accross the ocean ? Just dont drown ok ? You seem to be doing pretty good ! You take care of yourself young man...we live only once and its always better to leave problems to others. I will be here every so often. A quote: " I generally avoid temptation unless i cant resist it " Best wishes to everyone and betters days ahead.
  5. Nine months for me. No Contacts at all ! The best recipe its to stay away from the ex at all cost. Ignoring the ex totally is the only way to go. An ex is like a car crash...takes time to heal the wounds. Its hard like hell to not be in touch with an ex but its imperative to stay away from them. Its better to delete them from everything...and i mean everything ! No fb...msn...yahoo...skype...emails... and no phone calls or texting. Avoiding them is the key believe it or not. Who is willing to eat sour grapes anyway. An ex rarely comes back and no magic potion exist, thats life ! I met other women and its great. The ex is becoming nothing more than a dream. I loved her, i wont lie; but its over, thats it ! Everyone here, do this. Its the only way out of this calamity. Your ex dont care anymore, so just do the same and move on. Tell yourself that its not a terminal cancer and life is great. Good luck to all and hang on because it does get a lot better !
  6. Month number 9 ! Do i feel better ? For sure ! I still think about her at times... but i wont allow myself to spend more time on it. I accepted the fact that she left and will never be back...and its ok by me now. All is turning out for the best. New girl friend...well a few actually to chose from and all are better than the ex. I didnt try to reach her at anytime, im way to proud for that. I know that the best way to go about this is to do everything to forget. Nothing around to remember the ex...no face book or msn nor pictures. Who wants an ex while she/he had time with another one ? The sex they had....no left overs for me, no thank you very much ! For me now shes just another women i loved a hell of a lot. Ignoring them is the way to go to obtain total freedom and move on once and for all. Who here can say they will never find someone better ? Time to accept defeat and see life under a new light. Mine is much brighter after a nightmare of a couple of months...how silly i was lol. When you meet someone new...take the time to look into their eyes ! Dont compare her/him to the ex and just get involved totally. Beside, who was willing to spend the rest of his/her life with the same person ? Time for you guys to stop shedding tears and enjoy life because its very short. Hate the ex if you must but dont stand still waiting for her/him to come back. The trust is gone...so desappear from the ex. By experience i must admit that its imperative to move on as soon as possible. I still go to a gym daily and its great, it did help me a lot. Even if my ex gf would reach me at this time i would tell her to get lost, i mean it. Shes out and for ever. Got my life back and im no longer a doormat or being on the back burner waiting for something i no longer wish for. I hope this information will help a few in here that are still in pain. Moven on...ignore the ex...explore new horizons and enjoy it. Good luck to everyone.
  7. What makes you so sure you still have a chance if she dumps her new bf ? She just might go for another one instead of you ! Her new relationship could last longer then you think. Will you be capable of forgetting what happened before...being dumped for another man ? If you do get her back, will she dump you again shortly after ? The healing process will be repeated again..can you take it a second time ? What about trust and honest love ? You are healed...what not move on and get over her for good ? What she did to you, do you remember ? You want her back ? Remove her from your msn again and find the women of your dreams because shes not worth it. C'mon..wake up here ! Shes playing you. You know its my own opinion...but many would agree with me. She didnt foooken care about the pain and the sleepless nights you had. Forget about being on the back burner and wait for her,she doesnt deserve you, thats it ! Fooook it and move on..save your pride....man, thats all you got left !
  8. Good decision my friend...i did the same and i will never reconnect with her. Six months now and total NC. Next step its forgetting her name and birth date. Ignoring the ex is the best...NC is a logical way to go and the only road to peace. Since we can always find better, why try so hard to get the ex back ? I dont want a left over and the lack of trust that follows a reconciliation. After six months i can tell anyone now that i am totally free of her and happy at last. Time to move on. Met a few women and its awsome ! Oh ya...i still go the the gym and i will keep it in my new life style. Hang on everyone...it does get better ! Just use all your pride to get out of the rut.
  9. She just did you a great favor ! Desappear from her for you're own sake. Make yourself first and her last. She's happy..do the same. Stay in NC and ignore anything that mean's nothing at all. All you have left is your pride...let it kick in ! Prove to her that you can do just fine whitout her presence. Take time to heal. Be with friend's and have fun for a change. Move on and keep your hope at a low level. Say this to yourself from now on " me..myself and i !
  10. It's true that i don't bark much lately while i should. TS, you seem to be doing really well ! It will get better trust me. Six month's since the break-up for me..time is flying by even tho i was in pain for a long period. Keep in touch dude....i love to read your condensed stories mostly when you tell us how it went when you were face to face with her. I really hope you get whatever you're looking for.
  11. Beside NC what else could you do ? NOTHING ! Asking you to marry her in a few month's wasn't wise. Now she's engaged whitin 2 month's ! That's way to quick if you ask me. Maybe she's confused but she has to find out on her own ! Just don't worry for her, she's an adullt. Think about yourself for now. Let her decide what she want's whitout you interfering. You need to desappear and ignore her completely so maybe one day she will miss you. There's nothing you can do really, it's her decision. Move on and start taking care of yourself. I know it's very hard to stay away from the one we love the most but in a situation like yours you have no choice ! Apply the NC rules for yourself, you are more important than her. Don't answer her email's or anything else that's meaningless. Don't be a back burner. She has to know that you're no longer there to help her in any way. Take the time to heal...as you know, she might never come back ! Be with friend's and meet other women when you think you're ready. She's happy right now...do the same and don't wait for her !
  12. Month six since "d" day lol. Yes i still miss her somehow. No more roller coster rides or dreams. Shes out for good. I dont know anything about her or how shes doing and i couldnt care less really. No hopes or expectations and i know its the only way to go for anyone whos in the same situation. The answers to my questions are found here "who cares" and "i dont care" ! My life is taking another direction now and its not worse or better than before because i still feel that litle void that she left behind. I think of her less and less all the time and thats terrific. Never spent energy trying to find out what she was doing or how it was with her novelty. Never drove pass her house or trying to cross her path somewhere. I still stand by the idea of staying away from the ex and to disappear completely. I didnt want any hopes or expectations; they can be so toxic. By doing so it did help me tremendously to heal faster. I would not be surprise to receive a call from her in the next few months when her honeymon ends...wouldnt that be a riot ? My answer will(or would lets face it) be very simple and to the point...get lost dear ! My conscience is now at peace and thats what i wanted, nothing more ! It was very hard on me but i still want her to reach her goal and aspirations. Good luck ex.
  13. Not just to prove it....its also a matter of trust ! He wonders if it will ever happen again. Thats one big order. Keep on talking to him. Talk about the subject deeply. Show how much you love him. (use your imagination) If it doesnt work suggest a therapist to help you guys, he might accept. Of course it will take time..once the confidence is broken its hard to get it back. He will need space in between. Your relationship has to be rebuilt from the bottom up. Good luck.
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