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  1. ♥It's funny how love has changed. Its Funny how marriage aint the same. people take it for granted...and cant take it back. Now a days people treat it like its a game. I,v bin in many battles and fell numb from the pain. Threw many up's & Down's I'v fell from heaven back down to earth. ♥I WANNA BE ON LOVES GOOD SIDE. I'M TIRED OF BEING COLD AT NIGHT. I'M TIRED OF BEING ALONE ALL THE TIME. I WANNA BE ON LOVES GOOD SIDE. BECAUSE I'M TIRED OF BEING ON LOVES BADSIDE . I'M TIRED OF SEEING LOVES BACK SIDE. ♥ I WANNA BE ON THE GOOD SIDE.ON THE GOOD SIDE. ON THE GOOD SIDE. I WANNA BE ON LOVES GOOD SIDE. V2: ♥Tired of the mind games love can play. How love sometimes can be deciveing in many ways(deciveing) yah. But when you feel love it can feel so right. How love can make you shine...i wanna be on LOVES GOOD SIDE__^ copyright 2010 all rights reserved By WildOrkid884
  2. Lol hahah that was a cute poem dude... I liked it !!! Read my poem and comment on freedome writer
  3. awww lol cute poem hun...read my poem called freedome writer
  4. I write how i choose to write☆. ☆I write for me. I write to feel free. ☆I write because i love to be a poet☆. I write story's sometimes i even put character's In ther☆. ☆I write from with in. I write with firceness☆. ☆I write as thoe i was ther. sometimes I'm even going threw it my self☆.. ☆I write with out a care. I write because i kno thers some one out ther that feels my pain☆. ☆Or can relate. Sometimes i write and cry☆. ☆ I got alota pent up emotion in side. I write what i hate☆. ☆I write and i kno some where i put a smile on some ones face. I Write with humore and sarcasim☆. ☆I'm a Freedome writer some times lost with out a trace. I write with out rules and poundries☆. Screw the rules. ☆I write with a load of feeling. I write i literly pouring out my hart and soul☆. ☆My spirit, my hart, speaks. tells my mouth to shut up☆. I grab a pen and paper or a book. ☆tells my eyes where to look. close your eyes☆. ☆Hear you mind and soul. and poetry comes☆. ☆I'm a freedome writer I dont write what i'm told☆. lol
  5. nice short poem i couldnt agree more. Read my poems n comment
  6. Poem Commentary- I HAVE NEVER WENT THREW SOMETHING LIKE THIS. BUT I HEARD OF MANY STORYS OF WOMEN HAVEING TO GO THREW SOMETHING LIKE link removed the older poets sorry for the missspelling. this is for those that have a sense of humore. and imagination. alot people read this poem. and loved it I LIKE TO PICTURE CHARACTERS IN MY HEAD AND HOW I CAN TURIN IT IN TO SOMETHING FUNNY AND CRAZY. ON SOME JERRY SPRINGER link removed I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY .. comMENT!!!! -------------------------------------------------- Romeo oh romeo remember...? I was your one and only lady. " Wifey" now they say. I'm just hopeing for those better days. ( right Romeo oh romeo why do you hurt me so? Am i not pretty? Have i got fat? What dose she have that i dont? My tears burn with pain. I'll never love the same. Now i'm stuck with men are all the same. I love you yet.. i hate you so. I look at you my hart stabb's with pain. my tears fall like rain. BUT WHEN YOU SAID SHES JUST A "FRIEND" I BET SHE SURE WAS. as i kicked down the door and caught you 2 makeing love!!!!. LORD AS I PRAY...I'M BOUT TO SEND YOU 2 MORE ANGELS TODAY!!!! i grabbed that *itch by her hair. And threw that (BEEP) down the stairs. I got a good look at her. b4 i went to work on her face. And then I changed my mind. When i decided to throw her naked a** the f out side. Do dogs wear clothes? I didnt think so.... GO MAKE YOUR money h-- ..your sk--- a$$ can stay out in the cold. i went back in to talk to romeo bout his "friend" Romeo oh romeo why do you hurt me so? what did i do to you? Did i do something wrong? why ? I CAME IN WITH SO MUCH RAGE. He couldnt get no words in about WHAT happened TO DAY and how long they bin "FRIENDS" he looked at me and said he made a mistake and Hes only humen.that he was srry and this was the only time he cheated. and i'm srry's and i love you's something in my body was telling me something wasnt right. with everthing he told me tonight i still dont beleave him. and cant erase what i seen i asked him again why??... no reply. & then finding her brown stained thong in my bed. he felt dumb thoe when i went threw the computer and e-mails they sent one another. it talks bout them haveing sex. with a lovely picture of her crusty a-- nail polished fingers rubbin her self. And wanting him to bless her pimply kitty. aw how nice. ( I MADE COPYS AND THEN THREW IT IN HIS FACE. GOT MY BAT AND CHASED HIM OUTA MY PLACE . YA GO ---K YOUR W---- OUT SIDE IN THE COLD. your jimmy and her Kitty can be B.F.F. for ever. Romeo oh romeo enjoy your lil w----. althoe thers not much in store. i'll pray for you some more. oh and p.s. ---k you romeo
  7. thank u...Yes it my poem i did it and tped it my self
  8. Empty house...With no sound. Only your voice echo's. All you got is your self...And your shadow. I'll hold it tight if thers tomorrow. slide down the wall. & say good night with my sarrow. blow out the candles only thers no wish. or a kiss right after. cause with closed eyes no one will ever kno. what gose on up stairs...In my head. I dont think you'll care. I'll lay here...and cry....I close my eyes. No touch no sound. Nobody is ever around. it' only your footsteps on the ground. no hugs no hand. nobody to hold you. when ur feeling damned. Alone silent. no one to look @ and feel better. I didnt realize till now... i really miss bein..loved.
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