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  1. Wanted to add...because this is a nice story and everyone here was very helpful. She sends the “thinking of you” text occasionally. No communication otherwise either way. I feel bad not responding, because I think about her too. Been watching her fall in love with someone else on Insta. I’m casually dating someone else. I haven’t shared that my kinda ex still reaches out and I wonder what my ex has shared about me with her bf... I am totally okay with her picking someone else...her texts still make my heart skip a beat. I really do wonder if unfinished love ever gets a chance...
  2. No need to go nuclear per se and let him go for good (although most of us agree you should.) Easier said than done though for even the strongest. As a practical matter stop contacting him. He needs to do all the work at this point. All should do is respond if he reaches out. I know its easy to write this and so much harder to do it. All the best. We all feel for you. We have all been heartbroken and I know it sucks. I won’t say you will feel better right now, but you are not alone. Don’t cut your loses on love as a whole.
  3. Did more than just above...went all in for her. Never figured out how to convey its okay to see someone else when left. Similar difficultly arose in conveying I can’t be friends because I care. I know what a fling is and what the big L isn’t. Don’t really know what this is yet, but I know what it wasn’t. I believe in giving someone permission to hurt you and giving without expecting anything in return. The fact that I couldn’t give friendship without expecting anything in return made me wonder if I acted out of jealousy. There were two roads. Grow as friends and keep half. Or give up
  4. I am really sorry...but she is not into you.
  5. Dated amazing person over summer. Totally into her. Had to go back to professional school across country. Long texts and talks truncated she started seeing someone else and told me she hopes to still be friends and talk to me. I told her I can’t be friends without ulterior motives. She said something like its not no for us forever and talked about future. I miss her both as friend and more. Am I being selfish by losing both? Is she being selfish and using me? My head and gut says I’m selfish and she is using me, my heart says nope.
  6. I think he is gay. Maybe he is just incredibly insecure...but I still think he is gay.
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