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  1. Well things like we hardly go anywhere anymore because he is always tired. i never push him because i understand that he is tired but still, every night? then like when i don't initiate contact i hear very little from him like one sms a day. another is like he will see his friend every night and be there until eleven at night, very energetic and full of jokes but with me he is tired and wants to go to bed early. things like these bother me alot and i don't know how to tell him this!!! he plays pc games at work with his friend but he doesn't have time to text me and say hi!!!! i
  2. What is the right way to talk to a guy? Let me be more spesific, i really love my bf and he is very sweet but there are a few little things that bother me about him, how do i tell him those things without making it sound like he can't do anything right? I don't want him to think i don't appriciate all the other things he does but these little things are irritating me more and more and i know there is some simple explanation i just don't know how to ask for it without sounding ungreatful for all the other thing he does for me? Thanks for replying to all our texts guys! this means the worl
  3. Telling you that i know what you are going through is not going to make you feel better. I went through this too that is why I know that no amount of advice will make it easier for you to stop thinking of ways to end your life. Let me tell you this. It all starts with you!! We people are so used to thinking negative thought that we refuse to see the positive things, and I know your sitting there saying, oh what positive things? Well for one you are poor but not starving, you have clothes and you have your life, the most valuable thing that you have is your faith! I am a christian and I
  4. SO guys! why does it seem in some relationships the women do all the work? and what annoys you about a girl?
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