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  1. Emailing for 3 months is nuts. You're 21 going for 50 year old? That's very weird IMO. You don't belong with a 50 year old, IMO. His conscience probably kicked in and he realized he was committing a social crime of sorts. But hey, whatever floats that boat of yours.
  2. Try starting your own thread, and outline your own situation. I can assure you, youu will get more readers and more responses.
  3. If you want to send her a message, make it sincere. Don't say too much, but keep it just short, sweet, and kind. Don't come off too strong though, just write it in a way that you are thinking of her in a non-obsessive way (even if you are thinking in an obsessive way lol). Be cool.... Good luck, I hope you feel better. Do exactly how you are doing, just don't think about the love thing too much. I know, it is hard sometimes not to think about it, but if you focus your energies on other things (like studying, and gym), you will be well on your way. Don't force anything. My g/f often says, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. It's so easy to give this advice, I've realized that the hard part is applying it....
  4. thread resurrected.... Wow, I got to page 16 of this thread and was like....ok how long can this go. I don't know if it was suggested in the 100+ threads after 16, but if not....why didn't any tell you just to take a break from this site. It just kept on refreshing your mind with those same emotions. Your actions should have spoken a long time ago. I haven't read any other threads started by you, but it seems that you were looking for some way that this site would directly make you feel better. Take my opinion for what it is, but this site is a tool, it supplies the means for you to make whatever decision you need to make. For you, it seems as though it was more than a too. I feel like you need to relax and not act on your emotions. If it is one (of the many) thing you can learn from this, it's that you should never act on emotion. That is what I have learned in the past. It is also what I take from this thread. Acting on pure emotion and passion never lends itself to rational and prudent decision making. Yes, we are talking about 'love', an emotion, but in order to dissect this emotion, it's necessary to think about it in a non-passionate way. It has been quite a long time since you have posted in this thread, so I take it that you have moved on. If so, I hope you are in a better place. I can only imagine the internal trauma that your mind put on your body. Before I had my g/f, I had never known that these feelings could be so strong. Before mine, I had never really considered myself an emotional person..... I actually found myself in your shoes (somewhat). I was on the brink of potentially ending a relationship, because I felt as tho the love feeling was lost. I still have some days where I feel weird, but in the end, I try to realize that I am young. I think that I have potentially found the person, but sometimes I am unsure. I was tempted to break things off at one (ok more than one). But, I also know that the girl that I have is an amazing one. I don't want to risk losing her because of a passing feeling. I have learned that when I have these passing feelings every so often, I don't act on it right away. Slowly, and steadily, my experiences with my g/f are solidifying my feelings for her. I know that she deserves every bit of effort on my part. I do have times when I'm attracted to other girls, but when I think of that, I think of how amazing the girl I have is, even with her few flaws. Although she is my first real g/f for about 2 years (i'm 24 yrs old), I know that she is something unique and special. I wish you the best, and I honestly hope you are in a better place. Even with this interesting and stressful experience, I hope you see the silver linings and have learned from this. In the end, that's all we can do, right? Glass half full baby! =)
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