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  1. Morning usually feel the worst... waking up and not finding any messages from him. Wondering if he is going to contact me today, wondering if he has met someone else..
  2. looks like i might be able to break my record. Start of day 2 but might have many more days to come. Last week i started LC, and plus we had some misunderstanding on sat, think he is pissed with me. He is usually the initiator but haven't heard from him. Mayybe it ll stay that way.
  3. start of day 1 again. Broke it last night when he text me to tell me a piece of good news. Just couldn't bring myself to ignore him. Later that night i dreamt that he hold my hand and kiss me.. Such nice and warm feelings.. I longed to be able to hold his hand again. But the truth is we have stopped holding hands and cuddling long before we broke up. I miss those feelings.
  4. Finally I got past day 1. Start of Day 2 today. I want to break record!
  5. No contact no contact no contact no contact.. I feel better when I don't hear from him. Whenever he text me, there will be stress on whether to reply, what to reply, should I sound cold? should I sound friendly? And when I click the send button, I will be sitting at the edge of my chair waiting for him to reply...and worry about what he will reply.. or what if he doesn't reply... no contact no contact no contact no contact
  6. Day 1 again, sigh.. Thanks Autumnborn. But I am reluctant to tell him that because that will only tell him that I am not over him yet. I don't want to give him the satisfaction. Maybe I will continue to NC/ LC until he is tired of trying to reach out to me and disappear from my life..
  7. Day 1 because he text me this morning and I replied him! I'm new here and need some advice. He was the one who initiated the break up 2 months. I've done all that begging, crying and pleading and he was very clear even up to 2 weeks ago that things will not work out for us. Because he was put off by my insecurity and the fact that I am a few yrs older. I tried to NC/ LC, but he will always text me when he is bored at work (he works part time), when he doesn't work I won't hear from him. It is hard to NC because we are both in some activities and we see other regularly because of that. Basically I don't want him to text me just because he is bored at work. But I don't want to tell him off too cause that will just make me look like I am angry with him.
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