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  1. yeah he did tell me it was a one time deal but here recently...we have stopped takling. one of his friends told him i was going around and said a whoe bunch of stuff about him. but i have also found out so many lies he has told me..he made out with one of my best friends....in MY CAR of all places....which he told her to call him when she is single...and she replyed call me when your single and he was like i'm getting a divorce and she was like no when you and tony end things i'm not coming in secound to tony you always put tony first and i'll be damned if its happening again....which hurt me
  2. ok so i have know this guy for 3 years now we were never really friends or anything just seen each other at partys and stuff well one day we hung out and we messed around....well he is married and about 2 weeks ago left her and they have filed for divorce....well he has been with me every day since i have questioned it if he likes me or not never really brought it up 2 him or anything but we play those little highschool games with each other like "who just called you" or who is that texting stuff like that. we havent messed around or anything since that one night...but when we sleep next to ea
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