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  1. I still feel hurt and frustrated. If he told me, this will happen in the next 6 months, then yes I would not bring it up again. However I don’t think this is the timeline in his mind. He has nothing concrete, maybe 1-2 years from now. And when I ask about details he gets upset and says, why do you want to ruin this by dictating the exact day it’s going to happen. And that is what drives me crazy. I really don’t want to pressure him - I do not want to get engaged under those circumstances. But I want to have my needs met.
  2. I actually ended up asking him. It turns out he doesn't want me to propose to him. He says that he realized it's actually kind of important to him that he does the proposing. I reiterated that I want to get married to him and how I've been waiting a long time and he said it's going to happen, but I need to stop bringing it up. When I ask him him about timelines etc he says that I just need to trust him and he is frustrated that he feels that I don't trust him. Again the reason is it's just been such a long time and there is he has never been able to articulate why it's taking him so long to fe
  3. I have been with my boyfriend for 5.5 years. I am 30, he is 32. I am so ready to get engaged and take the next step in my life with him. However, with these kinds of decisions he seems to drag his feet (he wouldn't move in with me until we were together for almost 3 years, I was ready much earlier). He says he wants to be with me forever and wants marriage, kids with me. Additionally, I am a doctor and I wish to have kids before age 35 - I am keenly aware of the risks to mom and baby after this age and I strongly desire to minimize those risks. We are at the point that I think if I left i
  4. My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years (I'm 28, he's 31). We are pretty serious - we live together, have a cat together, etc. Recently I've been wanting to talk to him more about our future. While we are great together, there are things that have been concerning to me: -I want to get married. We didn't talk about this much earlier in our relationship, but he gave me little reason to belief that this is not something that he wanted. Now that we've been talking more about it, it turns out he really is not keen on getting married. There is no good reason for it - his friends ar
  5. Something happened last night that made me really upset. My BF and I were out and he was trying to show me something on his phone. While he was doing that I happened to see a text from that girl he was dating before me. We have been together 2.5 years. He dated this girl for a year, they broke up 6 months before he met me. They broke up mutually because they are good friends but not anything more- no romantic interest on either side. There was a text on his phone from that girl and the only thing I saw was “I love you too...”. So obviously I started freaking the out and asked to see his ph
  6. He suggests that I get my own apartment, and that he will try to sleep over at my place 2-3 days of the week, and he will try to treat me to more meals since I will have little money. He will be making 3x my physician resident salary so for him the money is not an issue at all.
  7. My boyfriend (age twenty eight) and I (age 26) have been dating for a year and 3 months. We are happy and spend a lot of time together - I usually sleep 5 nights a week at his place. I recently brought up the idea of moving in together. We live in a big city and I am soon starting medical residency and it is time for me to decide where to do that - whether to stay in a program in the east coast city we live in now, or to move back home to the west coast. I want to stay together with my boyfriend, but I know he doesn't want to move - all of my family however lives on the west coast and I defini
  8. I talked to him about it. He told me that he thought that he had already told me they worked together (I didn't even bring it up- I just asked him why they text so much and he replied, "You know we work together, right?"). He also told me that although they are friends, he doesn't usually stay friends with exes - he always saw her more as a friend than a romantic partner - "we probably shouldn't have even dated." He didn't offer to show me his texts with her but said in regard to the texts, "there is nothing cute. we just talk about music, send pictures of food, etc." I told him I didn't want
  9. I know he loves me and I do not fear him having feelings for her. It's just their friendship that bothers me. I feel like she is still in love w/ him and my boyfriend doesn't see that somehow.
  10. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now. We are happy, we do not fight, he is good to me, and we love each other. The one thing that bothers me at times is his last ex, they were dating for about a year. He and I started dating about 6 months after they broke up, and my understanding of why they broke up is that although he thought she was a cool and very nice person, he wasn't that into her romantically. I think he was her first love and she was SUPER into him. Sometimes I get uncomfortable because they are still friends. I've brought that up with him a few times and he is understa
  11. My boyfriend of 3 months is hanging out with his ex today and I feel jealous. They were together 2 years and broke up about 1-2 months before he and I started dating. He doesn't know that I know that he is hanging out with her. At some point I went through some of his more recent facebook photos and saw some pics of them together. A few weeks later, he had imessages open on his computer and told me to look at his screen and I noticed one of the people he had been texting was the said girl. I don't go through his phone or anything but he has his phone out a lot and I can see who he has been tex
  12. I'm a few months out and every day is still a struggle, especially the weekends when I have more time to think. Haven't talked to him since the break-up - though that last time we talked plays over and over in my head. I remember I told him that even if he were to find someone else, that he better not break up with her as many times as he did with me, because no one deserves to go through that. I know he is not good for me, but he was my best friend for many years - even before we started dating - and I still feel his absence every day. He's still the first thing on my mind when I wake up
  13. Ugh. I am struggling right now. I feel sick to my stomach. I can't focus on my work. I long for the day when I can wake up and not have this be on my mind within 2 seconds.
  14. I finally ended things with him. Now on to the long recovery process.
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