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  1. Amazing Response! Thank you and all so far who have responded! I am going to throw this one out there now, what about the basis that a woman needs attention / love from her man on the side of sex, that one always throws me for a loop! When a woman doesnt get enough attention (and interestingly enough its not sex attention) she at times can stray, ive seen that as well! Maybe someone can answer to that? As for your response sounds like kids (and yes i have them) are part of the mental struggle! And its hard to have that talk when your dating your having a ton of sex, you dont foreshadow t
  2. Hello All, Without getting to personal, I wanted to keep this somewhat general and ask about Sex and Marriage and the "whys" and "confusion" I have being a man with this sensitive topic - Somewhat geared towards the married woman on the boards, but open to anyone who wants to add some advice! 1. Why is it that when you date you seem to have a different perspectives on how Sex should be between the two of you, (IE - frequency, level of interest, spontaneous, experimentation of different things, and energy level etc) ? 2. Why is it when your married those things mentioned above
  3. So I get the constant joking about sex stuff, however some other questions …. 1. If you had to say whats the one thing that turns you on about your man that makes you melt what would it be ...something that can be done at anytime 2. Also if you ever had a major fight or disagreement what did you husband do or say to help you take down your wall during that time? What helped to bring things back to normalcy 3. And one random question - if you lived in a house with not enough space for your family to grow, and seem to live in homes that follow that theme in the past and it becomes a crux
  4. Questions For Woman - 1. I tend to joke around about sex a lot with my wife.. its a way maybe I see how she is feeling at that moment with me and if she is in the mood possibly and it could be at the most randomst times, however although she entertains it at the moment she hates it and says I do it a lot and feels as if that's all I want from her … - im very confused on this, and im not sure why im so confused, what does she mean ? What is she looking for instead? …. 2. What do you mean when you say i want to feel wanted is that the same as loved.... ?
  5. Thanks for that, yes I agree... that def. helps esp when your not expecting anything in return, just a wife is less stressed when you pickup the slack …
  6. For this reason alone I have felt so lost ...you go about your relationship thinking nothing can possibly break you two especially if you’ve grown up to love eachother so deeply and than something happens that makes you feel so little and the realization that anything can happen at anytime but I am trying to hold on to the mantra things happen for a reason ...I recently listened to an amazing podcasts about saving marriages and it was all about happiness and how it’s not about someone making you happy but how you need to make yourself happy etc but he goes on to say when there is a connection
  7. Amazing! Thank you For That!! , I think in marriage what is mentioned above is monumental to just about every marriage and the reason why I believe things either start to fall apart of fall apart completely …Everyone on here should take that as a major piece of advice when looking for answers … The only thing I cant figure out yet is how to heal from the crack in the foundation, when you look at someone for so long and say nothing bad can ever happen to us (yes hugely naïve) but is it just time? Change in the person for the better? Healing yourself within ? its something I struggled with m
  8. You hit the nail on the head … Yes our issues stemming years unbenost to me, and dealing with work, children, her mom who stays with us and tries to help out (other area of stress) etc etc … she dropped signs all over the place one being to much stress all the time as a mom, feeling trapped etc … So yes your right and her coping mechanisms she never developed being from a Mom and daughter relationship that was pretty crazy starting at the age of 4 however she did develop some wicked defense mechanisms to cope that may never be unlearned ..
  9. Long Story Short My Marriage recently has been seriously tested by a serious of random and unfortunate events that almost went to another level, however after the fact and working though it all for the last month our discussions of how things got to this point landed on how for the past 5 yrs or so things haven't been what they seemed in our marriage..I being the one who was checked out according to her, and she (my wife) being the one coasting leaving occasional remarks, comments and discussions throughout the years of being unhappy and worried about our future all swept under the rug by me t
  10. Hello All! Thank you for taking the time to help out! Without getting to much into the company itself- I have a business helping people relocate to another state, and its rapidly growing daily - my wife is the realtor and since we just started the company 3-4 mos ago we are just getting into the sales from the group aspect through people buying homes and relocating ….my question is this … We have a large following, what else can I do to help people relocate (aside from the major things like real estate, moving companies etc) that I can provide through possibly social media that people
  11. I do it all the time not to just embarrassing moments all moments where I feel it could have went a different way or maybe I should have said more/less etc ..and I reply them in my head for awhile playing out how it could have been different ...kinda annoying
  12. I've had a lot of things go down the last 6 or so yrs (Moved homes 2x, delt with cancer and family w/cancern, had a baby, delt with step kids (one of which has a lot of issues) moved to another state, work work and more work , and always seem to come back to a day dream or quiet moment thinking about the good years as I call them …. The years in which my wife and I had ear to ear smiling/laughing and adventurous fun (we dated when we were 16 and came back to eachother 16 yrs later ) to present time The years in which I had a ton of friends and just doing nothing but hanging out was fun
  13. Thank you for the responses to all who have written in, There is no one solution here as many mentioned, and a lot of time and energy and at times frustration has come out of the last few years with him, even helplessness and fear - The idea is to have a healthy and active home life for our children however day after day our child has issues and can be from the most random thing or the way someone just says something to him that just ruins an entire day / night …. His frustration levels are through the roof which triggers his anger issues which trigger his lack of ability to self adjust t
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