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  1. Really? I wouldn't think to ask, because it's bound to be awkward as hell. And I don't think women want to know their guy is insecure about that, right?
  2. I understand wondering if she does, and the honest answer is yes, probably. I think everyone compares everything in a relationship with prior ones, to varying degrees. But, she's with you, she's in love with you, and she's your fiance`...she's told it can't be compared with others, and she obviously likes it if you're continuing to do it, so I wouldn't worry about it. At all. She's with YOU...that's what matters.
  3. Well, it's probably not doing you any good wondering about it, right? She might be, she may not be...do you feel that the sex you have with her is bad, or that she doesn't like it?
  4. Most of my friends are female, and I can tell you that YES, they do compare experiences with prior partners. Men do it too, though.
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