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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Your experience feels very similar to mine. How long did it take to move on? What is the current and latest now that its been about a year?
  2. I have made such baseless allegations before but none of them were made in some overtly angry way. I think the amount of times (maybe 3 or tops 4 times) over the course of a year really upset her and her also being intoxicated she wanted to make it a much bigger thing... :(
  3. Thank you for the good advice. I think taking a good hard look at my self right now is going to be important. However it would be easy for someone reading this to downplay the good in my life and who I am. Im a working professional earning 250k+, provided a comfortable living, have been loyal, faithful and have been there for my gf, do sweet gestures for her all the time, rub her feet almost every night. All our friends think of what an amazing couple we are. I CLEARLY have stuff to work on, I just hope she allows me to work on it, while she remains my gf. I'm hoping this is salvagea
  4. I'm madly in love with my gf, but things got really bad, and here is how: 1. I accused her of being flirty with another guy during a thanksgiving party 2. She got mad, I physically tried to stop her from leaving by using my body (but not hitting her) - some outsider guy came running thinking i was hitting her but I was preventing her from driving drunk and might have been too physical and trying to prevent her from drunk driving 3. She decided to grab some things the next day and stay elsewhere for the week 4. I became extremely distraught and went on a drinking and xanax
  5. All this happened less than 24 hours ago so I could ask her to take Plan B but she will probably think I'm being weird. She doesn't seem to be worried about it...
  6. I met up with an ex from 5 years ago and in the heat of the moment we had unprotected sex. Now here are the facts: - She is 27, I'm 29. - She just started birth control, but is only on day 4. But apparently birth control doesn't kick in till day 7 - She has a regular 28 day cycle and we had Sex on day 10, so technically this could be 2 days before ovulation. - I pulled out 100% in time, and masturbated the last 5 seconds to finish in my hand Should I be worried? I'm worried. The last thing I want is a baby.
  7. I only read the first 10 sentences or so because you need to format you post in paragraph format. But from what i gathered in the first 10 lines, she's playing you. She is hanging with another dude, and your relationship sounds done. Think about it... even if you win her back... sounds like this will happen again, maybe in a year.. maybe 2... maybe another 5. but my guy tells me that this will happen again. Save your self heartache and move on.
  8. I finally did it. Anonymous82, if you recall i had been talking about breaking up. And I finally did it. Quick background: I'm 29, she is 30. We have been together for 2.5 years First time i broke up about 6 months ago, and we were broken up for maybe 10 days before we got back together, because i thought I had made a mistake. I said i wanted to get serious and moved in. Simultaneously I was figuring out my religious beliefs as I realized that after 27 years of following a faith, I was leaving it. So I had a lot on my plate in terms of identity issues. These past 6 months navigating th
  9. This post really hit home. I’m currently in a similar situation. I’m 29, my current GF is 30. I have been overlooking red flags for the past 2.5 years. We have so many differences in the way we perceive productivity, sleeping schedules, how to raise a family, and what to do to earn money. Like you, i earn significantly more, not quite the same multiple but around 3.5x. We live together, and like you, despite all the differences, we have a lot of fun. But lately I can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t sustainable. Mostly because I do not respect certain of her traits: She hates
  10. You're not in love (atleast the romantic kind), you're just scared. I've been there, still am. Its hard to think right now, but i guarantee, I really freaking gurantee if you got back with her, this "new" version of your self would last 3 to 6 months before going back to feeling EXACTLY like you did before including wanting to see escorts, the same dilemmas. Focus on moving on. I know my advice is short. But you cant think straight right now. DO NOT MAKE ANY RASH DECISIONS. Right now give it say 4 weeks, see if you can think logically and clearly and see if first this is something
  11. you are right. However, I think i might as well let her bday pass and then do it. She is already dreading turning 30. =/
  12. I haven't been able to do it yet I scared my self out of it. Also in my defense I had a family vacation planned and have been out of the country for the past two weeks. I was hoping traveling abroad would give me perspective as I wouldn't see her for two whole weeks. Well, I just saw her last night for the first time after the vacation, and I definitely felt less connected to her. Now her 30th birthday is literally in 7 days. I was thinking of not doing anything until her 30th bday had passed.... I just feel like i I keep prolonging the inevitable.
  13. I cant shake the feeling that this doesn't seem long term. I need to re-breakup but am so scared it might be a mistake. I have anxiety and feel so bad right now. I'm planning on doing it tomorrow, so she'll have the next 2 days to somewhat console her self as she doesn't work the next two days. I miss her so much already, it hurts. I hate this.
  14. Hey vastaux, I read your old post. Your last post mentioned with your older ex , even at the 1 year post breakup mark you were hurting. When did you actually get over her? Did the most recent ex help take away that pain?
  15. I've discussed everything with her. She is wonderful. She says things like: "its okay, i want us to work, and if it doesn't I'm just happy to have had you" - ugh! so sweet... hard to break away from that kind of love. It has brought us closer maybe, but doesn't solve the underlying issues that im going through identity issues. I keep having grass is greener, i keep thinking maybe i'll have a better life with girl, better sex with this one, more financial freedom with that one, more social/community acceptance with this other one. It just seems like it goes against logic of an outsider why I
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