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  1. I wouldn't get involved. They both seem young and very foolish and they will continue on with their young and very foolish journey even if you do have evidence. Meanwhile, you will be the bad person trying to break them up. I wholeheartedly believe this will backfire on you. Don't mess with other people's lives. No good will come of it.
  2. So you hit on another woman when you were out with your gf. Your gf is annoyed at you for getting beaten up, not for hitting on another woman. Very strange relationship. I'm not sure either or you are ready for a grown-up relationship.
  3. Peace of mind will finally come when you have accepted what is and no longer need to seek answers. You will never know what is going in the mind of someone who does indeed sound like a narcissist so you are just prolonging your own healing journey by seeking these answers. To be quite frank, you still haven't let go. If you had, you wouldn't be on here asking about his intentions. It is understandable that after 10 years together the break up will have a profound affect on you. I split up with my ex-h after 13 years and 3 children together. I understand the questions .... and more importantly, the need for answers. I felt that was the only way to find closure but no amount of answers gave me peace of mind. It just lead to more questions. Eventually, I started to naturally focus on different things and after a while, the countless questions constantly running through my head stopped. I didn't wake up in the morning wondering if he was thinking about me ... or if he had been with a certain someone the night before ... or whether today was the day that he was suddenly going to realise that he had made the biggest mistake of his life by leaving me. I woke up wondering if I enough bread to make the children's packed lunch or if I had enough cat food in the cupboard. Simply put, I no longer cared. That is when I new I had closure. Don't get me wrong, thoughts of him still popped into my head but they didn't monopolise my thinking and gradually they faded away to nothing. I was free of the questions and free of the emotion. I do believe that after two years, you would have made better progress if this man didn't have means of getting in contact with you. This contact is keeping him very much a priority in your head,
  4. What is keeping him in your thoughts is the fact that you "gave him the time of day". Be honest with yourself, you're after specific answers here. Unfortunately, you're not going to get the answers you are hoping for. This man wants constant attention from wherever he can get it. He told some awful and very damaging lies about you. He has never said he is sorry and doesn't seem to care who he hurts and uses. Now he is trying to manipulate you into having sex with him by telling you that doing so may lead to him wanting you back. Perrrrlease!!!!! You do realise that is the wrong way around? He should want you back first and foremost .... the sex should be secondary to that. Clearly sex is the only thing of importance on his agenda. The man is clearly a narcissist. He is angling after you because in true narcistic style, he will get a huge kick out of getting you back under his control. People like this, love the control they have over others and the fact that they can control their highs and lows. They also like to play their lovers off against each other. If you choose to have anything to do with this man, you are setting yourself up for a life of emotional turmoil and pain. That much is very, very obvious. The choice is yours.
  5. You say NOTHING. All the while you are giving her attention - even negative attention - she will keep on coming back for more. If sending you threats works in getting your attention, she will continue to do it. Stop reacting. If you truly want this to stop, you block her where you can and ignore her COMPLETELY.
  6. Okay, so without wanting to offend you, this sounds like a lot of teenage stuff going on here. If you want to do the mature thing, then you need to tell Josh that you don't want things to go further than they already have. Then you give discord a miss for a while until things settle down. You do not do anything about Leo. They are friends. Leave them be. There are plenty of other guys out there.
  7. Playing it cool is just playing games and whilst I absolutely get that in some situations that might be a good move, I don't think that is necessary or even fair in this case seeing as he was the one who ended the relationship. Best that everyone is as open and upfront from the very beginning so they both know where the stand and no-one gets messed about (should either of them want anything more). There is every chance she may just be wanting to return the album, of course.
  8. There is nothing right about any of this. You are not in love with her, you don't know her. Give up before you start something that is just wrong and find someone who is available.
  9. Yep, you are definitely blowing this out of proportion. So you mentioned something that you didn't know you shouldn't have. It's not like you gave away trade secrets. I think this will blow over. You have said you are sorry. I would leave it at that. Anything else about breaking trust is unnecessary because that isn't what happened. It was a misunderstanding. No need to dig an even bigger hole for yourself to have to climb out of. You've said sorry. End of. The ball is in her court now to be mature enough to accept your apology.
  10. That would depend on whether you were happy to just be friends with this guy. Be honest with yourself. Are you happy to be friend-zoned or are you hoping that it will turn into more? Is it worth attaching yourself to someone who has told you he is emotionally unavailable?
  11. What's the point in being "friends" when even a small amount of contact get's you all emotionally het up. If you had blocked and deleted her from the beginning, you wouldn't need to be venting right now. She's just holding you back emotionally. That is not what true friendship is about. No point.
  12. My thoughts exactly. He has no claim to the house so maybe he feels the responsibility of looking after the house is down to you and your siblings. Maybe he sees his responsibility is earning as much as he can now so that when you have money from the house, he will have money from his saved earnings. That way you can both put money into a new home together.
  13. Yet he said he wanted to **** her and when she was 16 and he was, what, 39, he asked to see her nipple rings. She isn’t the first, you say. He sounds a real grimy sleaze ball. Yuck!! You need to want better than this. He never begged you NOT to leave because he didn’t think for one moment you meant it. He knows you put up with his crap.
  14. Unfortunately this is one of the perils of online dating, especially if you and your friend are on the same dating sites and dating local guys. There was a time in the past when a friend and I would hear from the same guys. We never took it personally as they were only using the dating site as intended - as were we. Fortunately, we had a different taste in men so we would never pursue the same guy but it’s easy to see how it can happen. If this guy was arranging to meet other women (regardless of who they were) then he evidently wasn’t ready to jump all in with you. To be fair, once he knew he had clicked with someone else, he was upfront about not wanting to take things further with you. The fact that the other woman is you friend is sucky but no-one has done anything wrong here. I admit that I would feel odd pursuing a guy who had once been interested in my friend but if they are really into each other then you can’t blame them for wanting to pursue it either.
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