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  1. I don't want to go about pressing charges. I just remember when the doctor asked if it was consentual I just shrugged and said yes, but I was drunk and don't remember anything. She didn't try to convince me otherwise. I feel guilty/ashamed because I got to that level of intoxication. I am so confused as to why I just looked away and LET it happen. I don't know where my words were or why I didn't fight like hell.
  2. I didn't want to toss a serious allegation like that around because I don't remember what happened. Told the doctor that was the only time I'd had sex and got a nice sucks to be you talk.
  3. So this all transpired a little more than a month ago. I guess I just was confused and felt almost like I was still buzzed. When I woke up he was laying next to me kind of joking about how long I'd been asleep for, he said he'd tried to wake me up earlier but couldn't. Then he was trying to orient me since I didn't have a clue where I was. He acted dare I say, "gentlemanly" as I was leaving, helped me into my jacket and into the car. Said he would call me. We ended up talking just about every day over the next few weeks. He seemed like a nice enough guy, so I just figured we were dr
  4. I was out having drinks with some friends when this guy and I started chatting. My friends were ready to call it a night and asked if I'd be okay. I said I was fine and stayed. This guy and I ended up grabbing something to eat and hitting another spot to drink. Now this is where I don't even remember taking another drink, I don't remember much at all. I don't remember going back to his place and I don't remember getting undressed. I have a flashback of him on top of me and kind of trying to push him away because I was a virgin and it hurt. Then I just remember looking away. When I woke up nake
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