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  1. I usually don't have any advice until I've already made the mistake.
  2. She's still sleeping with the ex. Leave her alone, you're better than her. You've got no baggage, find someone who will truly take advantage of the opportunity you provide.
  3. I personally don't have a problem with a girl asking me what my intentions are after a few dates. After six dates you should be ok to ask him what he hopes to accomplish. If he freaks, there's your answer (doesn't sound like he will). There's no set timetable that everyone should follow, so try to feel him out a little bit if you want. Its probably better than sitting around and wondering all day. If he totally rejects the idea of a relationship, you'll at least know not to spend any more time on him. If he doesn't really have an answer, give him some time to come around. If he's re
  4. If he knows you for 6 years, he might know that you like to take things slow. You might have mentioned it at some point?
  5. I expect the girl to pay once in a while, that way I know she's interested and not just taking advantage of the freebies.
  6. Guys have to pull away for a little while to assert independence, but 10 days from a new girl is a long time. My guess is that he met someone else and it didn't work out. That's my guess, go with your instinct though because you obvioulsy know him better. Either way, I wouldn't spend any time on it.
  7. Having been the guy in this exact situation just a few short weeks ago, I'll tell you what has happened so far and maybe you can pull some information out of that. We met in a class we had last semester, and we were in a group together. I was instantly attracted to her, but I waited to ask her out until the class was over (just didn't want any drama interfering with school if dating her didn't work.). So we knew eachother, and I knew she was very interested when I asked her out. Anyways, we dated for three weeks and it was going well; she was extremely excited (as was I) and we were te
  8. That's part of it, but IMO, this is the part of the relationship where everyone is the MOST on edge.
  9. Yeah, just cut back on contacting her. She might be pulling away because you're too available to her. Remember, attractive and interesting men have better things to do than chat every day with a girl they've only been seeing for a month. Just do something else, or maybe even ask a different girl out to cool this thing off (I assume you aren't exclusive yet). Next time she calls, call her back at a time she doesn't expect. Instead of texting her next time, write on her facebook wall or send an e-mail. Something that will be different. Sounds like you like this girl so far, and you've
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